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Friday, November 05, 2004

Was Arnesen to blame?

Rumors are rife that Arnesen was to blame for the departure of Santini. There has been lots of rumors about who actually wanted Carrick and who thought he should play. Santini clearly didn't like him as he was only getting a few minutes here and there. The rumor is that it all came to a head today with Arnesen saying play him or else so Jacques resigned. To be honest I think this is bollocks and Santini definitely has some personal problems. Him and his wife have still not settled and were living in a hotel and could be what has led to today's shock announcement.

However, if these rumors are true they we are in the shit. Who will come and work for a Director of Football who can't keep his nose out? Let's hope it's all rubbish.

Whatever happens we must get right behind the team tomorrow. Spurs fans need to stick together in times of crises especially with the press circling like vultures.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It all seems too sudden to me. It was only yesterday that Santini was asking the players who weren't injured to show their passion and fight for their places. I really do hope this isn't another behind the scenes argument. Just when we thought things were going right (except for the injuries) we get this bombshell dropped on us.

12:36 AM, November 06, 2004

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard a rumour a long time ago that makes a lot of sense out of all of this.

We all knew that we were bringing in a name and an decent up and coming understudy as a reserve/pupil to be groomed to take over.

What was not publi knowledge was that Santini's contract essentially had a 6 month probation period allowing each side to withdraw before 6 months were up if either side felt it was not working out.

To be honest I was dazzled by Santini when he was hired...french! But his record lacked a lot and to be honest Jol impressed me more.

He will get the job for the rest of the season with Chris Hughton stepping into Jol's job.

All round probably for the best. I hope they know what they are doing.

We need a flying winger and any of these in this order of preference will do: Wright Phillips (unlikely - will go to scum at xmas), Reid (will goto Everton at xmas), Routledge (will end up at us methinks).

Come on you spurs

9:40 AM, November 06, 2004

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This might sound a bit mean but I dont really care Santinis gone. He looks like Tackleberry from Police academy and he cant speak English and he was still living in a hotel room. Arnensen decides who is signed and the incoming players whoever they might be are aware of this. Martin Jol will do a good job , him and frank are good buddys , he played carrick & ziegler, ( sorry davies but your a bit shit this year ) and he really wants the job. all is not well but its far from a disater. Just a quick point please dont give the muppets in the press the satisfaction by spurs fans looking to appoint blame. Take it on the chin and get on with it.

2:19 AM, November 07, 2004


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