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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Reasons to be optimisitc

For the second successive season Spurs have finished pre-season unbeaten and that can only bode well for the forthcoming campaign. People say that pre-season is meaninless and in a way they are right. Wins don't accumulate points and there is a large amount of squad rotation. However it must do the confidence of the players the world of good to beat quality opposition such as Sociedad. Bordeaux, Nice, Inter Milan and record a credible draw against Dortmund. It also allows the new players such as Berbatov to settle in with his new team mates. Now look back to the days of Francis and Hoddle when we would tour the Scandinavian countires picking up lousy results with lousy performances - how can that help preperations for a Premiership campaign? It hinders rather than helps and is the reason why a good pre-seaosn showing is vital for a good Premiership start.

The opening three fixtures are all winnable. Spurs should be aiming for fifth place at least and with a couple of wins this season against top four teams will see us challenge for fourth again. Not being able to beat the top four in the last two seasons makes it hard for us to close the gap for us to sneak a CL place and this must be a priority during the fourth coming campaign. It is about time we beat the scum again and is Liverpool really that much better than we are?

The transfer market has been another productive one for Spurs. Berbatov has arrived and has scored some good goals during pre-season and we have to hope this form continues on Staurday and beyond. Zokora joined after an excellent world cup and the new nippy right back looks good business. Screwing £18 million out of United was another good deal. I would have preferred Carrick to stay but once he had asked to go we had to extract the maximum fee possible for him. Now that money is buring a hole in Levy's back pocket we need to continue to strengthen. With just over 2 weeks of the transfer window to go a left winger has to be a priority and will be bad business if we leave this position under strength for another season. We may have to pay a little more than we were hoping to but if it is the difference between fourth and fifth or cup success then the outlay will be worth it.

Going back to pre-season form our first game of the season will be against Bolton, who have had a wretched few games. Fat Sam has had limited money and found it difficult to improve his side in time for the new season and thye have a stack of injuries. However, as all Spurs fans know, a trip to the Reebok is never easy and will be a tough test. Everyone wants a good start and I feel we have enough about us to see off Bolton on Saturday.

Robbie Keane is injured so I expect the line up to be Robinson in goal with Dawson and Gardner / Davenport in front of him. Beniot will be on the left with Lee on the right or vice versa. Lennon will be wide right with Zokora and Jenas central. Davids is almost certain to start on the left with Berbatov up front alongside Defoe. With only three strikers expect Barnard to be on the bench highlighting another area that could do with a bit of investment before September 1st.

See you in Bolton!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agree, that we should aim for the CL. We can catch Liverpool and hopefully Arsenal. Though I think the gunners would have enough financial muscles as Man U from this season onwards.

Our realistic target is Liverpool and we have to watch out for Newcastle.

A side chat...Paul Jewell thinks he can outsmart Levy by calling the bluff that Chimbonda price will go up.

If Jewell thinks he can understand the financial implication if he don't sell Chimbonda as we did to Carrick, he will find chimdonda value decreasing exponentially with every transfer window.

Stick to football Jewell, you can't beat Levy at this game.

4:29 PM, August 15, 2006

Anonymous Englands No2 said...

I agree with you anon 4:29

Jewell does not seem to understand that as a player runs down their contract that their value actually decreases. Although he has recently signed a new contract in January, if Chimbonda is unsatisfied with the club then he will become a problem and may have to be ship out to avoid further problems within the club. And we get him on the cheap!!


4:41 PM, August 15, 2006

Anonymous Darryl Hockings said...

It is my first year with a season ticket but unlike the majority of Spurs fans I am not feeling too optimistic....looking at our transfer activity especially.

Last year we limped to fifth position in the end, we have straight replacements for Mido and Carrick in Berbatov and Zokora, with the added bonus of a new left back to strengthen one of our weaker areas. However I still see the same problems we faced BEFORE last season, we are terribly imbalanced (I was at the Sociedad game and it seems to me that we performed in just the way we did when we struggled to kill off mediocre sides last term) and we are crying out for 'big man' cover up front.

In short we have long needed a fourth striker (unless Barnard gets a run and Dawson stops launching long diagonals) and the left wing position must be filled to prevent us being so one-dimensional. We have lost creativity with Carrick going and Keane out and while we are still grinding out some brilliant results we need to make more clear cut chances if we want to test the top four out.

4:46 PM, August 15, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice to see The Shelf broadcasting again - too many poor blogs out there!

