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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Some good news at last!

But not for Fulham!

Manchester United have snapped up 34 year old Edwin Van de Sar for an undisclosed fee. Tim Howard has also signed a new contract until 2009 which should mean that they should stop sniffing around Paul Robinson.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes and just goes to show how wrong newspapers are. The Sun, bless 'em had another go yesterday saying he was heading to United. Robinson = Loyal

8:30 PM, June 05, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

No Uefa Cup, it would be nice if something went for us for a change.Maybe lsing 3 players as well.. Things keep getting better..Spus need to sort out our shit!

9:11 PM, June 05, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

well arnesen has jumped on the money ship that is chelsea good riddens the special one will soon put a stop to arnesen meddling in his team affairs anyway it is reported over here in ireland that louis van galle is ready to take over as arnesens replacement

9:19 PM, June 05, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have faith in Jol. Judging from Jol’s comments I think arrangements for next season are in place (including the summer signings). Last year, excluding the continental imports the English based talent were all something of an open secret (former youth internationals etc) so we shouldn’t be too bitter about Frank’s departure. Remember we still have John McDermott who knows more a thing or two about youthful English talent.

Heads up, I don't think the situation is as bad as it looks. We're certainly better off that we were this time last year.

9:38 PM, June 05, 2005

Anonymous Rob said...

You have not been a spurs fan long enouogh this is just the latest the soap operia that is Tottenham Hotspur........ever since the days of mr sugar.......... I love the club but nothing suprises me anymore..........washing our dirty linen in public again

11:54 PM, June 05, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can't get excited about the new PL season, same three horse race, and we'll start a season aiming for the dizzy heights of 7th place - Whoppee doo!!! Arnesen's behaviour just mirrors that of those overpaid, egoistic twats, that are today's Premier League footballers. When I was younger I used to idolise these guys, but now that I am the same age as many of them, if not older, I just can't help resenting them for the scum they are,and you just wouldn't piss on them if they were on fire e.g. Rio,Terry,Morris,Bowyer,Dyer,Rooney etc,etc. The list is endless, and am fed up paying sky high prices to go and watch a bunch of overpaid, average so-called professionals, who actually don't give a monkey's who they play for or give a toss for the fans who make them who they are, just as long as they are getting their next pay cheque and the new Ferrari. Just take Mido for example, the guy's had more clubs than hot dinners, and is wrangling to move on yet again.Good riddance to yet another overpaid,overhyped,self-obsessed idiot. As for Kanoute, Atouba and Mido (again), what great ambassadors and professionals they are for the club;can't even be arsed to go on the end of season tour. What,were they not told about the tour or something? No, too busy with their big,overblown ego's up their own arses. May they never have the privilege of stepping onto WHL ever again.

11:55 PM, June 05, 2005

Anonymous Emeka said...

Fellow spurs fans don't be down hearted and l say this because there are other people who can do this job better than that danish fella,don't care about his name.
Without thinking too deep,l have such names like Louis van galle of holland and Sandro Rosell of Barcelona,who has just been sacked by the spanish giants.Believe me fellow yiddos,these guys are good.
This position,sporting director is
important to be filled in cause it will allow "The head coach",Martin jol the time to concentrate on the coaching job.

11:55 PM, June 05, 2005

Anonymous Mickie said...

OK OK enough is enough !!
They tried to unsettle Liverpool by saying they wanted Gerrard
They poached Kenyon from Man U and tried to unsettle them by hinting at Ferdinand.
The Ashley Cole affair will definately unsettle The Scum.
Come on Prem League hit them and hit them hard whether THFC complain or not.
Financial penalties are not enough for the team with the mafia money!
Here is what will make them stop.
1 10 point penalty for next term
2 £10M compensation for THFC
3 Transfer ban for 2005/6 season
4 Arnesen cannot start at CFC until THFC contract runs out or THFC give permission
5 The threat of automatic relegation to The FLC if they "tap up" either players or staff from any other UK club.

12:27 AM, June 06, 2005

Anonymous noddy5 said...

so here we go again,is there no end to chelskis arrogance and total disregard of the rule book. and those old relics down at the fa headquarters will stick their heads in the sand and take some of their pocket money away.when will the fa start running the game again, and take back control from chelsea,arsenal and man utd.would,nt a suitable punishment for chelsea be to take away the champions league place and give it to liverpool

2:00 AM, June 06, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really like that last suggestion! I believe the FA has the right to nominate whoever it pleases for European competitions, and nominating Liverpool at the expense of the Russian football thugs would solve two problems. Do it, I say!! Even a 10m pound penalty wouldn't really hurt the bastards, but losing their Champions League spot would.

7:32 AM, June 06, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Completely agree with Mickie: Points deductions is what is going to hurt them. Frank Arnesen typifies the modern footballer and illustrates a sad situation where not only players but even staff are disloyal.

