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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Spurs Vs. Fulham

Our London record does not prepare us very well for the latest Premiership derby. Having not won one derby game this season this game becomes quite important. We need to win to stay in touch of a high finish that may sneak us into Europe and we also need to banish our lousy derby record before it really starts to stick in the players minds.

The one piece of good news to come out of the official site is that Atouba is a doubt for the game. With his absence I hope Edman can slot back into the left back position with Reid in front of him. If Jol really doesn't fancy him then Ziegler can drop back into his actual position of left wing back. Apart from that I suspect business as usual. Kelly, King and Naybet to make up the rest of the back four with Simon Davies on the right, Brown and probably Carrick in the middle alongside Reid with Mido and Defoe up front. The bench should only have one striker as it may leave us weak in other areas later on. Personally I would have Keane there and rest Kanoute this week. Maybe Sean Davis may make the bench but I doubt it. Mendes will probably be on the bench but if Carrick continues to only perform on an average basis then I'd hope he would get a recall. However I would not be surprised if Mendes leaves in the summer. A Champions League winner should not really be sitting on the bench of a side not in Europe.

If the team go out with the right attitude there is no reason we can't get a result. Also, whoever plays, no booing our own players.


P.s. Lets all laugh at Arsen*l. Another hopeless European display. Ha ha ha!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I totally agree that we should never be reduced to booing our own. It is such nonsense which causes other supporters to label us with this 'fickle' tag that we so despise.

Admittedly, it is curious how Atouba is chosen above Edman in our starting line-up, as well as Stephen Kelly's appearance over G. Neville's eventual successor in the England line-up, Mr Phillip Ifil.

But never more shall we have to groan at the likes of Nethercott, Rosenthal and Edinburgh warming up on the touchlines. And yes, Pedro must be frustrated at this juncture, but our bench does have quality these days.

Let's save our jeers for the likes of CSKA London and the Gooners. We all trust Martin's judgement at this moment in time and with our crop youthful of talent coming through, it appears that we are finally going places...Europe ideally.

1:13 AM, February 25, 2005


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