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Monday, October 11, 2004

News Round Up.

Ricketts has been loaned out to Coventry or should it be sent to Coventry in both senses of the term? Ricketts doesn't appear to currently feature in any of Santini's plans and this is a good move for Ricketts and Tottenham Hotspur. It allows Ricketts to receive some much needed 1st team football and experience and it allows Spurs to see if he what he has to really make it as a Premiership football. After never really convincing me of his ability he then made a fool of himself with his lousy attitude as he received the Fred Dowry award. Hopefully he'll do ok so we can ship the arrogant git out for good.

Naybet has decided to fast for Ramadan. This may have an effect oh his performances for that month and Santini and his medical staff will have to keep any eye on the situation. This could be a chance for Gardner to step forward and prove to Jacques that he does have what it takes to partner King in the future. We will see.

Kanoute hopes to return for the Portsmouth game. He will add some height for all those long balls from Robinson. I'd still prefer us to get the ball on the deck more especially as we should have Davis back for that match allow Mendes to be more of an attacking threat.

And finally, Carrick plays for the reserves once again tonight. Expect him to feature against Portsmouth on Monday.

Come on you Spurs!


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