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Monday, December 27, 2004

Five on the bounce!

Spurs saw off Norwich on Boxing Day to record 5 wins on the bounce for the first time for 11 years. Robbie Keane and Michael Brown ensured I headed down the A12 with a smile on my face.

Norwich stared brightly and the pace of Huckerby was causing problems down our right wing with Brown bringing him down on the very edge of our area. He also caught Naybet out a couple of times but was not able to make a decent chance from it. Naybet's weakness is the lack of pace but I still feel he more than makes up for it with his reading and organizational skills at the back. Norwich proceeded to hit the post from Bentley with Robinson stranded but luckily it bounced out but Naybet hesitated and Norwich won a corner. Jol was pacing the touchline clearly worried by our slow start. Spurs had a couple of chances with Kanoute and Carrick but nothing to worry Green in front of the excellent Norwich fans. It was good to have some banter between the Spurs and Norwich fans instead of the normal dead home fans we have to face on our travels. The chant about Delia's pies being shit was quite funny although I really liked her Christmas pie!

Spurs were much improved in the second half. This is promising because it shows that Jol can read a game and make the necessary changes. We closed down the midfield more and denied Norwich space. However our marking at corners was poor and McKenzie had two free headers, one hitting the bar and one sailing just over. Ginger Pele also had an effort that went just wide so I hope Jol and the backroom staff look at this when hey have the time. From one of these headed efforts Spurs had an excellent counter attack with Keane and Kanoute storming forward running Norwich ragged. However Keane's final ball was awful, which he acknowledge,l wasting an excellent chance.

Spurs did eventually take the lead through a bit of luck. Spurs won a corner which never was and Ziegler whipped the ball cross. A Norwich defender did Naybet's job for him by heading back across his own goal. The goal line clearance was awful and fell straight to Keane who lashed the ball into the net. A lucky goal but you make your own and it was what we deserved after our pressurized performance in the 2nd half. Norwich always looked like they could hit back and it was important for Spurs got their second. It was an absolute screamer. Brown worked his way forward and the run of Defoe opened up space in front of him. From about 30 yards he let rip with an unstoppable bullet ensuring the points were coming back home.

Overall the performance wasn't great and a better side (Chelsea, Man U coming up) would of punished us with the way we played in the first half. However we rode our luck and deserverdly took the points. Norwich will point to hitting the post and bar but it makes no difference unless they go in. Jol was also able to rotate the squad resting Ziegler and Defoe who came on as subs but will probably start against Palace tomorrow. The form of Brown is also excellent and Jol was delighted with his goal.



Blogger Ongar High Street said...

Spurs managed to force an apology out of The Mail for the made up back page headlines about Ledley, now if only someone could get them to apologise for the rest of the paper.

1:55 PM, December 27, 2004


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