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Monday, December 13, 2004

Hoddle denies Spurs interest.

Glenn Hoddle finally denied that he had spoken to a consortium about buying Spurs and sacking the whole management structure today. Hoddle said "I can assure you I have never sat down with any consortium." Thank goodness to be honest as the last thing we need at Spurs is more upheaval. If you look at the successful clubs in the Premier league (and not just the ones who have won it but have been in the top six say) they all have had managers who have been around for a long time. Wenger at Arsenal, Fergerson, Chelsea have Moaninhio but stuck with Raneri for a while. Houllier was at Liverpool for a few seasons and although didn't win the Premier League won three trophies in one season and finished in a Champions League place. This is what Spurs need, a manager who is actually given the time he needs. Obviously removing some managers in the past was the right decision such as Ardiles who was definelty on a downer and Hoddle if reports were true that he had lost the dressing room. George Graham's sacking though was a ridiculous PR stunt as Enic would never of been able to get rid of him had he won the FA cup and we can go right back to the days of Pleat where we were so close the winning the triple then rumors about his private life led to his dismissal.

So, Jol and Frank need time and lots of it. Next season could be another mid table nothing job but we should avoid the temptation to try something else again. I believe that only with time can Spurs be great once again.

The only thing that now irritates me about this whole affair is why did Glenn take so long to deny the story?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for a top post.

GH is history - his so called 'news' indicates why.

Come on you Spurs!

We love you Tottenham WE DO!

7:48 PM, December 13, 2004

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Why did Glen Hoddle take so long to deny the story?"

It was in the Sunday People in the morning and he denied it on TV in the afternoon.

Don't you think you're just a tad impatient?

10:40 AM, December 14, 2004

Blogger Paxton Road said...

My apologies, I did not realise he denied it that afternoon. I was uner the impression that he did not deny it when he had the chance.

5:11 PM, December 14, 2004

Blogger Ongar High Street said...

Spurs apparently want Joe Cole! lets not stop there... David James is probably available and I'm sure we could get Thomas Repka if we tried.... lets recreate the Hammers glory side of 2002!!!! (when I say glory, I meanit was glorious for me that they went down)

1:24 PM, December 16, 2004


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