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Friday, December 03, 2004

Blackburn Vs. Spurs

The Premiership is now back in focus after the disappointment of midweek. With a clutch of fixtures including relegation battlers such as Norwich, Southampton and Manchester City coming up Spurs need to view this period up to January as all very winable games. In fact Spurs HAVE to take something from all of them if we are not to be in a relegation battle for the remainder of the season.

I expect Jol to revert to a full strength side for the battle at Ewood Park. Robinson in goal with Atouba, Naybet Pamarot and hopefully King. If he doesn't make it I'd bring in Davenport but Gardner will probably get the nod as he is now fully fit. I hope Jol reminds Atouba that throwing / passing across your own area is just asking for trouble and we see no more of it.

Ricketts looked much better on Wednesday but after refusing to acknowledge the crowd as he walked round the pitch when subbed just sums up his lousy attitude and I look forward to the day he leaves. However, Davies is out because of his appalling form so is the only real option. This then allows Mendes to play in the centre. Partnering him is bound to be Jason Dozzell, oh sorry I mean Carrick. More forward passes please from him and some tackles as he looks too light weight for the holding player he is supposed to be. Come back Sean Davis, and quick! On the left will be the excellent Ziegler.

Up front will be Keane and Defoe. I'd take Keane's workrate any day over flashes of brilliance followed by mindless handballs and other useless rubbish from Kanoute. He will be on the bench.

I don't really care how Spurs play - pretty or ugly - but they must take at least a point to continue on the road to recovery. Three would be nice but with Blackburn unbeaten in five it will be tough.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

saw this article on another site----it was a reply to an article called 'we dont need wingers' (which we do)----- anyway it's the best analysis i've read of our squad for a long time, i hope mr rickman doesnt mind me tring to increase its readership numbers---- pass it on.

quality preview by the way.

here goes the results of last nights yids debate in the pub, which involved alot of peoples opinions who i respect, and a couple of nobs.....

Cant fault robinson, and i hope Kasey 'please dont kick it' is happy at those southampton tw*ts.

Pamarot is looking more and more like a centre back every time i see him, i cant imagine those big thighs scare the other team when they're coming forward.

king had a stink against the scum, but its great to see him as captain and regardless of recent form, daddy naybet has helped him mauture alot.

Naybet is for this season only

Gardner loses concentration too much.

my west ham brother said that davenport is a good person to have as naybet's replacement..... we'll see.

edman looks like a quality player and i nearly punched someone who accused him of being consistently cr*p, i think he's quality, but i can see him (&pam) giving away quite a few more penalties before this season is out.

atouba, i know he's young but he's all legs and tries to be ronaldo and doesnt seem to understand who he should be marking..... ever.

I like stephen kelly, especally coming forward, and ifil looks similarly special.

davis--- good defence protector---- but i'm worried that he's got a redknapp knee....... a move to everton falls through cause of a knee problem and already he's had 2 with us. worrying.

mendes-- good player, but has looked pissed off with Jol a couple of times--- anyone else notice that?

carrick---- off form? or over-rated..... saw him on the left for west ham a couple of times too....

ricketts- great in the reserves, quality but give him he only deserves a few more games to prove he's any good at this level

ziegler--- alot lies on im, but it is beautiful to see someone who can cross a ball to feet..... good lad.

si davies has lost his excitement and motivation and has adopted a pass it backwards rather than skin 'em approach.

Everyone loves michael brown's stamina and work rate, but mr 'elbows up' is not a first team premiership player...... 20 goals a season in division 1 but at best a squad player.

Jamie 'cant tackle' redknapp will probably leave in january for wolves or someone like that, beautiful passer of the ball, but not a better option than carrick--- even on his current form.

yeates deserves the same chance as ricketts atleast---- he honestly does.

i cant see marney ever cutting it at this level---- who knows his best postion too? right back at gillingham, centre mid for the reserves....

never seen spase dilevski play so i cant say anything about him.

JJ- not a left back and not a left mid cause he cant take anyone on..... if commitment wins prizes put him in, but it doesnt so dont..... bye bye in jan. sorry pal.

jermain--- silly booking but we all love him and hope he stays for a long time.

Kanoute---- someone stick a rocket up his ass. i still marvel at the way he brings balls down on his chest that most people would struggle to head, but he must be one of the most frustrating people to watch cause of his infamous seemingly lazy attitude.

Keane-- still plays selfishly as if he is a grade above the rest of the team, i realy hope i'm wrong, but he just doesnt seem to fit with the new tottenham 'family' that Jol and Arnesen are trying to create.

seen lee barnard a bit, and i like him alot. a real eye for the goal. i'd put him on the bench occaisionally.

slabber, good in the air but i'd bet he wont cut it, sad but we're not here to be nice.

edson silva---- currently looking like he may get an extension to his olive branch one year contract that frank offered him...... probably deserves it too.

feel sorry for bunjy, but he's another player without a position or a future in the premiership.

again, richards has had a rough time and some of you booing lot didnt help, but the 8million oil tanker doesnt look like he's got whatever he used to have.

would i buy reid? no...... not premiership standard again?
i'd buy that slightly headless chicken routledge though. and another wide mid player too.

i hope these points dont sound too opinionated, and anyone who i've been critical about still has my full backing when they're in white, and i'd be the first to hold my hands up if jol can drag any of them up to a real quality standard.

12:42 PM, December 04, 2004


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