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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Outplayed, Out sung but the right result.

Spurs crashed into the fourth round of The FA Cup yesterday after a difficult 2-1 win over Brighton and Hove Albion at WHL.

Brighton started much quicker than Spurs and obviously had a game plan that involed allowing Spurs no time on the ball and getting the ball up to striker Leon Knight as often as possible to exploit his pace. This caused some problems but King handled most of what was thrown at him.

However Spurs were being really beaten in the middle of the park, Brown couldn't get hold of the ball, Carrick was looking a little lost and Mendes didn't get involved as much as he usually did. He drifted in a lot from the right wing, where he is wasted really, allowing Brighton much free space down our right flank. Kelly pushed forward an awful lot which left us wide open at the back for balls over the top stretching Edman, King and Gardner more than necessary. This game highlighted more than any in recent times that we need a right winger and quick or teams better than Brighton will really cause us serious problems defensivly. Later on Marney came on for Kelly in a bizzare move by Jol which I still don't get. Personally I would of taken Brown off, put Mendes in the middle and Marney wide right. It would of given our team a much better shape.

Nevertheless we huffed and puffed to the win. King scored first with a good looping header. Brighton hit back after the break with a great free kick. Robinson was not at fault as he was unsighted. After that Brighton surged on and looked much better, Spurs still struggling to get hold of the ball. However Keane won the game with a supurb volley 8 minutes from time. He collected the ball on the edge of the box, swivled and hit it into the top corner. A classic Keane goal and one he was clearly deleighted with.

Brighton and their fans should be proud of their performance yesterday. Lets hope for an easier game in the fourth round.



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