My real concern about Carrick leaving is that MJ built his team around him - everything went through Carrick. He was always there to collect the short pass that got us out of trouble and to move on. I would like to think Zokora was bought knowing he would leave, but I suspect he was more a replacement for Davids.

Who will we play through now? Bring on the Season - I've missed my Spurs!!

5:19 PM, August 15, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have concerns that Davids seems to have a major part for the coming season. In my view, I thought for second half of last season, his performances were a liability. He has lost pace, has poor distribution and struggles to keep up with play.

I do hope we find a ready made left sided player, who has pace, creativity and power. If not, then our creative options for next season are limited and will prove a hurdle against the likes of Bolton etc.

5:42 PM, August 15, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Going off the subject totally here, has anyone got an idea as to who will captain the team v Bolton?

We all know King is out for a few weeks and with Keane missing aswell i was just curious as to who will lead the team out first game?

Robbo? Davids? .......DAWSON !!

Hope it's Dawson, future Spurs captain in the making (albeit not as long as Ledders is there though)

And hopefully he will get a run out v Greece.

Anyone see Englands 'new' captain get exposed (once again) at the weekend?!! Best CB in the country MY ARSE......Ledley ALL DAY LONG!

Steve Gerrard - Captain of England (at least he's assured of his place)

4 more days, cant wait


6:15 PM, August 15, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think its time for a reality check, lets face it last season we played only two cup games last year that allowed us to have a good league run. This year we should expect to have a good run in all three cup competitions as is our history. Now lets look at the squad all the buys are quality but is the squad big enough, Keane is injured who have we to replace one of the other two if they are injured or off form. Midfield is still a worry no real quality at left side and who could replace Jenas...Murphy? At the back the full backs are covered Lee can play both side Ekotto looks quality but what about the centre backs, Davenport has done alright with Dawson but another suspension or injury and we,re looking at tug boat Tony. Barry would be a great signing can play at centre back or left side, Mido would be welcome back....Are we strong for a European tour, Cup success and catching the top four. Disagree with comments above Liverpool will be the team to catch this season.

6:58 PM, August 15, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"In my view, I thought for second half of last season, his performances were a liability. He has lost pace, has poor distribution and struggles to keep up with play."

Injury will do that to players

7:22 PM, August 15, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That harry hotspur fella is back alright - hope nobody minds me putting this up, but he's done a good send up of the duff move and the ars*wank tickets...ntpkc

7:23 PM, August 15, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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7:29 PM, August 15, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come On - what are you guys like. Remember were we have come from the last 15 years!!!

I think we have reasons to be optimistic. all our young up and coming players have 1 more year experience together which will only make us stronger, some with extra experience at world cup level this summer which only bodes well. we have signed some good players in the window that i believe will be an improvement on the ones we have lost. and the team in the main is still together for another season which helps them develop as a unit.

robbo and cerny are great keepers.

davenport has played very well whenever i have seen him in a spurs shirt and i think is up to the job, so with him, dawson, and the king we are well covered there. we also have the U21 french CB who will obviously be a good prospect to come through too.

full backs are covered, three good quality players cover two positions, and before you all get on stalteri's back, that was his and lee first season so give them a chance!

lennon and routledge can cover our wing play either side at the same time if the oposition permits, and hopefully we can add a good left winger in the mix.

centre mid is competitive as ever at spurs with Huddlestone, Tainio, Zokora, Davids, Jenas and Ghaly providing a wide array of different talents.

strikers well we have defoe on fire with his shooting boots back on, Berby will adapt and i am sure be a hit, and Robbie Keane will no doubt get better and better.

get shot of gardner, reid and murphy though - not upto scratch i am afraid!

BUT - add to the fact that we have loads more young potential in the wings, plenty of dosh and a fan base that cannot wait to support them then whats not to look forward to (apart from a long overdue win over the chavs and the goons!)

Chaps - i cannot wait to see how they do as i think we will be even stronger and do better than ever in the prem!

Prediction P.L 06/07 - 1 - Chelsea, 2 -Liverpool, 3 - Man Utd, 4 - Spurs, 5 - Arse. and we will win a cup this year, hopefully UEFA!!!


Surrey Yid

7:43 PM, August 15, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

anyone watching Wales vs Bulgaria.

Berbatov looks shit hot!!!!!

8:18 PM, August 15, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

had enough of this blog. with our current squad every game is winnable so what's the point in saying the first three are winnable? we are playing on sunday, not saturday. and the new right back is in fact a left back.

8:54 PM, August 15, 2006

Blogger Paxton Road said...

Erm Bolton Vs Spurs PPV Saturday 17:15......

