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Friday, December 17, 2004

Spurs Vs. Southampton.

What a turn around. No clean sheets, 6 straight losses have become 3 straight wins and no goal conceded in 303 minutes of football and all the stats say that this should continue on Saturday. However, Stats mean nothing as we all know.

Southampton travel to WHL with no away wins this season and only two wins in total. Only WBA have a lower amount of victories. Southampton also haven't won in four and let a two goal lead slip last week with only 4 minutes, including stoppage time, remaining. Spurs on the other hand have played well even when on our losing streak but the home form isn't great. However this should (crosses fingers) be a comfortable game. Redknapp claims that apart from upfront they can match us all over the pitch. Rubbish in my opinion. SCBC have been punching above there weight when Strachen was there and their performances with Sturrock were more of the caliber they are capable of. Redknapp will motivate the team though and will be tougher to play against than if we had played them three or four weeks ago.

Spurs will have Pamarot, Gardner, King and Atouba across the back four. The midfield will consist of Ziegler who is likely to be recalled on the left and probably Ricketts on the right. Brown, who seems to be light years away from the player he was under Santini and Pleat will be in the centre with hopefully Mendes. However Jol has been singing Carrick's praises this week claiming he deserves an England call up. I'm sorry but I just haven't seen anything near an England performance from Dozzell, whoops Carrick, but maybe I'm missing something. Mendes will probably be on the right in a position where he is wasted. Defoe will be recalled with a tough choice between Keane and Kanoute. I haven't a clue who he will pick but I'd prefer Keane as he works hard for the team.

Anyhow a fourth straight win would be good as it will give us another three points, we can climb further up the table to maybe 7th and boosts the confidence even higher. After Christmas we have Everton, Manchester United and Chelsea so we need to make sure we pick up the points against the crap in the Premier League to absorb any tricky results in January.



Blogger robdacat said...

I'm guessing the line-up will be

Pamarot, King, Gardner, Edman
Ricketts, Brown, Carrick, Atouba
Kanoute, Defoe

subs- Keller, Davenport, Ziegler, Mendes, Keane

I'll say 2-0 to Spurs.

9:51 PM, December 17, 2004

Blogger harold said...

i think we are one good playmaking midfielder away from being a really good team

11:07 PM, December 17, 2004

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Jol will play Reto Z on the leftside of midfield if he's fit. Edman is not in the squad so it's probably Atouba at the back.

I'd play Kanoute over Keane, based on Robbie missing all three of the good chances he had last week.

12:15 AM, December 18, 2004

Anonymous Anonymous said... thoughts are:

A cheeky and well controlled 4-1!
He will start Defoe and Kanoute
He will sign van Bommel in Jan and sign Ledley onto a new contract

Personally I have honestly decided that, for me, the more I look at Jol, the more I see a manager with world-class potential. I have not found a flaw, yet! I think we went and got ourselves the next Wenger folks!

Bout fuckin time! COME ON YOU SPURS! YEEHAA!

4:09 AM, December 18, 2004

Anonymous Anonymous said...

May I also just add that the OOH LA LA ad on the front of the Spurs site offering the chance to shoot for a weekend in that the club giving Santini the finger or what!

Hahaha...sorry Jacques...our mistake lad...what were we thinking?! Bonjour!

4:32 AM, December 18, 2004

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just had a revelation...

Jol promising surprises...Arensen saying we could lose one of our stars...Beckham in poor form...

Becks will be swapped for King in the window...

Unlikely...but you never know...and Becks is a Spurs fan of old!

4:40 PM, December 19, 2004


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