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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Penalty Nightmare strikes again.

Still too annoyed to write much. Let's just say that the team line up was a surprise but for the first 45 minutes we played them off the pitch possession wise but didn't create loads. Even so we should of been at least 2-0 up. Second half was a bit different as Liverpool came into it more. Extra time was a disgrace as we became progressively worse and we demonstrated once again that we cannot defend a lead very well. Kanoute, who had played reasionable well lost his mind and gave away a ridiculous penalty with only FOUR minutes left. He then missed a penalty. He was obviously not up for the penalty shoot out - his body language told the whole story and shouldn't of been taking one in the first place. Brown's penalty was appalling - not even getting it on target and sums him up for me.

A great route into Europe for Spurs screwed up by idiotic play and not doing the basics while on top. In reality the game was lost in the first half when we failed to take our chances, again. I really think we need a new striker to partner Defoe. Keane works hard every game but doesn't seem to be able to hit any form with Defoe and Kanoute can be brilliant in one moment and a disgrace in another.

Carrick - was he always this crap at West Ham? Atouba - Please never throw or play the ball across our own box ever again - you got away with it tonight but will get caught out in the end - It's basic defending!!!!

Crap, cold night overall. Lets hope we are better on Saturday.


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