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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Can Jol be our O'Neill?

I was just think about Martin O'Neill on Sunday. Santini had gone and the Express was running some stupid story about Levy wanting O'Neill to be our next manager. Obviously they had nothing else to write about and needed a story to shove on the back page. Ok, O'Neill is a good manager with a good record but Levy din't want him and I doubt he would of come to work with our management structure.

Anyway, Spurs did the right thing on Monday and appointed Jol. If you then look at Jol's record and compare it with Martin O'Neill's you will see many similarities.

O'Neill was a sucsseful player winning the European Cup with Forest among other things. Although Jol didn't win that particular competition he played for teams such as Bayern Munich and had succsseful times with Coventry and WBA in the old first division.

They both then moved into management. O'Neill had considerable success with Wycombe before making his name at Leicester where he won the league cup. Leicester also remained in the Premiership and were always a good side while he was there. He then moved to Celtic where he has won the league and cup in Scotland and helped to end Rangers dominance north of the border. Compare this with Jol and you have a similar story. Started small with non league clubs in Holland he finally took the job at RKC Waalwijk. Here he won the Dutch cup, manager of the year twice and took the club from relegation to European contenders. So, like O'Neill making his big move to Celtic, Jol has now made his to Spurs.

Finally, from what I've heard, Jol is a manager with similar attributes to O'Neill. He is a friendly bloke who has clearly won over the players. They appear to like him. He also has excellent man motivation skills and is apparently a good tactician, all traits associated with O'Neill who is seen as being one of the best if not the best young manager around. If these things all slot into place for Jol at Spurs there is no reason we can't improve this season and push on back to where we belong. I know managing Spurs is far different to managing Celtic where you only have one team to worry about in Rangers, and I'm not getting carried away, but all the early signs are that Jol can at the very least improve Spurs when compared to the last 3 or 4 years.


Blogger timgreen said...

YOU ARE KIDDING YOURSELF!! There's no comparison between O'Neill's achievements and Jol's. But I genuinely hope he helps you get back to the big time. The system Spurs have adopted is ridiculous and you know it. You need to decide who is in charge and let him get on with it. Good Luck!

6:17 PM, November 10, 2004

Anonymous Anonymous said...

We just have to concentrate on the league form. If we manage to win a cup... well brilliant but the only real way of improvement will be measured on the table at the end of the season. COYS!!! We can beat the ar%&h"£$ COYS!!!!

6:35 PM, November 10, 2004

Blogger Paxton Road said...

The system is so ridiculous it's used by most clubs in Europe so it much be rubbish. If you re-read my post you will see that comparing O'Neill and Jol before he went to Celtic you can see that their records are similar. It's only at Celtic that O'Neill's record improves ahead of Jol's. This is Jol's first "big time" appointment like Celtic was O'Neill's first.

6:41 PM, November 10, 2004

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Exactly how you can say the only challenge at Celtic is to beat Rangers, I have no idea. In the last 4 years O'Neill has had the challenge of taking on Valencia, Juventus, Barcelona, Lyon, Liverpool, Celta Vigo, Stuttgart, Ajax, Bayern Munich and many more in competitive European football.

All of whom, bar Bayern, Celtic beat.

Spurs' challenge is to compete with Fulham, Blackburn, Newcastle, Bolton for a European place in England. There's no comparison.

Incidentally, I hope Jol does well for you - but to compare him to O'Neill is laughable at the moment.

7:00 PM, November 10, 2004

Blogger Paxton Road said...

No one reads the posts properly! Everyone knows Scottish football has only 2 teams! I didn't mention Europe. READ THE POST AGAIN! I'm comparing O'Neill with jol BEFORE he went to Celtic! There is nothing laughable about that - the records are very similar!

7:44 PM, November 10, 2004

Anonymous Anonymous said...

come on u spurs.... sod what everyone else thinks.... at the end of the day we've got a bloke i think can actually do a pretty good job, you cant knock him for trying. We dont need a big name manger to run us we just need someone who knows what their doing

I mean did anyone know arsehole wanker before he was at arsenal.... i dont think so.. i think only time will tell and considering we've got some great talent with the likes of robinson, defoe, king ,carrick, keane not to mention all of our youngsters who are all breaking into the u21 international scene, its time to sit back and take it all in.

9:59 PM, November 10, 2004

Anonymous Anonymous said...

All we need is someone who knows what they are doing, someone who actually wants to be there and someone who is left alone and given a bit of time to get on with it.
Santini was not the man for the job and that was obvious from day one. He had all the charm of a deaf mute slug and had our lads playing the most boring football I've ever seen in 25 years of going to the lane. The last 20 minutes of football v Charlton last Saturday was the best football all season so far. Okay, so it was only 20 minutes, but all the players were up for it, all the fans were behind them and I will be happy to watch that every week. Give Jol the 3 years and let him and Frank get on with it. They obviously have an understanding of how each other works and are happy to work with each other. The only thing that fucked us up in recent times was Pleat. If Hoddle had been left to do his own thing, he'd still be in charge and we'd be in at least the UEFA cup this year. He could never stamp his mark with Pleat poking his nose in so that screwed that plan up. Frank and Jol obviously love the Spurs and want to be there. Leave them to it, get behind the boys and watch us fly. I know Scum fans that are dreading this Saturday more than I am and to be honest, I aint dreading it........we're gonna kill 'em!!!

1:41 AM, November 11, 2004


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