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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Squad Analysis

No one can argue that the signings in the summer have been top class, have been exactly what we needed and can move the club forward. However no one can argue that we still don't need new blood into the squad as well. Below is an analysis of our current squad and where we need reinforcements.


Robinson: Top class, England number 1, Spurs number 1 for years to come. Could work on his distrubution as high balls to Defoe and Kaeane aint working.
Keller: A good backup with lots of experience. Fear he is probably going to leave though as he isnt happy.

That leaves us with Fulop. I dont know much about him. This could be a position Arnesen needs to look at in the future.

Right Back:
Noe Pamarot has settled well. He needs to push forward more. Cover includes Kelly and Phil so no problems there.

Centre backs:
Ledley and Naybet has struck up an excellent understanding and have been working hard together. Cover includes Gardner and Davenport when he returns from our feeder club so another safe position.

Left back: Despite his gaff against United he has proven a solid defender who is a definite improvement over Tarrico. Saying that Tano can still defend pretty well and is good cover for this position.

Central midifeld: Redknapp, Carrick, Davies, Davis, Mendes, Brown etc etc. Nuff said.

Right Midfield: Currently Davies and then.... er, Brown maybe? A weak position. Davies is good when fit but if he goes off form or is injured at any point the cover is limited to Brown who isnt good enough for Premiership football. I hope Arnesen is on the look out,

Left midfield: Atouba hasnt convinced me yet but needs time to settle. Could be good enough. Johnny "Fall Over" Jackson is hopeless and is not a suitable replacement for any wide player. Unable to beat anyone at Oldham and was ineffective against United it's time he went to West Ham or someone similar. Another problem position.

Strikers: Defoe, Kanoute and Keane are all class players. With the direct style we have currently adopted then Kanoute should probably be picked ahead of Keane who is short on cofidence anyway. With Da Silva and a few good reserve strikers like Owen Price we have good cover here as well (for once).

So it appears to me that the wide positions are what needs looking at closely and is one of the reasons we havent scored enough goals.


Anonymous jonjon said...

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Personally I think there should be! It’s just getting to be stupid money in football at the top of the premiership!
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11:43 AM, February 05, 2008


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