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Saturday, December 04, 2004

Two league wins on the Bounce for Spurs

Spurs continued to move in the right direction with a well earned victory at Blackburn. Robbie Keane hit the winner for his first goal in a while.

The first half was pretty even possession wise but Spurs had the better of the chances with Defoe going close twice. Blackburn rarely threatened and the only thing Dickov did was to earn himself a booking. In my opinion Dickov is a dirty disgrace and obviously paid a lot of attention while at the gooners.

In the second half Blackburn came out quickly and Robinson made a smart save from Gallagher. Spurs then picked up the pace a little and got going again. The goal came from a superb piece of work by Brown. He picked up the ball in our own half and ran through three challenges before finding himself to the left of the Blackburn area. He then played the perfect ball across for the incoming Robbie Keane to hit home for the first away goal in over 6 hours of football. It was a great move and Brown deserves a lot of credit for it. A bit later Keane went off which was disappointing as he worked tirelessly and was a clear Man of the Match for me. Hopefully this will give him a bit more confidence for the coming games.

Atouba continued to worry at left back. Many times I was hoping for a hoof away as things were looking dodgy but not with Atouba. At times what he did was very good but he was caught out at least twice and a better team than Blackburn would of punished us. Mendes looked wasted on the right and had a quiet game. Ziegler looked tired and gave the ball away too many times. Redknapp also came on for his first game in a few weeks and looked ok. Carrick failed to impress often watching the play go around him. He did play one great ball into Defoe but can we afford to play him for 90 minutes for one good pass?

Spurs decided to defend their lead for the last 15 minutes which was a little worrying as we haven't been good at defending anything in recent weeks. We gave Blackburn a lot of possession but the defense were able to clear any chances Blackburn created for themselves. There was one scary moment right at the end where Naybet gave away a free kick which was then moved to the edge of the area for decent. Luckily the free kick hit the wall and the whistle then blew.

So, Spurs achieve two wins on the bounce against a fellow struggler. It moves us away from trouble and towards a nice safe mid table position. We can't relax yet though as we have to make sure this winning run continue against the other rubbish in the Premiership like Manchester City next week.



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