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Sunday, October 24, 2004

Bolton review.

Another woeful performance on the day Spurs should of been fighting for every ball, every decision, to honor the great Bill Nic but it wasn't to be.

Tottenham were 1-0 down after 11 minutes. A free kick by Speed from near the corner flag allowed Rahdi Jaid to sneak between our centre backs and power a header into the back of the net.

Spurs took 30 minutes to get going with Kanoute having a shot that actually asked the Bolton keeper to make a save. This save seem to spur us into action and we were well on top for the last 15 minute and an equaliser finally came with what was the best move of the match. Keane finished a Kanoute flick through Jaaskelainen's legs and was clearly delighted.

In the second half Spurs should of really pushed on and were close to having a penalty when Keane was brought down on the very edge of the box. However the resultant free kick was blasted into the wall by Redknapp. Defoe was brought on and almost immediately Spurs were behind, Pedersen finishing off after Robinson had made two fantastic saves.

Spurs pushed on looking for an equaliser. Defoe shot just wide from a free kick and Kanoute hit the post but to no avail. The final whistle went after 3 lousy minutes of injury time. The Bolton players had been wasting time from the 11th minute so why the ref only awarded 3 was beyond me. Not that it would made a difference as we didn't look like scoring. The only good thing I can think of about Bolton was the round of applause they joined in on for Nicholson.

Afterwards the newspapers jumped on the fact that Santini refused to speak to the press and spun it into a slur on Bill Nic. What a load of bollocks. He was annoyed just like the rest of us at the inept display produced by the team today. The question now is what are Spurs going to about it. Well, like everyone else I have my own opinions on it. The midfield must push forward more and support the strikers. There desperately needs to be movement off the ball. Too many times the midfield just stand still on throw ins offering no assistance to the throw in taker. Redknapp should find himself on the bench replaced by Sean Davis. Kanoute should also keep his place as I thought he was our best player on the day. Keane became ineffective when asked to move on the left wing. He should either be up front or hauled off. It doesn't work with him out of position. Ziegler should be started on the left wing if Atouba is still injured. Mendes needs to push on as well. It was pleasing to see the full backs push on over the half way line yesterday and I hope they continue against Fulham. Edman would be a welcomed return.

Overall not the best performance I've ever seen but we must remember that we are in a rebuilding process. Things won't be right immediately and as long as we continue to improve bit by bit I will be happy. Fulham will be an interesting game next week.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I completely agree with the review. After all the hype that we received by being one of just three unbeaten teams, we lose three matches and don't look like scoring for vast periods of games.
We've got three of the best strikers in the premiership, which must leave much of the blame to be shouldered by an inept midfield. Mendes is the only real quality that we have in the middle of the park. The fact he is more defensive than creative says alot about our season so far.
In the January transfer window I hope to see a midfielder od the same ilk as say Joe Cole, somebody who is attack minded with an abundance of skill. Simon Davies has the quality to be great and I feel it will just be a matter of time before he's back to running defences ragged.
I do not believe that Atouba is the answer to the left wing, her has scored one of our six goals but I don't see him adding to that tally for a long time; or getting that many assists.
We have two fantastic goalkeepers, King is a brilliant defender, as is Naybet but he is too old to play every match and won't be a good prospect next season. The rest I believe are not up to scratch, I'd go as far as saying that Gardner's name on the team sheet would probably inspire the opposing team.
We should see if we could buy, Glen Johnsen and William Gallas, as they are both unhappy and could be allowed to leave. Both could probably be got hold of for £10 million. Then buy Wayne Routledge for the right (£3 million), bring Davies into the middle next to Mendes.
Left wing could prove to be a problem, as it is for many clubs, if only Ginola was still around!
Spurs make the saying whatever goes up must come down all the more true. With Spurs it's not will we fall to around tenth place but when.
I anyone does choose to read these comments please e-mail me at

6:16 PM, October 24, 2004

Blogger Paxton Road said...

Thanks for the comment.

11:21 AM, October 26, 2004


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