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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Robbed by the worst ref decision EVER!

After a hard battling performance by the Spurs team with the clock ticking down Mendes saw Carroll off his line and hit a hopeful shot from almost the half way line. Carroll had it covered but fumbled the ball THREE, YES THREE YARDS, over his line. (See picture below if you don't believe me). Cue much jumping up and down and screaming in my living room. But wait, what's this I hear you cry! The goal has not counted. What? Why? The ref made his decision clear as he walked off the pitch at the end.

Quote: "The ball did not cross the line"


An incredibly bad, atrocious decision has stolen two points off Spurs and I just hope that those two points don't prove crucial in qualifying for Europe come the end of the season.

Spurs started the game brightly but United were always dangerous even with Giggs limping off after 30 minutes or so. However the defense was well organised by King and Naybet and the off side trap was working well. As the game wore on Smith got less and less of the ball. The start of the second half saw United take the game by the scruff of the neck and Tottenham couldn't get hold of the ball. When they did the passing was sloppy putting pressure back on us resulting in what was almost an awful own goal by Pamarot but we got away with it. Confidence is high in the team though and we worked our way back into the game with Carrick in excellent form. I take all my criticism of him from earlier in the season back after today's performance and another performance like that against Chelsea will be needed in two weeks time. And then came the moment above before Robinson made the save of the match from an excellent free kick from Heinze.

Before the game I would of taken a point but on tonight's showing we were the winners - even Fergie said so and the question now must be asked about Rob Lewis, the linesman who made the worst decision of his life. If I made such a bad decision in my career I would probably be picking up my P45 tomorrow. The same should happen to Lewis, who is not fit to be linesman for my school under 11's team, let alone in the Premiership.

However, we now have 4 points from the last two games against 4th and 3rd in the Premiership. I don't want to get over excited still and strengthening of the team is still necessary during this transfer window plus we must say no to offers for King and Defoe but could this actually be Spurs turning the corner......



Anonymous Anonymous said...

12:21 AM, January 05, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You aint wrong.
Me and my boys were jumping up and down for a good minute before we looked in dis-belief.

I've given so much abuse to Man U supporters bus coming back to London in aint true.

Guess what....NO REPLIES!

We were totally robbed and that ref don,t need glasses


What do we have to do? Get 2 balls in the net at the same time?

It's a JOKE!

reply if you like to

12:27 AM, January 05, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really think its unfair to criticise this ref so much he must of been tired and not able to run fast and the lines man looked to be slightly overweight probably had a better christmas than most of us. I think the ref had a great game and was always in control of the match, right from the off infact I really dont think he missed a thing , he consulted with his linesman on many occasion and he too showed his worth. Spurs were not robbed just slightly violated.

12:58 AM, January 05, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The above kn*b must be a Red Manc! No other explanation for the defending of a dunce!

1:03 AM, January 05, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Only at Old trafford could this happen. This ref has denied us of 6th place tonight
I think all the boys played well tonight & agree that
Ledders was man of the match but it was well close between him & robo, & praise to for Reto Ziegler
he seems to improve with every game & now that pedro has got the taste for goals i think we'll be seeing many more from him in the future.

1:13 AM, January 05, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ray Lewis should be sacked. Linesmen should be honest and reliable.

1:36 AM, January 05, 2005

Blogger KennyM said...

Refereeing 101.

1. Drawn between the post is a straight white line.

2. If a goalkeeper dives over this line, into the net, to grab the ball.....then the ball must have already crossed the line.

3. This law still applies even if you, the ref, are fifty yards away.

4. You do not need a "video ref", or a linesman actually!, to work this out. If you do you are a dickhead.

Yeah.......he was a Fu##ing dickhead!!!!

Well played lads!!...a great performance I thought....worked hard to keep them scoreless and wait for the opportunity to score on the counter....shame you was cheated out of the points by a dickhead!

Loved the shots of how close all the boys were after the game.......they won't let this tosser stop us getting to europe!! C'mon you Spurs!!!

4:21 AM, January 05, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rooney gets done by video, why can't video be used? Give us the points, we scored!! Carrol ended up in the back of the net, how thick does the linesman/ref think the goal line markings are at the theatre of nightmares... Fergason is a twat, if the shoe was on the other foot, he'd of been gobbing off at the ref at full time?? Red nosed bastard!!

6:16 AM, January 05, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its hard to take, but full marks to Martin Jol for the dignity of his reply: "I can't call it a disgrace, because I do understand (how the mistake could be made)." Compare to Fuckerson: "Everyone's going on about that goal, but we should have had a penalty ..." Not this time, arseface.

7:17 AM, January 05, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The goal was the biggest sign of the officials cheating but the ref was at it all the way through.

What about Marneys booking for nothing? Why did Heinze not get sent off for bitch slapping Ricketts then Keane and why did we not get a Penalty for the slap on Keane?

Cheats have got to be on Fergusons pay roll. But to top it all we would have gone 6th and just a point behind Liverpool

7:27 AM, January 05, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was a very good performance from the lads and we were unfortunate not to win with everyone outstanding but...A point is a point and if it wasn't for King and Robinsons sterling efforts it could only have been a consolation goal with Naybet's near own goal and the amount of chances utd missed..A fit Nistelrooy would have punished those little lapses. Lets be happy for a point and not whinge like us Spurs supporters always do

8:43 AM, January 05, 2005

Blogger Steve.K said...

I see comments across different sites calling for the points to be awarded to Spurs. The video panel is used to ban players like in the case of Rooney missing the game. There is no reason why the FA can't stand up and be counted and make a decision. Man U fans may complain but I can't see anyone else complaining. The FA should at least make the Ref release a statement over the incident, as this is one of the worst decisions of all time. As even Ferguson has come out and said that he could see the ball cross the line and he was further away then both linesman and the Ref. I’m just off to email the FA because if they get enough emails from disgruntle fans they may just make a statement for a change and not just hide away and wait for things to blow over. To finish well done the lads, this was well earned point, the whole team is playing and fighting for each other.

9:51 AM, January 05, 2005

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

dunno why but for any team to win at old trafford other than man united mus be a flippin miracle! i mean look what happened to the Arse? hahaha...but still its out of order the ref saw the goal he jus didnt giv it. Every decision at old trafford goes man u's way its jus like how anfield used to be. impossible to win there, and thats no coincidence......

10:13 PM, January 06, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

spurs suck.. didnt deserve the goal,,

5:04 AM, August 01, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

spurs suck.. didnt deserve the goal,,

5:05 AM, August 01, 2006


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