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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Spurs Vs. Bolton Preview

Saturday will provide an excellent opportunity for Spurs to "bounce back" after the disappointment of Monday nights game against Portsmouth. It wont be easy though. Bolton have proved over the last few years that they will be well organised, tough to break down and on top of all that have the 4th best attack so far in the Premiership.

To get the right result Spurs will need to be more of an attacking threat than they have been recently. I would hope that Carrick will slot into the midfield with Brown stepping down after another poor display. Brown should be replaced in the January window as he just doesn't have what it takes at this level and certainly not at the level Spurs are aiming for. If Carrick does play it will add more attacking play to our team as we try to prize open the Bolton defense. However, and there is always a however, Redknapp will probably come into the line up. To be fair Jamie has had a good season on the whole and Santini won't be afraid to replace him if he is having a off day. Mendes will make up the other central midfielder with Davies on the right. The left side will be a problem with Tarrico suspended, and Edman and Atouba both injured. Jackson will come in on the left wing sadly or he may even be asked to play at left back with Brown slotting into the left position. Keane may also play on the left wing. If he doesn't I expect Keane to drop to the bench with Kanoute preferred up front to partner Defoe. Gardner could also play left back but let's hope not. Maybe Phil Ifil could be drafted into the team as I feel he could do a job even if it isn't his preferred side. Or Ziegler, as well. (Makes a change to have options for once).

The rest of the back four picks itself as well as the keeper leaving Helen to warm the bench.

Let's hope Spurs are a little more adventurous. As we have been fairly solid and orgainsed the press have left us alone for once but the shouts of boring boring Spurs have started to appear and they will use anything they can get hold of us to give us a good bashing. A couple of goals will help shut them up. I'd like to see Davies push forward more with Pamarot supporting him by venturing over the half way line. Depending on who plays on the left that side may have to be more defensive but we will see.

Comments, as always, are welcomed.

Come on you Spurs!


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