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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

First win for Jol.

Spurs cruised to an easy first win in the end for new head coach Martin Jol last night beating Burnley 3-0 with two goals fron Keane and a screamer from Defoe.

This was a good solid performance with the two full backs given licence to push forward wherever and whenever they liked. This had the diseared effect helping create real width which we have lacked in recent weeks. However, the full backs are going to have to be a little bit careful against the Gipos on Saturday as they will get caught out if they go forward like they did today.

We had a couple of dodgy moments at the back and hopefully King and Naybet will tighten things on in training over the next couple of days.

In the midfiled Carrick played well and I would think he would start on Saturday. He produced a great cross for Keane's first goal and went about his business in a simple but effective manner. Ziegler looked much better on the left than he did against Charlton and showed he can take a pretty good corner, something we have lacked in recent years. Mendes was asked to play on the right and what was really pleasing about that was he actually stayed wide right, none of this drifting inwards like Redknapp and Davies leaving us exposed down the wing.

Up front Defoe and Keane looked sharp. Defoe dropped off a little bit pushing Keane further up field. He scored two simple tap ins which is great as Keane is often criticiised for scoring spectacular goals and missing the easy ones.

After the game Jol was brilliant. As he walked off the pitch he warmly applauded the fans and showed that he means business with Spurs. On Sky, when interveiwed, he was refeshingly honest. He knew exactly where the weakspots in our game had been in recent weeks and wasn't afraid to say it. He thought we were sloppy in the first 25 minutes where I thought we looked ok so hopefully it shows the high standards he has.

I'm not going to get carried away this time with Jol. We will have some great results I expect under him, hopefully starting against The Scum next weekend, but we will probably have a few stinkers along the way. But nevertheless this was a tricky start and one that Spurs and Jol passed well.



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