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Friday, December 29, 2006

Quiet Transfer Window Ahead.

Title says it all really. According to the reliable sources on FTL there will be little action over the Januray transfer window with the main priority being a long term centre half as we feel short of cover if King was injured. The words "long term" are a little worrying though. Does this mean that if the Chavs do decide they want to partner King and Terry together next season we shall meekly roll over and let our one true star player leave? I have said it before that we cannot sell the cream of the crop and I hope even silly money is turned down if a bid was made for King. It is all very well recieveing £20 million plus in cash but you will never get a replacement as good. Lennon and King are both irreplaceable. Carrick was another issue. While a good player, we had Huddlestone waiting and plenty of midfield cover. We missed him early on but now his absence is noticed less and less. Selling Carrick for £18 million was a good deal. Selling Lennon or King for the same would not be.

Apart from a centre half a couple of young players may be coming in. Wether this means Bale from Southampton I don't know but apparently Tarbarat is a done deal. I know almost nothing about him I have to admit but I hear he can play on the left but is still very young.

Apart from that there does not appear to much on. The club is still peddling the line that if the right player comes along at the right price we shall go for him but it doesn't happen in January does it.



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