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Saturday, November 13, 2004

Close but no cigar.

I thought the Spurs players did us proud today. Obviously the result wasn't to our liking but the team fought from start to finish and it could of ended 5-5! What an amazing derby game.

Spurs started ever so well and played Arsenal off the pitch for the first 45 minutes. We had them under pressure for the whole half. We hassled them off the ball, Brown stopped Viera from playing in what I thought was one of his best performances for Spurs. We scored a good goal from a well worked set piece (how often do we say that)and had them on the ropes. Then disaster struck. The linesman fell asleep and let Henry sneak through when he was offside and snuck in the equaliser on the stroke of half time. This was the total turning point of the whole game. Arsenal came back out of the blocks in the 2nd half and for the first 15 minutes played us off the park. We couldn't get back into the game and a awful mix up led to us squandering possession and Pamarot with an awful challenge gave away a Penalty. 1-0 to 1-2 in 20 minutes against the scum. It was 3-1 a bit later and I as worried we were going to collapse. However full credit to the boys as we pushed on and made a real game of it. Defoe's goal was top draw, the header from King well worked and it was pleasing to see Kanoute get back to scoring ways in the Premiership.

However the defending was appalling and led to our downfall. We gifted the scum at least 3 goals, 1 was definitely offside and there is a suspicion about another which I will have to look at to be sure.

Players wise, Brown impressed especially in the first half, but King and Naybet weren't great at the back. Robinson made a mistake that led to the penalty and could of made a better go at saving Pires goal but you can't criticise these players on one game as they have been magnificent this season. Mendes was quiet but stopped the attacking play on the scum left. Ziegler looked good and remember he is only 18. Keane and Defoe played well. It was good to see Edman back but I'm not sure Pamarot is the answer at left back. He was caught out a few times and what he was thinking of when he fouled Lunjeberg I don't know. A weak area where Spurs need to work on.

Overall, I hate losing against the scum. They cheated as usual diving left right and centre, especially Reyes, Viera moaning all the time, Bergkamp playing dirty, even Van Persie seems to have settled in knocking the ball out for a Spurs throw but diving theatrically and winning the goons a foul! But the lads fought to the death, played them off the pitch first half and can be proud of the way they took the game to them. Less defensive mistakes and poor decisions by linesmen would of led to a far different result.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Todays game came just about the same time as Santinis comments were made public - coincidence? If it is the truth in what he says then he shouldn't have been there in the first place - he must have known the terms that he came under. As for calling Carrick a holding midfielder ........... I heard someone call him a poor mans Hoddle not so long ago hardly the description of a holding midfielder. Carrick has started to prove Santini wrong and long may he continue to do so - time will tell. Spurs showed today that going forward IS the way they CAN play and that with some decent coaching we can be higher in the table before too long - to lose today wasn't the best result - we dont like losing to A.........s at any time but a lot of promise can be seen in the way we played.We had the defence right now we have the attack right - we just need a blend of the two!

Sybrian in Sussex

6:43 PM, November 13, 2004

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Great game
Bad result
We need points on the table, but at least we showed we can score goals.
2 main faults (apart from the obvious)
Paramot is lost at right back (Harry Redknapp thought the same when he was at Pompey) He's tough, but sometimes it takes more than tough to defend in football (thats the second penalty he's given away - and there should have been a third against Charlton)
Sometimes it is better to (excuse the pun) HOOF the ball into the opposite half rather than play fancy football and lose the ball in your own half.
As much as I want to blame Naybet, he scored a goal, and he reads the game defensively at times which stopped a LOT of thru balls.

But it's taken me 24 hours to see all of this, after the game yesterday, I was left with a very bitter taste about the Henry equalizer (OFFSIDE) but thats FOOTBALL.

D Money

2:28 PM, November 14, 2004


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