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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Jol commits

Martin Jol has finally committed himself to Spurs. This has come as a great relief after the latest tabloid stories and rumours on the message boards. After reading Topspurs it looked like that Jol could well be on his way with his wife apparently telling an estate agent that they pulling out of a house purchase because they "were leaving the country". The Sun then picked up on the story and it didn't sound too rosey. Now though Jol has come out and revealed that he is looking to sign a new contract with Tottenham Hotspur.

Jol said: "There are only a couple of minor things to talk about concerning the contract. I have made my position clear. If you want a clear answer, I will give it. I am not interested in the job at all.
"Tottenham is a challenge for me. They are a good club and they are looking after me. The fans are terrific. I am happy here and committed to the club. What more can I say?"

Hopefully this will shut up the shit stirring gutter press for all and allow Jol to continue to take Spurs back to the promised land where we belong. This commitment will hopefully settle any unrest caused in the dressing room and allow the lads to get the right result away at Newcastle tomorrow.

With a committed management and clear progress, even if we loose tomorrow, Frank Arnesen should be able to convince more players to join the revolution in the summer.



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