"It is better to fail aiming high than to succeed aiming low. And we of Spurs have set our sights very high, so high in fact that even failure will have in it an echo of glory." Bill Nicholson. SPURS


Friday, March 11, 2005

Newcastle Vs. Tottenham Hotspur.

Sunday see Spurs travel north to the land of the geordies for the biggest game of the season so far. This one game could affect the entire season. A muck up in the Worthington cup under Hoddle was the beginning of the end for him and a dodgy result could have a similar affect to moral. However, there is a big difference. Jol is in charge this time around which not only gives us a good chance of getting the result but means defeat will not wipe out our season.

Sean Davis could well return as he is near enough fully fit. I would love to see him run out alongside Carrick, who will have to be at his best, if we are to get the result we all want. However only Jol can make the decision and I wouldn't be too disappointed if Brown makes up the midfield pairing as his 110% effort will help to break up any Newcastle attacks. The back four will consist of Kelly, King, Naybet and Atouba. As long as Atouba does not do any silly business his attacking presence going forward against grumpy git Carr could open up many possibilities for Spurs. However he could also continue to cross into the goalkeepers hands from near enough the half way line. Only time will tell as to which Atouba will turn up.

Out wide will be Ziegler and Davies as Reid is cup tied. These two wide players will be vital because of the way they are both willing to track back. Newcastle like to play with width and it will be important that we track back to close down these attacking options. Hopefully Robert will have one of his off days. Either brilliant or useless, we need the latter.

Defoe will start up front with A.N. Other. Mido is a doubt so I expect Kanoute to be the second choice. However Keane could get the nod to cause problems with the Newcastle back line.

This game is a far tougher one than the game we played earlier in the season. Newcastle are far more solid and are on a great run of late. We rode our luck a little back then and may have to do so again. However I have faith in Spurs and our new squad. There is every chance we can get a great result and we have to believe we will. COME ON YOU SPURS!


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