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Sunday, September 19, 2004

Good result

Mourinhio has a saying from his country. "They bought the bus and they placed it in front of the goal" That doesn't sound very Portugese to me. Shame.

A good result for Spurs and another fine defensive display. Mourinhio may criticise but Spurs from last season would of been 3-0 down by half time so I couldn't give a monkeys that we put the bus in front of goal. Ledly King continued to be immense and Naybet had a strong performance organising the full backs and the midfield men in front of him. The only fault Naybet currently has with his game is lack of pace and we must hope that opposition teams do not put a quick runner up against him. Huckerby was an example of what pace can do against him.

The midfield worked hard but Im still not convinced about Atouba. He gives the ball away a few too many times for my liking and he needs to work on playing the simple ball sometimes instead of trying to beat everyman and his dog. Davies had a good game especially as he began to tire through lack of matches towards the end.

Defoe was a little isolated as Keane was dropping deep but it was the tactics which caused this and they were the right tactics for today's game. However in future the two full backs, especially Paramot, need to push on to support the two wide men if we are to provide better service to the front men as the season progresses.

Overall a great resault for this stage in the Santini French Revolution.


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