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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Levy fails Spurs

It beggers belief that at the end of the transfer window Spurs have made a profit on transfers and have seriously weakened a key part of the team in the process of lining Levy's and Enic's pockets but that is exactly what has happened.

Yes Levy was left in a difficult position when both Keane and the new judas both demanded to leave but failing to replace 50 goals between them is going to make our season difficult. While he was willing to screw every penny out of United at the expense of team moral and a good start to the season he was not willing to spend the profits. Thus we are left with Bent, the fourth choice from last season, an unproven Russian who is cup tied in Europe and a loan signing for our strike force. A disgraceful situation to go from the best strikeforce in the league to one of the worst in 3 months.

Now the Levy apologists are already defending him but this is not an excusable offense and unfortunatly we all know the true reason behind it all. GREED. Yep, that's right. Over the last couple of years Enic has been using a share preference scheme to up their share holding on the cheap. Using this scheme their holding in Spurs has increased from 30% to around 80% enabaling them to increase their holdings on the cheap. Suddenly last season Spurs decided to pay a dividend, the first for years taking £6 million or so out of the club and thus away from the transfer kitty. I'm sorry, had we qualified for the Champions League? No but Enic did own most of the club and thus benefited the most from the dividend payment.

And now this is happening again. While we are fleeced at the turnstyle Levy is making a fat profit for his next dividend payment.

Time to go Daniel, your time is up.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a load of bullshit, sorry mate but what world class players want to come to spurs at the moment? None.
You can't blame Levy for that, unsettled players and a poor start to the season.
Keane wanted to go.
Berbatov wanted to go.
What was he supposed to do? Keep two players at the club who dont want to play for the club?
We got way more money than Keane was worth and I am glad we didn't get Arshavin as I feel he is no way worth the money that was mentioned. The only bad bit of business this season was sending Pekhart on loan, big mistake with the amount of firepower we have at the moment.
But sorry, you cannot suddenly turn on a chairman who has been consistently firm and loyal to the club, he may not be the best chairman in the world but he's definitly not the worst.

6:09 PM, September 02, 2008

Anonymous ParkLane67 said...

Time to go Daniel ?????? Who would you prefer to replace him
Gillette, Shinawatra or perhaps Ridsdale or Scholar? OK we're all a little disappointed at how the transfer window ended, but we still managed some good spending early on. You need to get some perspective. This is one of the best managed clubs in the world and this is the best board we've had in 40 years - Be careful what you wish for.

6:11 PM, September 02, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

For all his bluster though he still let united off the hook

6:12 PM, September 02, 2008

Anonymous UnhappyJack said...

I agree, Levy runs a tight ship. profit over success

and he will probably get a pat on the back from the board. A profit!

But until we take some risks and try and sign the top class players not Utd reserves we will never challenge the top 4.

Levy OUT>

6:13 PM, September 02, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

what a pile of shit! Levy has always backed every manager with loads of money, and has from two arseholes who wanted to leave ensured we got massive money, which i am sure will be spent

6:14 PM, September 02, 2008

Blogger Vic said...

I have never been completely sold on Levy etal, but you can't lay the blame on him for 2 strikers that refused to stay. We did very good business this summer except for the striker position and Keane was a complete blindside and I think Ramos was hoping to keep Berbatov but it didn't work out. So we have until January to figure out whether the trio we have can cut it. I think they can. Pav is pure class. Bent is motivated beyond belief. Who knows about Campbell (horrible name)but Hull were sufficiently impressed to be willing to part with 7M. Let's be happy that we have improved our squad and forget the transfer window until the next circus comes to town in January. In the meantime COYS.

6:23 PM, September 02, 2008

Anonymous dRb said...

What utter rubbish.

We've spent massive amounts year on year and have broken even this time because Levi made the best of a bad situation and got good money for want-aways.

We have a team now that would play last seasons squad off the field...

