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Friday, December 16, 2005

Middlesborough Vs. Spurs.

Spurs go up to 'Boro for a 1:30pm clash on Sunday. Who thinks of these great kick off times for one of the longest journey's you would have following Spurs around the country is beyond me but I assume it is Sky who have suddenly decided to show us.

Hopefully more than the pathetic 9,000 or so fans will turn up at 'Boro on Sunday - a completely useless attendance - European football is wasted on this lot and Spurs need to put in a good performance to further our own European aspirations. 'Boro will be tired from their European exploits on Thursday although they rested some key players.

Tainio is the only doubt so I expect Routledge to come in for him. In theory this shall add some width to the midfield but he played very central on Monday night so I would prefer Lennon who will stick to the right wing like glue and should help to terrify the 'Boro back four. This will also allow Jenas to move back into the middle where he is far more effective. Jermaine Defoe showed us what he is capable of with a great strike against Portsmouth which would have also boosted his confidence. Keane dropped deep but didn't look fantastic so I would recall Defoe for this one. I expect the rest of the team to be unchanged.

Lawro Lawro Predicts has predicted a defeat for Spurs on Sunday as we are "soft" away from home. So "soft" in fact that we have lost one game away from home all season and only failed to score once away from home all season, where in fact we had a perfectly good goal ruled outside for "offside" so we could just as easily be unbeaten on our travels. What we need to do then to be called "good" away from home is beyond me but I hope we go and show Lawro that he is talking out of his arse.

'Boro have had some great results at home but some awful ones as well. With no clean sheets at The Riverside since August I hope that Spurs put on the performance necessary to take all three points and complete our second "double" this season.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I often see a pattern with Lawro's predictions. Usually he just goes straight in with a spurs defeat but even on the odd occassion we are predicted a draw or (I must stress, this is very rare) a win, his comments are less than encouraging. Always nice to prove him wrong anyhow.


6:55 PM, December 16, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lawro is just trying to run down potential threats to his beloved Liverpool who he raves about every week despite their run being against terrible teams

And of course he neglects to mention that Boro have conceded over a goal a game at home whereas Spurs have conceded under a goal a game away

7:25 PM, December 16, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boro dont bother me at all, there a pretty decent team they have some good players but I still think were capable of getting something from the game. All going well it will be three points so hopefully. With regard to Lawro , hes obviously talking through the but-end of his behind he just doesnt like Tottenham full stop basically so F;ck him anyway and all the other begrudgers. Any man and his dog can see we have potentially a very good team who at this presnet moment are the fourth best team in the league fact ( see league table Lawro it doesnt lie my friend )I for one am sick of the same teams winning things year in year out, and any one trying to break this mould are scorned upon if it suits the so called pundits, although I respect their achievements but it does bother me when someone slates Tottenham for the sake of it as presently we are very good ( see league table Lawro )I mean fair is fair if were not performing on the pitch fair enough abuse is warranted and should be dished out accordingly. But if we are doing the business as we are at the moment ( see league table Lawro ) its totally unacceptable to be slated for the sake of it and quite simply can only be attributed to one of two things , childeshness or the greeen eyed monster..which one is it Lawro?? probably a bit of the two combined me thinks....

8:19 PM, December 16, 2005

Blogger chris said...

lawro is a complete twat y the him and hansen are still allowed to work for the bbc is beyond me they never EVER have a good word to say against spurs and the players or many other teams to be honest, its a good job that gary lineker presents it otherwise it would be scousers of the day all they wanna talk about is f.cking liverpool and this amazing run of games they have actually won!! how about they talk about when liverpool got dicked at fulham just before this run and how up until now the spurs reject has looked like a lanky streak of piss oh yeah and not to mention there slap at the hands of PALACE in there favourite domestic cup comeptition...Naaa they just brush that under the carpet...Is it just me or do all former liverpool players who are now pundits talk complete and utter shit spackman/lawro/hansen/phil "cock nose" thompson and dalglish now and again?

Spurs on sunday to win 2-1 and lawro to bury his head up his arse !

8:48 PM, December 16, 2005

Anonymous Mikkee56 said...

The thing that bothers me about Spurs performance is the letting in of a goal in the first 35 minutes and at times having to wait until the second half before
scoring.This has happenned several times this season.I hope it does not happen again on sunday.

10:28 PM, December 16, 2005

Anonymous CrowingCock said...

Lawro/Hansen know naff all about naff all. Facts: Boro are blowing hot n cold and are average. Spurs, consistent, attack minded and hello 4th in Premier League. We will win it cos we want to win it! What did Lawro/Hansen do on their own, exactly. Nuff said.

11:18 PM, December 16, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

dont get curled up about that wanker lawro, he takes it up the batty anyway...were're gonna get all 3 points against boro' on sunday,although it seems we play terrible when ever we have any televised matches anyone agree?

11:44 PM, December 16, 2005

Anonymous FERNANDO said...

This is the biggest game of our season so far and surely the platers are aware of it. Win and we are seven points clear of the scum as i expect chelsea to dick all over them. Lose and bolton could start reeling us in again.Dont think we usualy perform up there but this team is unrecognisable from teams of yester year. As for that cunt lawro.He harps on about how wonderful liverpool are but i would only have gerrard in our team from there group of players.ON ANOTHER ISSUE, WHATS WITH THIS WORD VERIFICATION

9:15 AM, December 17, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mark Lawrenson suck puppy dogs willies, and Alan HAnsen come to think of it too.

10:59 AM, December 17, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

How dare you call Mark Lawrenson all these vulgar names. You football thugs are all the same. However, I do agree with the majority of you when you suggest that he is a cunt of the first order and knows fuck all about the modern game. Anyone for a fight?

11:02 AM, December 17, 2005

Blogger Paxton Road said...

Word Verification stops Spam adverts.

11:42 AM, December 17, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

LG electronics are considering sponsoring us next season. Another RED logo on the shirt....

2:52 PM, December 17, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gotta be camera shy our boys...whenever we are live on sky we play awfull!!!!

3 points and a scrappy game on Sunday.

11:30 AM, December 18, 2005


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