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Monday, December 06, 2004

Gutter Press

Just logged onto News Now and saw two pathetic articles from the lazy journalists who get paid a wedge of cash to dream up complete rubbish! The Sunday People have rehashed an old story as they have sod all else to do about Defoe to Chelsea. Moaninhio has already stated he doesn't want him and Defoe has said he is happy to stay at Spurs. According to the "news" story Defoe was shocked that Keane was on more than him when we all know it was SPURS not Defoe who had started talking to him about upping his wages.

Fans FC are then at it today. Keane stated he wasn't happy that he was being subbed a lot but when Fans FC quoted him they missed out the bit about him saying that what mattered was the result not whether he comes off or not. However, Fans FC have now decided that this is a hint that he wants away from Spurs. WALOB! I will be mightily surprised if ANY of our strikers are sold, let alone Keane or Defoe.

Does anyone else find this lazy, poor, crap journalism infuriating?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Most of these gutter journos are gooners.A team that is building for the future doesnt sell its best players,they build a team around them.

7:20 PM, December 06, 2004

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cant see why they keep keane anyway, hes scored 2 goals in the leage or sumthin ridiculous this season. Why not buy a good striker who can head it so Jol ist tempted to throw on the rubbish of kanoute (another 2 goals in the league). Someone like bent from ipswich (ok he isnt really a target man) or beattie would be ideal, if beattie could revover his scoring touch

7:44 PM, December 06, 2004

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Take no notice of anything on Fan FC - it just churns out one line sories to attacts click throughs to it's site & therefore increase advertising revenue. Every story it posts is a rehash of something (or more usually nothing) that's appeared else where.

8:54 PM, December 06, 2004

Anonymous Anonymous said...

They keep him you illiterate moron as he has been our best player for the last three years. He is one of the few who can excite, and even get the crowd in the West Stand to get out of their seat.

Just one of his tricks is worth the entrance fee alone.

And yes I do find the lazy, poor, crap journalism infuriating, but having discovered News Now during the last January transfer window I realise that most of what is written is bollox anyway

9:05 PM, December 06, 2004

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gutter Press: Perfect response to some junk writing. Sunday People is just useless paper anyway. Oh by the way Martin Jol was an alien.... remember where you hear it first. THFC... where the real fans are. [Spurs fan from OrangeWorld WAP fourm]

9:14 PM, December 06, 2004

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who is fooled by this rubbish? Everyone knows Keane is a quality striker and at 24 he has his best years ahead of him. If Everton, Man City and Birmingham can supposedly see that then I am sure Jol can too.

12:11 AM, December 07, 2004

Anonymous Anonymous said...

what no-one mentions about the defoe-chelsea link is that a player can't move twice in tewlve months, and the anniversary of defoe's move falls a couple of days after the window ends!

12:53 AM, December 07, 2004

Anonymous Anonymous said...

blah blah blah blah blah, big balls - fanny hair!

12:58 AM, December 07, 2004


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