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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Goals Goals Goals

Oldham away in the cup will be a perfect opportunity for Spurs to show that they can attack as well as defend. A few doubters have already appeared on message boards such as questioning Santini and even comparing him to the devil Gooner Graham. I am happy to report that Im not one of the early Santini bashers. A good performance tonight will hopefully shut them up for a while.

The team wont be much changed from the team that drew with Chelsea. Naybet, Edman and Atouba are all out either rested or suffering from a slight knock. I expect Jackson to take over the LM spot or Brown will go right and Davis left like in the Chelsea game on Sunday. Gardner will probably make his first start of the season next to Ledley and I expect that they shouldnt have too many troubles keeping out the Oldham forward threat.

Tonight may be a tricky away tie but I would still like to see Spurs scoring a few goals than the 1-0's we've seen recently. The full backs should be asked to push forward more to support the wingers. Keane will hopefully drop deep and help link the midfield with Defoe. Robinson will have no tall man to aim for with Atouba out so this could be a good opportunity to rest Defoe and replace him with Kanoute. This will keep Defoe fresh for the tough home game against the Mancs and even with him on the bench Spurs should be strong enough to overcome Oldham.

Come on you Spurs!


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