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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Pathetic Spurs suffer third straight defeat

Spurs served up one of the worst performances for a while down at Craven Cottage yesterday. Spurs were at best rubbish as they mustered the great figure of 0 goal attempts on target. The defense wasn't much better and everything needs to improve drastically if the good work of August and September is not totally thrown away.

Spurs started ok but never really did much with the ball. Mendes tried hopeless through balls which would run straight to Crossley, Brown was a disgrace and was rightly subbed in the 39th minute. He hadn't placed one pass correctly for the whole game. Davies was slightly better but was unable to beat his man on the right wing so was coming into the middle where he would loose possession. Sean Davis got some crunching tackles in but not much else.

Up front Defoe and Keane hardly received the ball. The strikers will never score if they receive no service. Keane had to drop deep time and time again and it was becoming a joke when in the 2nd half he was picking the ball up in our own half as it was the only way he would receive the ball!

The back four look ok but no one picked up Cole's run for the second goal and Boa Morte should never have been given the time and the space to pick him out anyway. Lastly, the full backs who were worse than useless. Bunje tried his best but isn't up to the job and did actually push forward more than Pamarot. With us trailing and desperately needing a goal you would of thought Pamarot would of pushed up the right wing to help Davies out, but no he stood there with his hands on his hips watching as Davies ran out of room and lost possession. Either he is following strict instructions never to go ahead of the half way line or he is in idiot.

Spurs improved slightly with the introduction of Kanoute but the same problems were still there. You can play with 50 strikers but if the midfield never get the ball up to them they will do sod all. Carrick's arrival with about 5 minutes to go summed it up. A Arnesen buy who Santini didn't want by the looks of things.

The one good thing to come from the game was the excellent support from the Spurs fans. We were excellent and in good voice. The Fulham fans sang twice for the whole game, after both goals. The chant of shit ground and shit support weren't far wrong.

Afterwards Santini whinged on about injuries and being tired. Bollocks is all I can say about that. Edman would be welcomed back into the team immediately but with only 1 goal and not much else to show I'm not sure how Atouba would of made a difference. We also missed Redknapp as well, apparently. Fulham have played exactly the same amount of games as we have and they didn't look tired.

Spurs need to sort out the attack and quick. Much work is needed on the training ground with a change of personnel in the middle of the pack. Carrick needs his chance as he should be more creative than the current rubbish we are serving up. I also hope Arnesen is looking far and wide for two wingers as the left is a mess and Davies doesn't look like recapturing past form anytime soon.

I know the team needs time but whether Santini gets it is another matter. A few Spurs "fans" decided to boo him as he walked off at the end of the game, something that won't help matters in the long run. I will still back him but things need to improve, and quick for us to be in a better position come next May than we were last season.


Blogger Steveqoz said...

Agree with most of what you are saying. It is disappointing that JS doesn't make the link between a failing middle and a starved frontline.In this case I would actually go 3 5 2 playing Naybet as sweeper with King plus one being tight central markers. Bolton number up in midfield in a similar way. This would allow Mendes to hold and let Carrick and Davis line up in front of him. Edman would play left WB and Davies on the right. Defoe must play but it is heads or tails for te other spot. Keene actually looks afraid this season. His usual strength is total unpredicatability but every yard he drops deep makes him even less effective. Kanoute has improved recently and probably merits a start.
Davis is still getting match fit and I feel confident that he can lead the way. Redknapp is not up to it and Atouba will struggle in the EPL because of the physicality.

10:27 PM, October 31, 2004

Blogger Paxton Road said...

Yeah I agree - a change in formation may allow us to supply the frontline in a more effective way while we lack width.

10:39 PM, October 31, 2004

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our players, all of them but especially the midfield, simply need to be shown where the opposition goal is. With 0 attempts at goal, it is obvious that we will never score. Someone has to tell them this!!

10:11 AM, November 01, 2004

Blogger alchemats said...

I pretty much agree with what u say it seems that what spurs are lacking is pretty much what we've been famed for throughout the years a creative,positive thinking midfielder who can give that killer pass.Playing all three strikers is not a good idea,at least playing Keane in the hole and with our defence seemingly too scared to go forward and attempting "Beckham" like passes surley it is obvious height is needed if we are to play the "Wimbledon". style.
I do hope we do get Andy Reid during the window,he is premiership class and seems always to be a threat,as for his temper that will go when he get what he wants,namely prem footie

12:05 PM, November 01, 2004

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Never never never again will I waste my cash watching this rag bag,heartless, clueless bunch of misfits.

Insantini the new Wenger..Your havin a larf...He talks like a moron and looks like a muppet.

6 goals in 11 games is a disgrace and now the defence looks like falling apart with every attack. On this showing we are heading for relegation zone and all you idiots thinking a goal glut againt bolton reserves ( they coud have been 4 up before we scored )is shortsighted to say the least. Lets dump the bug eyed frog twit now before its too late. Allardyce is the man for us and a good ball winning midder is a must.

Dreading the gooner assault in 2 weeks. Sad that our fans are more concerned about giving em a good kicking.

Face reality ..we are SHIT. and so are our away fans...... no noise from the tottenham boys

9:49 PM, November 01, 2004

Blogger Paxton Road said...

Im sorry but your not a Spurs fan your just a wind up merchent. The Spurs away support is brilliant and was again against Fulham. Sacking the manager after 4 months is bloody stupid and just goes to show you have no idea what your talking about. Santini's previous record shows he knows what nhe is doing and like 3 good results early on dont make a season 3 bad results don't ruin one either.

10:35 PM, November 01, 2004


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