11:43 PM, August 15, 2006

Blogger SpursMadEric said...

For those complaining that we are weaker, have no depth, can't beat top 4 etc too many games to do as well again..... and the one who said we limped into 5th ... what crap
Take a look at last year, We outplayed the Scum for 65-70 mins in each game and were unlucky not to be 3-0 up at half time at the lane. We outplayed Mancs at the Lane and only made two mistakes, although they cost us. Harry Kewel scored his first goal for two years, a stunning unstopable volley, apart from that we had the best chances to win that game. We drew with Liverpool and the Mancs in the other games, and if Gallas hadn't scored th goal of his life we would of taken a point of Chelski... in fact Jenas had a great chance to put us 2-1 up.
Mido's red card and the lack of Essien getting red after pulling Davids down (who would of been through on goal) decided that game.
So I don't think it's all doom and gloom, the luck must turn our way soon (Mendes half way line season before is an example of bad luck)
We were robbed of a point at Bolton (Defoe was onside) and sill mistakes (which I am sure we have learnt from) cost us points in the last minute Fulham, West Spam, Sunderland and previously mentioned Chelski...
Also Food poisoning did us no favours on the last day.....

Depth::::: Huddlestone is a very capable, skillfull, hard tackling excelent passer of the ball, as is Hossam Ghaly (both looked awesome v Milan) They can fill a more foward Carrick style role, Huddlestone can also cover at CD, Benoit Assou-Ekotto is one of the best left backs I have seen at the Lane, with Zeigler as cover and Lee in emergencies, Lee will generaly play right back with cover in Phil Ifil, and emergency Routledge.
Last season we had Mido up front as the only big man, well Berbatov looks much better all round, plus he wont dissapear in January. Barnard deserves a chance after his record in the reserves and looked good when coming on at the back end of last season.

Good Cup run will breed success and confidence, playing on a regular basis is better for a team, I believe we were overtaken by the Goons because of the fact they had European games and League games piling up. Having a week to rest did nothing for our sharpness.

We have 3 quality keepers
4 Central Defenders plus huddlestone and Dervite if needed
2 left backs plus Lee and Dervite
3 right backs plus Routledge and dervite can play there
2 right sided midfielders, plus Davids, Jenas and Murphy can play there
Central midfield we have Zakora, Davids, Jenas, Huddlestone, Murphy, Ghaly, Tainio, and Robbie Keane can drop in the hole
Ok so Left Midfield is a problem, but Jenas, Tainio, Davids, Routledge and Zeigler can all play there.
Up front Berbatov who will I think make a huge impact, Keaneo who needs no introduction, and Defoe who had his confidence shattered by Erikson when told to do more outside the box, then he changed England to 4-5-1 with Rooney up front with Owen banned, then put Rooney in midfield when Owen was back.
JD is a confidence player, and this season given his chance he will prove his quality.
Barnard must be chomping at the bit, he scores for fun (4 this week) and hoards in reserves last year.

It isn't all doom and gloom, Bolton have problems with injuries, and when we play the Mancs, Rooney, Scholes and possibly Carrick will be missing (if he's fit, it will be his first game) If we can take 6 points from these two games, that will be 5 more than last year.

The Goons have lost Bergkamp, Judas, Pires and looks like A. Cole will be going, possibly Reyes and all they have signed is Rosiky.
Mancs without Van Nistleroy will be weaker, not sure Carrick will fit into their system. He is certainly no Roy Keane.

Get behind our Spurs, 3rd or 4th place, good cup runs with a Semi-Final in one cup and a Cup win (possibly U.E.F.A. Cup) Have faith.

12:51 PM, August 16, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The fact is we did,nt win those games, we did lose those late points etc etc etc. Everyone is missing the point that we only played 2 cup games last season, we could potentially play 15 this season. Keane is already injured and we have no back up for him Barnard isn,t experience enough yet.

6:39 PM, August 16, 2006

Anonymous Vinny said...

I agree with anon 6.39, we need that extra forward as insurance against injury. I would take preferably Mido if he wanted the back-up striker job, if not maybe go for David Nugent who is young, did well for England U21's could be good for about a 3m investment. How comes Barnard was not even selected by the England 21's when he was eligible?. Anyway, guess we wont know till he gets more games, but in light of us trying to qualify for the champs league, think it would be a cheap mistake to rely on Barnard as back-up, when we can sign other adequate back up for about 3 million, use the Reid money even. Barnard could still be played in all our FA and Carling Cup games to test his progression first before big Prem and UEFA games.

7:57 PM, August 16, 2006


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