6:25 PM, September 02, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So short-sighted... There was no way we could sign a new striker without knowing how much money we were going to get and whether we knew if we were going to get it (in reference to Berbat-off). If we look at the transfer window as a whole, we have made vast improvements in every department, granted except for up front. And even there Bent and Pavyluchenko aren't exactly terrible forwards, and with the creativity we have added behind them (Bentley, Modric, Dos Santos) we won't be short of goals.

We got well over the odds for the likes of Keane, Malbranque, Tainio, Chimbonda and Kaboul. That was all down to Daniel Levy, and I do mean all down to him. He calls the shots with regards to prices. And considering Man Ure originally bid £22m for Berbs, I think we need to take our hat off to him for squeezing an extra £9m out of them!

On the financial side, we are one of the most financially stable sides in the country. No significant debts, we own our stadium, we're not crippled by wages. In case you didn't realise it, we are also a plc. This gives us our source of funds and so what if they take a dividend for the privilege, good on them. It only goes to prove that we're a good investment and a well run club.

Would you prefer it if we had some dodgy billionaire swan in, buy loads of players offer them loads of money and then just did one when he got bored?

If you don't like the way the club is run and want instant success at the long term expense of the club, go support Chelski or Man Sheikhy. I for one (and I know I am not alone) fully support Daniel Levy and am grateful for the work he has done to date. I hope he is with us for a very long time.

6:26 PM, September 02, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pratt... you have no idea! thank you Mr Leavy

6:30 PM, September 02, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come on... Levy have sacked managers who don't give us results, hired the best we could get, given them close to a 100m£ in funds to new players... We are the winners of this transfer window... We have strenghten where we have been shouting for the last 4 seasons, and we now have a stron midfield and strong defence and a great keeper... Levy has been great for us, now he should focus on getting a new stadium and training ground!

6:38 PM, September 02, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a mug you are!! Next you will be wanting Sugar to come back!!!! Cast your mind back mate and you will see we are all the better for Mr Levy and Enic.

6:40 PM, September 02, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You knob jockey!

6:41 PM, September 02, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't care what people are saying, these players are becoming bigger than the clubs. The need a good kicking to remind them how damn lucky they are!

If you sign a contract you honour it, end of story.

6:42 PM, September 02, 2008

Blogger douglas said...

Tottenham Hotspur is a Plc... You can't run it to 'line your own pockets', it has to be run to the benefit of all shareholders.

Part of that benefit is the ongoing success of the club both on and off the field... So it is actually counter-productive to Daniel Levy's pockets to see the club asset stripped.

Nobody courted Fergie... All it would have taken for this window to be the best we'd ever had is for 2 players to repay the loyalty that was shown to them. Sadly not be in this day & age though.

6:44 PM, September 02, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

We made a profit of about 8million, we actually spent nothing this summer, as every penny we spent was recouped by the sales.

We knew berbatov wanted to go..for the sake of 2-5million extra we held on and held on untill it was too late to bring in another striker for ourselves.

An who is left smiling here..utd paid what Levy asked..why could utd not just pay that a month before..Fergie is laughing here, he got his man, he has got out of his illegal approach, he has sent a talented youngster to spurs..who will get prem experience, if he is any good he will go straight back to united..not to us.

We have signed one striker, who is cup tied in europe!!! So its either bent or campbell in europe, what happens if one of these gets injured?!

We never replaced keane, nor defoe either. From one of the best strikeforces, we now have one of the worst, remember pav could flop!

Now begs the question of what the f*ck does comolli do at the club? He is responsible for the scouting and signing of players, he knew berba wanted to go, and he knew keane had gone..why did we not replace them sooner?! Levy had to fly to certain places over the summer to wrap up deals as comolli first things first comolli should be sacked...zokora, rocha, kabboul, bent, boatang all his signings and well crap!

Levy should of just accepted 25 million, still a good price and let berbatoss leave 2 months ago, we would then have the 25mil to buy another replacement with more time. But he didnt.

Its very very poor management, everything stinks, and yes Levy and Comolli is to blames for another mid-table finish as our firepower has been put out!!

