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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Game on!

After a pitch inspection earlier today Mark Clattenberg, Manchester United's paid up ref who disallowed Mendes winner, said the game was playable unless we experience freak weather in the next two hours.

The club has issued a statement saying that Naybet and Ledley are both doubtful so the back four will need changing if this is true. Kelly will continue on the right with hopefully Edman left. Atouba could go into the centre back postion with Gardner so god help us if Forest attack with any sense of purpose. Otherwise I expect a similar line up for the win against Fulham. Mido can play and will need to make sure he bosses the Forest centre backs around with Defoe or maybe Keane if he gets the nod feeding off knock downs. The conditions won't be favourable so we not be able to play a flowing passing game, especially with the state of Nottingham Forest's pitch.

As the gipo's found last night this is going to be a tough, tough game and if we turn up with the wrong attitude we will get dumped out. Newcastle await the winners. COYS!

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