To be honest I don't know why Chelski need him? Arnesen is known for buying 'hidden gems' aka unknown players e.g. Romario, Ronaldo etc. Chelski don't need somebody to try and snap up the future starlets, they let other clubs nerture them and then pay top dollar for them. Any of Frank's suggestions will never get in the team anyway. The whole scenario seems more like Chelscum are trying to intimidate and annoy clubs rather than gaining any real benefit.

Arnesen should be ashamed; He led us on a merry dance of 'loyalty to the fans' but like all these money grabbing facists he took the all expenses paid trip to the Bridge despite SPurs' efforts to double his wage!!

£10 million compensation I would take for a man who bought us the likes of Atouba....'Nuff said!

8:48 AM, June 06, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ban Chealsea from the league next season thats the only solution to really hit that fat arrogant russian. Then we will see how he likes paying for Franks and the arrogant one's wages!

10 millian compensation and frank Lampard should be just about the right compensation.

Leave Jol to it, he's the best man for the job!

Come on you spurs. i also agree that Liverpool should get there champ' leagues place.

12:24 PM, June 06, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Steady your buffs spurs fans. Let's go for some positives. The 3 Lions-Paul, Jermain and Deadly Ledley are all staying. So is Martin Jol. We had our best league performance in years in a year we were predicted to finish 12th.

I'm not pleased Arnesen has gone, as the guy is a genius at spotting world class talent, but we can still rock football without him. But you know what? It didnt surprise me that we were in the news. I've supported spurs for 15 years and we seem to thrive on instability. Not any more, lets hope. Bring on 05/06.

Oh yeah, and ignore the bleatings of the dutch fool Arjen Robben who says Spurs aren't a big club.

We Rock.

6:41 PM, June 06, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Been a Spurs fan for 35yrs and will never stop supporting this great club, who however dont seem to get the role of the dice. The fair play draw is an example of this and just as things have stated to turn Arnesen leaves, just typical. Why do Chelsea what him? Think it may have something to do with his contacts and his relationship with Ronaldo, you never know.
What every Spurs fan needs to do now is get behined the club in every way possible, at the match, at the shop and on the website. I know we have had a lot of false dawns but I am still optamistic about the up and coming season. Things wont always be the way they are at Chelsea, the Rusky wont continue to plough money into the club for ever and their debts are on the up. Lot of players on long term mega money contracts, if the rusky walks or gets locked up by the Russians then its bye-bye Chelsea. We need to just look after ourselves and take this great club foward and up. Europe beckons next season. Up the SPURS.

7:56 PM, June 06, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Blue Mafia at it again. Pretty soon we'll be finding chelsea players floating in the thames for poor performances and own goals. Arnesen's disappointed all of us i think but to be quite honest i'd prefer him to to leave now, for 2 reasons 1)he's ruined his reputation, and once chelsea are done with him, he's gonna be a little out in the cold 2) i dont want anyone at the club who doesnt want to be there, not even the tea lady (who i've heard chelsea are sniffin around after)

8:48 PM, June 06, 2005

Anonymous Bray said...

Oi, chill out you lot, you're all goin MaaaaaaaD!
Arnesen is a world class scout with good contacts and allegedly good man-management skills, but he ain't and never was our 'saviour'. He was on the verge of retirement a season or two ago, we offered him money, he wanted it so came to the Lane. Despite the unprofessional manner in which he will leave our club, he has and will not help, nor hinder our cause next season. The youth talent he brought to us is 'un-proven', and that's a nice way of putting it, so can anyone else think of anything beneficial this rather insignificant dane has done for Tottenham? I'm pretty sure i can't, so why worry about him, comrades? All we as supporters need to do is, as the 35yr old before me has posted, get behind our team, players and staff alike and enjoy wiping the smile off the face (or is that his arse? still can't tell no matter how much he talks out of it!!!) of Mourinho and the rest of his arrogant cronies on the other side of town. We are the Tottenham from the Lane, and we're still on the up son, oh yeah.

9:01 PM, June 06, 2005

Anonymous Clifford Chapman said...

Id like to add my twopennorth here. The behaviour of Chelsea and that Russian mafia c... is nothing more that a poisonous growth from the cancerous seed of Thatcherism and ecnonomic rationalism. Unless individual authorites like the F.A. and the European equivalent and/or governments take action, events like we're now experiencing will continue. Take the knighting of Ferguson as opposed to the government's unprincipled treatment of Nicholson. Bill married great players with average and even one or two slightly below average into a marvellous team - as did Busby, Shankly, Mercer, Greenwood and others in their own way. Ferguson only began to have success at United when the money began rolling in. That's the only criterion we're now talking about.

5:49 AM, June 07, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be fair if Liverpool can defend their title in the champions league, why not at chelsea's expense?
A ban in champions league surely would be punishment to fit the crime(s) of tapping up that chelsea have come to use more than once now.
Or is everybody just going to moan about it instead of rectifying it.

1:18 PM, June 07, 2005


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