An that is speaking out an being honest..reagrdless of if levy has back managers before or not..this time he has got it very very wrong!

6:51 PM, September 02, 2008

Blogger talent said...

bit off topic but can anyone confirm a USA report that we hve a gauranteed buy clause i.e. First refusal on Cambell after his loan spell for 7.5mill?
If true Levy has pulled a rabbit out of his proverbial because that boy is good... Dare I say better than Defoe.

6:57 PM, September 02, 2008

Blogger Why Tart Name said...

Levy is a mixed bag of tricks. Sacks Graham just before the 2001 FA Cup semi against his old team and replaces him with Hoddle and surprise, Spurs lose. Sacks Hoddle in September 2003 and spends the rest of a wasted season making the next choice the 'right' one. Santini goes in November 2004. The replacement, Jol, wasn't Levy's original choice, but at least he appointed the person who hired him: Arnesen. But where are Arnesen's signings now? Where's Arnesen? Where's Jol? DOF was meant to create continuity wasn't it? It's certainly kept the flow of managerial casualties at a similar rate to before Levy came along.

Levy's not a bad director per se, but he is very flawed and his learning curve has been steep to say the least. Levy apologists are as blind as those who wanted the discredited Hoddle as manager back in 2001. If Levy finally succeeds, it will be despite his bumbling as much as because he's financially shrewd.

7:07 PM, September 02, 2008

Anonymous Steerpike said...

What a silly article. What exactly did you expect Levy to do with two wantaway strikers? Suck them off? On balance I'd say that he's made a pretty good fist (excuse the pun) of what was a shitty situation.

And stop acting like a hysterical nancy-boy. If you look at the players who have come in under Ramos and those who have been shipped out it's as clear as day that the project is to build a team along the lines of Ramos' Sevilla: moving the ball quickly across the park with shitloads of width. Every single player that has come in fits in with this plan and every single player who's been shipped out doesn't.

You want Levy's head today - who next? Ramos? Greeeaat ... and then we go right back to square one.

Show some backbone ffs and get behind your team! If Pav settles in and this team gels we're gonna kick ass big time, with or without Bubblebath...

What a silly article and what a silly person you are.

7:08 PM, September 02, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

SAF has a problem with Spurs and berba's protracted purchase was designed to destabilise us. We've shipped two good players and a lot of dross. But we've purchased 6 players worthy of the spurs shirt Hutton, Woodgate, Modric, De Santos, Pav and Corluka. We've still got some more dross, Bent, Ghaly, Price etc if we can ship these in January and buy 2 decent strikers plus Arshavin we'll have a great squad. Plus, we got a result against Chelsea away so things aren't all bad.

7:14 PM, September 02, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...


7:27 PM, September 02, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

MMMM my feelings are of worry for the club. We are getting left behind. I think we are lining the pockets of the big men IN THE BOARD ROOM.

Berbatov was being rubbed up by fergie before last january yes? So i had a feeling he was going to go because of the interview back then on BBC with Good Old Garth Crooks asking Berbatov "will you be a spurs after the January transfer window"? which he could not reply, so i thought he was gone in his own mind, so why the hell did we sell Defoe (for a profit again)?, even me and my crystal poxy ball new berbasulk was going, people inside the club must have knew he wanted to go so why did we keep him so long when the bloke didn't want to kiss our badge? So now we are left with 3 strikers that 1 is struggling at the moment and i hope he comes good (Bent) then the other 2 who are unproven in the prem?

The thing that does make me wonder is that Pav is cup tied and with spurs well known for their injuries why would we risk this?

Very strange i must admit do you? I love the club since i can remember and been a season ticket holder until i moved away but i feel now we are mentally weakened by all this. I hope though Levy isn't holding onto the money just incase we drop into the championship, then does a runner (stranger things have happened) please tell me im mad!!

We need to get tough on the field and off it from now on coz we are heading for a rough ride!!

