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Friday, February 04, 2005

Spurs Vs. Pompey.

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Spurs go in to this game having lost three on the bounce in the league and must look to improve recent form if we are to stay in the top half of the table. Injuries will not help as Naybet, Mido, Davis, Ziegler, and Mendes are all still injured. Gardner will not feature after breaking his nose on Tuesday.

Luckily Spurs have quite a lot of depth in the squad now, something we could not have said before the arrival of Arnesen. Robinson is doubtful with a knee problem so new signing Cerny could make his debut. Edman and Kelly will take their place in their respective full back positions. King will be in the middle with possibly Pamarot or Bunje as Dawson has a shin problem. The midfield will consist of Davies on the right, Carrick and Brown centre and hopefully Ried on the left. Atouba, the worlds most skillful left back, should drop to the bench. With Kanoute suspended and Mido injured the front two will be Defoe and Keane.

Even with the level of injuries we have I should hope Spurs can get back into winning ways. Much will depend on how King and A.N. Other performs against the front two of Pompey, how well Brown and Carrick can combine to stop Berger and how well Davies and Ried can supply the front man. With only one league goal sine the 5-2 thrashing of Everton we really need to hope that Defoe and Keane receive the service they require tomorrow.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gardner is sh*t!

All i can say really...

... thankfully he's out injured!

6:44 PM, February 04, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good old Kelly nutting Gardner. Is Mido injured, I thought he played in the Friendly against Northampton this week????

9:38 PM, February 04, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I all i can say is god help us. With all the injures we have no hope. I do hope reid does a good job 4 us but i really think this is an away win soz lads. But things are brighter with gardener out (well done kelly)but with all the injures we have no hope the back 4 is a shamballs if they can produce a draw that would be alright

The Pope Age 15

10:53 PM, February 04, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Call yourself a spurs fan. Can't beat portsnouth, you know nothing

2:28 AM, February 05, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

2:40 AM, February 05, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our two main problems against Pompey will be who is going to partner King at the back. Lets face it, we need another proven, quality centre half. We are going to have to rely on Carrick showing his true creative capabilities and Reid using his nerves and adrenalin cos of his debut (if he plays, but Martin may play Atouba to start with Reid on the bench). Davies and Brown in the midfield are not playing fantastic at the moment. Defoe and Keane will always get goals with right service but we know the direct approach doesnt work with them up front, being 2 of the smallest forwards in the league. If I must be honest, we should and can win the game but dont be surprised if its a draw..

3:30 AM, February 05, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spurs win all the way! Come on people. Lets get positive. Andy Reid to score on his debut. You heard it here first!

10:11 AM, February 05, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay... I posted the message before last and hey, isnt it great to be wrong sometimes! Mido played after a late fitness test and boy are we glad to see him! He was awsome, had everything. Skill, pace, strength, flair, height, commitment and a couple of debut goals just to round it off. Naybet played also unexpectingly but unless there is something we dont know about Edman then I cant understand how Atouba is picked over him at left back, especially when Kelly on the right isnt too strong either. We looked vulnerable today at times although got away with it cos Pompey didnt really threaten us. Reid you have to give credit too. He could have had a blinder or a stinker being his first game in the premiership, but he was somewhere in the middle of that. An assist and hitting the post is not bad for a fat bloke on his premiership debut. But we have to remember that he delivers at international level. Lose a few pounds son and you'll be alright cos you are just what we need in width on the left. Davies looked sharper than recent although still doesnt offer what he did a season or two ago. Carrick was a class act as always. As for their against the run of play goal, we need to be thinking seriously in the summer about some high class defenders. We fell asleep at the back again and if we hadnt of had the attacking options that we now do that could have worked against us. I noticed Mido has a little swagger about him, i just hope he uses it positively and not negatively. He could be a real asset to us if he is managed well by Jol. What a game.. Its anyones guess what the next starting line up will be next week. But i dont care, its Jol's problem not mine. Just get it right mate and carry on entertaining us like today. Glory glory Tottenham Hotspur, lets get our deserved trip to Cardiff. Bring on the Brom (and hopefully Forest).

9:40 PM, February 05, 2005


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