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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Defoe rips pathetic Southampton apart.

Brilliant win and a good performance shoved Spurs up to seventh in the Premier League this weekend. It finally looks like Spurs will have a succssful Christmas period, almost unheard of.

Spurs did what they hadn't done in recent weeks and finsih teams off. Against Citeh and Blackburn Spurs took all the points but at 1-0 a team can always sneak something. At 5-1 Southampton never had a hope in hell of taking the points and that was the most pleasing aspect of the performance.

After the 'Boro game I wrote about how important it was to do well in the string of fixtures up to January 1st. The teams are all the rubbish in the Premier League and failure to take points form them would have seen Spurs in big trouble right now. However, I never imagined four wins on the bounce especially with difficult away fixtures which we always seem to screw up in. Four straight wins is our best run since 1995 and has really turned the season around. Full credit must be given to Jol especially as we have had a few difficult injries to Ziegler and Edman. Jol has really began to motivate the team is a style similar to Martin O'Neil. I was ridiculled by a few supporters back then but now even the press are making the link.

Kanoute's confidence is sky high, Brown is playing some of the best football in his career and even Carrick is starting to make a contribution. In fact, and you won't see me write this often, Kanoute and Carrick were a revalation for Tottenham yesterday and long may it continue. When I make the trip to Norwich come Boxing Day I will be quite happy if Kanoute partners Defoe with Carrick pulling the strings in the middle if they produce a similar performance as they did against SCBC.

However, we must not get carried away yet. Hopefully by Jan 1st Spurs will have seen off Norwich and Palace for 6 straight wins which is probably the best run since the double! Then it gets tough. Everton at home, Manchester United away and the Chelsea at the lane. We finsih January with an away trip to Palace and Spurs could be with one win in four so I'll hold off judgement on our progress until then. We will also see if Defoe and King are still at the Lane. I firmally believe they will be but remarks by Arnesen today could suggest otherwise. Chelsea could easily put in a "ridiculous offer" to prize Defoe away. Whether he would want to go and warm the bench is another matter but Spurs should be coming out and saying Sod Off to any offer, ridiculous or otherwise. If we are to make progress we should hold onto key assets whatever the cost. Money is all well and good but the replacememnts need to of the same quality and it's highly unlikely we would be able to get them and have money to spare to stregthen other areas. It makes no sense to sell any of our key players and if January ends with one or both gone then Spurs will never be great again.

Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy new Year from "The Shelf".



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Spurs are at a critical stage in the teams development. We finally have quality players through the spine of the team. Defoe could be the best spurs forward since Greaves. We were in a similar position 1995 and we failed to capitalise. Francis was not given the money to buy the extra quality to go forward. I hope if the board receive a ridiculus offer for Defoe or King they will be look back into history and see how well we coped when we sold Gazza, Hoddle and Waddle. The money is no use if we cannot attract similar quality replacements. In addition, the fans will not forgive the board if Defoe or King are sold and we buy inferior players. I would suggest the board use the money available to buy a wide right sided midfield player. At the end of the season if the supply to Defoe improves I feel we can get sneak into Europe. Then we could attract better quality players. If we sell any of our best players the board will have repeated the same error as before. Finally, I hope the board increase Defoe's pay to a level which reflects his valuation and contribution to the team. I can only hope I never have Defoe's advisor negotiate any contract for me. Defoe will propbably score as many goals this season as Keane(mis alot) and Kanute. Therefore, his pay should be nearer the level of the other strikers.

10:26 PM, December 19, 2004

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here here to all of the above. Fantastic win...more work to do. We are definitely the most exciting non-top five team (Manc/Arse/Chel/Newc/Pool) and should finish higher than Everton and Middlesbrough.

2 things:

Would have no problem with Van Bommel coming in...risky to rely on Brown and Carrick and Mendes...form may dip and lets face it, injury 'will' strike!

Need a right winger and a fourth striker...(have a genuine huntch that something could be set to happen ie Beckham for King etc? but have spoken to Santa about it and he assures me we have at least three folks coming in before Feb...and no stars departing.

Personally SWP I reckon is the overall best bet plus best get him before the scum do...

Also fancy us to nick Morientes off Liverpool...and yes I reckon we even have the edge over fringe top five clubs like the pool...Arnesen is a god on the continent and Jol is clearly just about to hit it large with Spurs...

Also...I predicted 4-1 on this site and put my money where my mouth is and bet a tenner on that 25-1 if I ever see Robbie Keane I am gonna kick im in the baubles! Lovely to win 5-1 but 4-1 was bloody good enough for me....git!

Wins v Palace and Norwich now to make it a great end to a promising year for Spurs.


7:34 AM, December 20, 2004

Anonymous Anonymous said...

3 encouraging articles:

The article below has Arneson hinting that we will only sell if a player is unhappy and judging by the above articles we can expect Defoe and King to be at Spurs come February 1st.

I honestly think that all our playing staff are enjoying the way the team are permforming and can see the change that is happening at Tottenham and because of that, they all want to be a part of getting us back up there.

9:55 AM, December 20, 2004

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i was there

12:28 PM, January 13, 2005


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