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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Plenty of positives to take from defeat.

Ok we lost to Chelsea again but didn't deserve to. Only a hopeless decision by what is perceived as the top official in the country, Graham Poll, allowed Chelsea to take home all three points instead of the one they deserved.

Both sides cancelled themselves out for much of the first half with Drogba and Defoe both going close. Spurs were just starting to exert some pressure when Alexei Smertin took a cheating dive Pires would be proud of and Poll fell for it. Lampard dispatched the penalty and we went in 1-0 down. The second half consisted of Chelsea time wasting and catching us on the break with Robben running Pamarot ragged for much of the game. However for someone who is so talented he spent most of his time practicing for the Olympics diving team. Robben made at least four blatant dives and Poll should of booked him for them but as usual bottled the decision. Why someone with his pace and ability feels the need to do that is beyond me and if he's not careful will pick up a reputation for being a diving c*nt!

Chelsea's second goal came at the death after catching us on the break. What was really disappointing about Chelsea was their dull football. With so much attacking talent in the team they sat back and defended a 1-0 for the second half in a George Graham Arsenal special. If they do win the title they will be the most boring team since 1991 to do so. Moaninhio has obviously never heard of this quote by the great Bill Nic either: "It's no use just winning, we've got to win well." Oh, and don't get me started about the lousy Chelsea support either. Were they there?

However Spurs should take the positives from this game. We matched Chelsea generally but we need a pacy wide right midfielder with Mendes partnering Carrick in the middle. The right back position may need looking at as well as Robben bamboozled Pamarot for most of the game. We should also look at our fixtures for the rest of the season. Liverpool, Middlesborough and the Scum away are our trickiest fixtures but the rest are run of the mill stuff and Spurs should be able to pick up a lot more points between now and the end of the season. Fingers crossed!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Robben already has a reputation for being a diving C*nt. It was remarked upon during Euro 2004 and I believe it was in Hollands final group game when after taking about his third blatant dive after coming on as a sub, the commentator said how he had a reputation for it in Holland.

12:09 AM, January 16, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

good article. I agree Spurs generally matched Chelsea and it was not a peno although Noe was lucky not to give one away earlier on. Not to tell you how to do your job mr Jol but please play cariick and mendes in the centre of the park. This combo is the most potent and mendes even though he did agood jb on the right today belongs in the midlle. Porto won the European cup with Mendes in the midlle please play him there alongside carrick this will be the key.

12:10 AM, January 16, 2005

Blogger :::esp::: said...

Mendes definately should play through the middle. We have 4 good central midfielders in Carrick, Mendes, Brown and Davis which means we can afford to rotate and rest players. The real areas we need to look at are a quick skillful right winger and a big tricky forward. We badly missed Kanoute yesterday.

Sounds like we played with confidence though and although 1-0 up, Mouninhio had to change his tactics to match ours as the subs started to come on which is positive for us as it meant that Jol was calling the shots and being forward thinking rather than Mouninhio, even though they had the lead.

Despite losing yesterday things are definately looking better and it's nice to read in various forums that people are really up beat about us. Before most of us spurs fans would have been bitching about yesterday. Maybe most can see the real confidence coming from the club and can see that things are changing.

Bring on Palace!

11:10 AM, January 16, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

the expectation befoe the game was that tottenham could win a game against the in-form team in the premiership. what a joy to have such a feeling after so long as a 29 year-old spurs supporter when a game against the top team filled you with dread! Martin Jol is doing a fantastis job and what a pleasure it is. come on the spurs for the rest of the season. bring on the gooners!

11:17 AM, January 16, 2005

Blogger GrocerJack said...

I assume you've sen the replays on the TV now. I agree the Smertin incident was soft, but Pamarot was a clumsy dickhead and pushed Robben over and in the second half Robben was clearly tripped. The TV showed it all. When your defenders learn to tackle without pushing and kicking then maybe you can whine about bad decisions. We're top of the league and having a laugh. GJ

12:44 PM, January 17, 2005

Blogger Paxton Road said...

REobben is a cheating swine and thats a fact. The point is the ref didn't give those decisons. Brown's trip was a penalty but it wasn't given where as Poll gave a penalty against King which never was. The game should have ended 0-0 and would ahve done if it wasn't for incompentent referreing.

7:25 PM, January 17, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do these gown "men" not realise that they look like complete wankers diving and screaming out in "pain". With the slow replays we can all see 70% of the time there is no contact at all. It just spoils the game. Mr Jol is doing a great job, I agree Mendes and Carrick should be in the middle and we need some more selection options in wide positions

8:45 AM, January 20, 2005


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