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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Spurs stay seventh.

Spurs took a point against WBA on Wednesday night. Gera opened the scoring before Keane leveled. Neither team was able to get a winner that both wanted. However, a draw was probably a fair result.

West Brom were far the better side in the first half. In fact we were truly awful. If I had had a gun I would have shot myself after I watched the ball being passed from Kelly to King to Edman to Dawson, to Davis / Carrick to King, to Kelly for the HUNDREDTH time! It was dire and the lack of height up front caused us problems. However, unlike Jol, I will ot lay the whole blame on our two short strikers. The midfield were woeful, especially Sean Davis. Only Reid looked like he knew where the goal could be.

Spurs were far improved in the second half. The worlds most skillful left back came on and played on the left wing for most of the game. Mido also made an introduction and was good for 30 minutes and then disappeared. Maybe in my previous article I was a bit harsh on Mido but he will never shine while he is not match fit. I will withhold further judgment until that time. Robbie Keane proved why, at the moment, he is first choice striker at Spurs. He harried the WBA defenders and scored a great volley for our equalisier. Defoe, who has now only scored two more Premiership goals than Keane, spent most of the time offside. Maybe he needs a rest, I'm not sure.

So we took a point which is better than defeat but not as good as the win that would have really cemented our seventh place. 'Boro, probably now our main challenger for the UEFA spot, have a game in hand over in Newcastle - hopefully they would have found their form again and will do us a favor but with the scum away coming up the key game could well be 'Boro away in a few weeks.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agree with you on every thing but Reid, for me he's slow, lazy and not stong enough for the Prem. Maybe like Mido not fit, but I really don't get why we spent the money on him. Like a few other posts I've seen I now prefer to think of Reid as a "freebie" thrown in when we invested wisely in Dawson.

6:43 PM, April 21, 2005

Anonymous D Money said...

I agree, Andy Reid has gotta be the slowest and most overweight player in that current starting line up.
The way he's playing i'm suprised he could get his head thru his shirt. Cos I think that's the only thing he could have got thru all night.
West Brom aren't the best of teams, but they're defence aren't the toughest to get thru.
Davis is just missing match fitness.
Ziegler has to play more often - not too disimilar to Ronaldo @ manure.

9:12 PM, April 21, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any views on playing with wingbacks and accomodating all 3 strikers instaed of following the trend of formations, how about (when fit)
1 Robbo
2 Kelly
3 Ziegler
4 King
5 Dawson
6 Naybet
7 Carrick
8 Brown
9 Keane (behind front two)
10 Mido
11 Defoe

10:13 PM, April 21, 2005

Anonymous rui_costa said...

Can be worth trying, but preferably in a relatively meaningless game, of which we don't have any till the end of the season...
But I agree we -so desperately- need more attacking threat from midfield, hence in theory Keane as attacking midfielder in the floating role behind the strikers should be good.
Rui Costa would be great for us, I still believe - if at least for a couple of seasons only...

10:38 PM, April 21, 2005

Anonymous rui_costa said...

Yes, I know Rui Costa has signed a 2 year extention at AC Milan till 2007 - it was just a longstanding dream/wishful thinking...

11:02 PM, April 21, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reid, needs a bit of time to adjust to Prem football, dunno where people get lazy from, on wednesday he was all over the place chasing balls down, sometimes too much as he wasn't in position when we needed him out wide. When Ziegler came on and Reid moved inside left he looked dangerous linking up with Robbie and a few shots himself, a first goal is on the way.
The Carrick situation is a tricky one, good player on his day but while most attacks start from him they're slow laboured attacks, attacking teams at pace and in numbers is the way forward and sadly were not doing that at the moment

11:08 AM, April 22, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

We played probably the best footballing side in the country and lets be tolerant when some of our new recruits are not really on the same level....yet.
Let face it, Arsenal is on a different plane to us at moment. No matter how much we want our players to compete on the same level as Reyes, Pires, Viera or even Fabregas, it is not going to happen this season or the next.
I remember how Bergkemp toyed with Carr when he was new to the spurs team in the mid nineties before he blossom into the best rightback(was) in the country in the year 2000.Give Reid the same time,he is no Duff or Robben but he would be useful.
Hard facts is that Arsenal is F1 material while spurs are getting our engines fixed up.We will get there with Arnesen annd Jol around.

9:00 AM, May 03, 2005


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