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Monday, May 16, 2005

Spurs snap up Stalteri

I have to admit that when I found this out today I did wonder who he was. However with a little digging around it appears that he will be a welcome addition to the squad for next season.

Paul Stalteri is a Canadian defender who was playing for Werder Bremen. He has received over 50 caps for his country and also has Champions League experience. In 2004 he won the Bundesliga title and German Cup.

Sporting director Frank Arnesen said:

"He is a defender who can play in midfield - so he is a multi-functional player who can play on both sides."He has come from a tough environment at Werder Bremen and their players are very well-known for their mentality."

Arnesen added: "His biggest success was last year winning the double and he has now had good experience of European football. "I am delighted to get him in, there were a lot of clubs chasing him, including some from England. He will be a big plus for the squad."

Paul Stalteri:

"Obviously I'm delighted it's a top club like Tottenham. "In the last little while they've expressed an interest and they've watched a lot of games this year.

"There was a lot of potential clubs and a lot of other offers that came my way. "I won't comment on names but my top club and top decision was Tottenham. It's a massive club and there is great potential. That's why I chose to join them."

Paul can play on the left and right side of the back four increasing the pressure on the excellent Kelly and not so excellent Atouba and Edman. It may also increase the rumors that Atouba could be off to Hamburg.

A welcomed signing and one that adds winning experience to the Spurs line up.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's all well we are strengthening the squad when the right player is a available.Stalteri would offer Kelly more competition on the right full back position and that should be good.It seems like "adious" Pamanot unless we are keeping him as cover for CB position which I think suits him better.
The problem as Jol right pointed out is creativity , particularly from midfield.
We see how important it is to have players like Everton's Tim Cahill, who guarantee you goals.
We need a major facelift in midfield.I like Simon Davies but he has his chance and it seems the time is right to offload him for the sake of the club and himself.
Reid is not the long term answer, if we want to be challenging as a top 5 club.
Hope Tanio could provide that extra spark, well read that Man U was one time after him, so he can't be that bad.

5:20 PM, May 16, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

27!! Isn't that about 10 years too old for us?

8:11 AM, May 17, 2005


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