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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Spurs vs. Charlton

Things can only get better after last weeks display against Fulham, in fact things MUST get better. After only winning one game in the last seventeen London derbies this is going to be a tough game against a traditional difficult to beat Charlton team.

Things aren't going to be helped by the fact that Davis is out for 2 to 3 months after undergoing a knee op. Someone who knows all about dodgy knees is Redknapp who will probably hobble into the space vacated by Davis injury but you never know and Carrick may finally get his chance to impress. With Spurs having 0 (zero, none, zilch, nowt, nothing, nil) shots on goal in the last match you would hope that Santini takes an adventurous view to team selection especially with the midfield. However he may think Redknapp is being adventurous so we could be in trouble. Davies will remain on the right, Ziegler on the left and Mendes partnering Redknapp or Carrick.

Edman may be back but I doubt it so I hope Tarrico plays and not Bunje. Worse than useless last week, Bunje is not a left back and should be replaced. Tarrico is a full back who has played on the left many times and will rile the opposition which can only be a good thing. Naybet, King and Pamarot will make up the rest of the defense although Pamarot has been shit in recent league games.

Up front will be Defoe and Kanoute I hope. I'm not a massive fan of the Mali international but if I see one more ball hoofed up to Keane and Defoe against 7 foot tall defenders I will cry. At least with Kanoute we have someone who can win the ball so Keane could find himself sitting this one out for a while. However Santini is picking the team so Kanoute will probably be warming the bench again.

I want Spurs to more far more attacking at home than in recent weeks. We never got forward against Bolton, Fulham enough said, and only played for 10 to 20 minutes against United. We need to take a few more risks. Full backs supporting the wingers, wingers staying wide and using the width of the pitch. Central midfielders need to work box to box instead of box to halfway line like we do at the moment. Strikers should not be expected to drop into our own half to pick up the ball and will hopefully have the service on Saturday to stay around Charlton's box where they have a chance of doing something unusual like score.

I hope this will be the start of an improvement. It will be an interesting match to see if the players are motivated to improve our disappointing run of late and to actually look like they are playing for the shirt not the wages.

Come on you Spurs!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Although it's disappointing to see that Davis will be out for two to three months this at least gives Carrick a chance to show what he can do.
This also should give Santini the opportunity to be more adventurous in the team he picks for the visit of Charlton.
In my view, I think that Santini should pick a 4-3-1-2 formation. Pamarot, Naybet, King and Tarricco should be our solid defensive back four.
The three in midfield should be Davies on the right, Redknapp central, and Mendes on the left. Carrick should be given a start and should play the play-maker role just in front of central midfield. Kanoute and Defoe to start up-front.
At least with this formation and with Tarricco to start we know he'll make the effort to link up with Mendes and get some crosses in.
If this fails to work we could always switch back to 4-4-2 and bring on Ziegler on left wing and take off Redknapp.
Whatever team is picked, we have to be more attacking and have faith in our defense when we go forward. We have attack minded players in Davies, Carrick, and our strikers. Lets use them for once and show that we can score more than one goal in a match whilst having a solid defence at the same time. Come on you Spurs!

12:18 AM, November 05, 2004


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