7:35 PM, September 02, 2008

Blogger Magicturkey said...

really? do you really mean this?!

why dont you go support newcastle?

if you cant see that the squad we have now is better than the bloated squad we had last year then youre a muncher of the cock variety and i dont mean the mighty cockerel.

sure we sold keane (1 goal for every 100 attempts) and berba (a great player, a dismal human).. but we sold them for silly money and thats why we are in profit.

man city will fail to reach champions league next year. and the stars they are buying will all start to grumble - the owners will get bored and leave - then the players will have to be sold to cut silly wage bills etc etc. this might be positive thinking - but its definitely a possibility.

spurs - running at a profit even without CL football, even without a massive stadium and compare the type of squad we had five years ago to the current day.

wake up and go start blogging about knitting or something

7:55 PM, September 02, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Why can the whole of THFC's fanbase see we need one but not one of the so called football people at Tottenham think so! We havent even been lonked with one except for Veloso and Diarra. Diarra was never going to leave Pompey so soon. We need two of these types of player to compete with the top four just as they have. Two for every one position and four for every position needing two e.g stikers and central defenders. We are nearly there except for a missing striker and two defensive midfilders. If we cant beat the likes of sunderland and middlesborough with bent how are we gonna do it in uefa with bent or campbell or both. Not good enough on their own and Pavlyuchenko is cup tied. Bye bye uefa cup as we wont win it or qualify for next years.

8:17 PM, September 02, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Up untill now I have been a firm supporter of Mr Levy & his his style of management. But even I think that he & the board lost their bottle against United. Love him or hate him, but Alan Sugar would have told them where they could stick their transfer papers.

8:37 PM, September 02, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think in general mr levy does a good job and has the good of the club at heart.i think he was lucky that city offered over the top for berbi as it made united increase its offer i'm sure united would of been worried of having points deducted if spurs had reported them for the way the whole tapping up saga started, i am disapointed if he had proof he should of taken it to the f.a.and flogged him to city instead spurs have always been able to attract world class players when they have made the not

8:38 PM, September 02, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

cant blame levy on this one..berba keane wanted to go, where the only club who can easily put up £30-40m evey summer and we havent been "taken over" by sum of these poxy yanks and wot have you. forget all whats happened now and just back Ramos and the lads all the way!! we always do.

8:42 PM, September 02, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

you aint no spurs fan, we dont need your sort. Levy done us proud and made man u pay up, the blokes got our best interests at heart and idiot fans like you moan about it, no wonder other fans hate us so much.

8:46 PM, September 02, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know why.. but this blog contains commercial for arsenal-ringtones :-s At lest in Sweden.

Just letting you know

8:53 PM, September 02, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Levy had sold Berbtov quickly, as suggested, he would have been slagged off for being a money grabber and selling players . DL waits and gets a lot more dosh than expected.
Unfortunately it came too late - BUT, we still got Corluka and Pavchenko ; Berbatov was untried b4 he came to us, Pavchenko has far more Euro experience than the Judas Bulgarian had .

In my books Levy would be slaughtered in what ever he did with the situation the Villain in this is that arsehole Berbatov and when he comes to the Lane he will get so much abuse it will hurt him big time. hate him !!

8:59 PM, September 02, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

agreed we did well with the prices we got but wtf did we do what we do every transfer window (remember rasiak)and leave it till midnight before completing the inevitable thus leaving no time to sort replacement? Every top team needs four top strikers, we have two.

If Bent stays fit and scores loads of goals and if Pav does well and stays fit Levy will be a very lucky boy and come up smelling of Roses. If one or both get injured he is going to look like a twat.

9:19 PM, September 02, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would like to say that Dan Levy has done some great work for spurs. But last night proved how gutless he is. How can you complain about a team, say hes going to pursue the matter and then keep hush once hes offered a few million more. he would have been more of a man if he'd sold berba abroad for half the money and spend it on somone else as cheap. The problem is if you recieve 30 million other teams will raise their prices.

If levy wants to show hes the buisness he needs to start putting his hand in his pocket and raise the spurs wage bill to match bigger teams. Its not silver ware that makes the grass look greener on the other side its money.( robinho!)

