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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Spurs Vs. Chelsea

On Saturday the Burberry wearing Chavs of West London will make their way to the home of football WHL. Most will come carrying on about our unenviable record against the Blues with our last home win back in 1987. Considering most of the Chelsea fans have only started supporting the team in the last 5 years means we should ignore the jibes. "Where were you when you were shit?" should be our response.

Anyhow, Spurs go into this game with one of our best chances of beating Chelsea since the 5-1 drubbing a few years back. It won't be easy and is probably our hardest home fixture of the whole season but if we can go to Old Trafford and win and get a credible 0-0 at Stamford Bridge why can't we turn them over at White Hart Lane.

The back line will have the excellent Robinson in goal with Naybet recalled to partner King. Pamarot and Edman will be the full backs. These four will be key to success against Chelsea. With one up front and Lampard, Duff and Robben pushing on they will need to make sure they are well organized. Naybet may lack pace but his organizational skills win him a place on Saturday. Any slight slip up from these four will leave us wide open.

I expect Brown and Carrick to be the middle pairing. Ziegler will be on the left and will need to get forward whenever he gets the chance to pressurise the Chelsea back four. Mendes will probably play right side. Although he is far better in the middle he will need to support the middle two against Lampard and Makeleli as well as protecting Pamarot. Up front will be Defoe and one other. Kanoute may be fit and if he is I would start with him. It provides as with a bit of a target man who can hold up the ball and challenge Terry in the air.

Whatever team plays it is going to be a tough game. Chelsea have a world class squad and I expect them to have bought, sorry, won the Premier League come May. However we are a greatly improved side even since we took a well earned point at The Bridge in September. We have every chance of taking at least a point and even all three if we can frustrate the service to the wide men and the lone striker. It would also shut up that smug Moaninhio. Whatever happens get behind the lads on Saturday.



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