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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Defoe pledges future to Spurs

Jermaine Defoe continues to make the right noises about his future in football. He told the News of the Screws that he loves it at Spurs and hopes that, with Jol in charge, he can win things here.

"I read the papers like anyone else but I've made it clear I'm very happy here and I hope to fulfil my ambitions at Spurs. "Money's not the most important thing, it's about playing, scoring goals and making the England squad."

Defoe continued:

"When I look back on my career I want to see medals. "I agree, I would love to play in Europe and that's another step. We have the players to get there and we won't look out of place."
So it looks promising that Defoe could well be at Spurs come the start of the next season. He mentions European football but I feel Defoe will give Spurs the chance to get there. If in another season or two we haven't then I could not blame him for leaving. However, we now have every chance of making it, if not this season, but the next.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

'The future at Spurs is looking bright'. We have all heard this statement before, but for once it has some grounding with all the young talent which has been brought to the club by Jol and Arnesen. There is now a solid platform upon which to build and enter the European Arena. When these new players start to enter the first team and play alongside the likes of Robinson, King, Carrick and Defoe why would a player wish to leave the lane? We have the brightest young team in the premiership and if the potential of these young players is realised then it won't be European football which Spurs will be gunning for but rather the title. Arsenal better get ready for fourth in the league!


1:15 PM, February 06, 2005


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