Levy once said "i hope i have given you your tottenham back"

Well Daniel these great fans are still waiting and we deserve to see our club at the top. why? because weve never turned are backs on this great club and nevr will

9:22 PM, September 02, 2008

Anonymous Cheshunt Mike said...

Manure got their man, for a fee they were willing to pay all along (and more), broke the rules (in front of the cameras last night for ****'s sake), probably broke the law as well, amd we missed out on a quality player in Arshavin who wasn't cup-tied in Europe. Bent our only realistic option in the UEFA cup. And still ignorant, abusive bloggers on this post doubt whether some of us who are p***** off right now are true fans etc. Yes Levy's done well overall and I don't want him to go, but he's lost this one and there's no shame in admitting it.

9:41 PM, September 02, 2008

Blogger Paxton Road said...

Thanks for the responses. I understand that the players wanted out and I have no beef with that. I am more annoyed with the lack of replacements.

I am also amazed at how many on here are so delighted that the balance sheet looks so good. Sorry, I don't pay for a season ticket to look at an Excel spreadsheet.

10:24 PM, September 02, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great posts on here. Firstly I support Levy, BUT there is NO WAY that we should find ourselves in this position.
Keane?berba, his hands were tied. Right decision to sell IMO. But again, we are now unable to seriously mount a proper offensive in Europe or for a CL place. A Top CF and DM should have been paid for weeks ago, not in the last 24hrs.
As stated I support Levy, but this time he/they fucked up bad!

10:27 PM, September 02, 2008

Anonymous Glen - life time Spurs Fan said...

After holding a season ticket at Tottenham since 1962, i gave mine up at the start of this season, and i am so glad i did.

The Chairman and the Board all should had in their resignations as they have made our club the laughing stock of football - and not for the first time.

We have been a second rate club for many years now, and the Chairman and the Board are now making us a third rate club.

We now really have only 2 strikers ( one of which cannot play in Europe ), so we go into every european match understrength.

I would say to all the supporters to try and enjoy our European adventure this season as we certainly wont be in Europe next season, which will mean players not wanting to come to our club, and it could be some time before we get back there again.

It really is a sorry state of affairs, but when you have muppets running the club, what else should we expect.

Daniel Levy and all Board Members, HANG YOUR HEADS IN SHAME.

10:43 PM, September 02, 2008

Anonymous Goonking said...

Oi Scummers, why did you delete my comments??? Can't you handle a bit of banter ?? Losers. FOYS.

4:14 PM, October 16, 2008

Anonymous Millasur said...

Right, we accept that Keane + Berb wanted to leave, and that we have improved our squad in a lot of places.

The reason people are baiting DL and DC is because EVERY F**KING TRANSFER WINDOW the same mistakes are made time and time again. We sell world class players (often for over the odds see above), but it means nothing because we continually bring in more shit to compensate.

Why sell your jewels to buy shit?! In fact, why buy shit ever. That is what beggars belief about our bloody club. Same hierarchy, same head honchos, same mistakes, time and time again. Pav? He has loads of european experience... and that's it. So did Rebrov. I hope he does well - will need a lot more games to decide tho. And again, another stuipd board decision - selling Defoe. The man is almost a goal machine and he proves it repeatedly. 2nd top scorer right now? Oh yea, Jermaine.

DL is far from one of the worse chairman; but SOMETHING isn't right lol, for every good decision he makes hte man makes a hilarious blunder or 3!!!!!

And it's hilarious reading comments putting down Keane etc. It's just like the carrick sale - you take out a real rock of the side, and the wheels fall off. Obv with the transfers in there was going to be huge disruption, but it's got beyond a joke now.

Wish the damn management at Spurs would sort their lives out.

9:07 AM, October 20, 2008

Anonymous Duncs said...

Do you think Levy will leave Redknapp to it as he seems to be a really greedy, hands on chairman who is hell bent over making a profit on our beloved THFC.

9:39 PM, October 27, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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