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Friday, November 05, 2004

Santini has gone - What now?

Still trying to recover over the Santini decision earlier today. It is difficult to see this being anything other than personal reasons as I can't believe Levy would push someone out after being in the job only 4 months and taking 9 to actually appoint him in the first place. I wish Santini well and am very disappointed as I thought that he was the man to start to take us places.

However we can't live in the past and need to move on very quickly. I expect that Jol's team will be very similar to the team Santini's would of put out tomorrow if he was still in charge. Jol took training most of the time and was a key player at what is happening at Spurs. The advantage of the structure we have in place is there should be continuity. Arnesen is still here and Jol and I expect Jol to be placed in charge on Monday. I believe that this was the long term plan but unfortunatly it has been forced on us earlier than expected.

The forums over at Glory Glory and TopSpurs (See links) have been going into meltdown. The discussions of new managers is already heading for the same level we had in the 9 months previous to Santini being appointed. Various names have been banded about such as O'Neill, 'Arry Redknapp and even Hoddle coming back. The last two are definelty no nos. We got nowhere with Hoddle and Redknapp would just be a disaster and make us the laughing stock of English football. O'Neill has just been thrown in for good measure. If we did indeed want him in the summer we didn't get him and there is no reason to think we would get him now.

Spurs need to stick to Arnesen's plan and anything that doesn't place Jol in charge for good will mean the end of another season after two months.


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