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Monday, April 11, 2005

Crucial win

Spurs put the Toon Army away with a crucial 1-0 win that pushes us up to seventh. With six games left, three at home, we really must ensure we push on and take our place in next season's UEFA cup.

The match saw us create lots of chances but only put one away after a mistake by Harper. He kicked the ball out and it hit Simon Davies. The ball rebounded to Defoe who slotted home. Newcastle continued to huff and puff, only creating two chances in he whole game. In fact we created their second chance after another communications blunder between King and Robinson. Luckily Milner lobbed wide of an open goal. This is the third communications mix up between the two, the others coming against the goons, which led to a goal and Forest which also led to a goal so they must be stamped out.

Davis had another 40 minutes or so coming on for the hard working Brown. He looks like he is staring to pick up his match fitness which can only be good for the club. When fit he is a more effective player than Brown. Carrick also had an excellent game where he really went out to take control of the midfield. He put his foot in more and actually made two or three strong forward runs Viera style. A much welcomed change in style from Jol's favorite player.

Robbie Keane came on late on and received a great welcome from the crowd. This is the first chance I've had to comment on the Jol / Keane bustup. Jol has got it wrong with Keane and Mido. Mido, after a fabulous debut, has done very little except look tired and is only on loan. Keane has proved he can do it in the Premiership week in week out being our player of the season for two years running and has only 4 less league goals from Defoe with far less starts. With Kanoute continuing to be brilliant and then awful, letting Keane leave for a Premiership rival would be a huge mistake and one we would live to regret.



Blogger the_don said...

i think that Robbie will stay. Mido cam on against birmingham, because we were low on subs Mido was the better option. I still rate Robbie highly and hope he stays and help push for a top 5 position next season.

8:10 PM, April 11, 2005

Anonymous Jol said...

Keane is the fourth choice. He such an unitelligent player and his touch... he never creates for the other strikers. Kanoute is far far, far better. If you cant see that, Jesus ...

8:17 PM, April 11, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keane has been our best player in the past but not anymore. He needs to stop waving his arms about the whole time and concentrate on what he's doing with his feet. I'm sure all his calling and arm waving actually affects his balance and results in the ball bouncing off him like a brick wall! It's a shame, his touch and control USED to be his best assets...

9:42 PM, April 11, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

we still need robbie in my opinion, as mido is unproven as yet and we've been lucky with injuries. is everybody forgetting only last year he was our player of the season andd the fact he's our second highest goalscorer he's only six behind defoe after all.

10:08 PM, April 11, 2005

Blogger Paxton Road said...

Hello Jol,

Compare goal scoring and assist records between Kanoute and Keane and Keane is the outright winner by miles. However it is difficult to play Keane with Defoe.

11:39 PM, April 11, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kanoute had another of his laid back games, when after messing up good scoring chances and situations he just grins with a shoulder shrug. It is so infuriating to see him gently jogging back after he loses the ball, instead of fighting to get it back!

Of course, he is a good outlet for long balls out of defence, as he actually wins a large percentage of those, but we need more support from midfield to make it count. So often it is just Defoe up front, without support from midfield.

We don't have a clear attacking central midfielder at the moment. I think we need to decide who plays the holding position and who plays the attacking position - at the moment it is unclear between Carrick and Brown. Hopefully Sean Davis will help make things better in this respect.

2:54 AM, April 12, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't see that we'll miss Keane. He's definitely replaceable. I'd rather lose Keane and have a lesser known, albeit handy striker who was less likely to complain about being benched. We've possibly already got a replacement in the reserves.

11:31 AM, April 13, 2005


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