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Monday, August 08, 2005

Season Preview

I don’t think I’ve been
this excited about a new season since I bought my first season ticket eight years ago. Compared with last season I was nervous and worried about our very Premiership survival after a dismal pre-season and a virtually whole new team waiting to gel. Luckily my worries were not necessary as we actually had a successful season if you think about what happened.

One of the keys to the door of success is a stable management structure. For the last two seasons we have sacked managers within two months or so of
the season starting. In the case of Hoddle his sacking was necessary but the buffoon Pleat was stuck in charge and we looked like relegation for sure, especially at Christmas. Then Arnesen came in and brought along with him Santini and Jol. It wasn’t long until the mad French man was off grumbling into his croissant about houses and sea views in Tottenham and thankfully Jol was put in charge. His record was actually very good in the time he was in charge and we can only hope he improves on it this season. Of course the Russian Mafia then stuck their noses in and Frank Arnesen was jumping ship as well. It is vital that this season we don’t lose anymore important back room figures, especially Jol. It is unlikely but who thought that Santini would be off so quickly after it took such a long time to get him. The sporting director appointment will also be an important role and whoever it is must keep his nose out of the first team as Jol is the key man in Spurs being successful again. I hope Levy has the sense to consult Jol before anyone is brought in.

The playing squad has been improved again and very shrewdly as well with only a net out lay of around £500,000. Simon Davies was shipped off to Everton with us receiving an amazing £3.5 million for the injury prone winger. Arnesen also left with us receiving a tidy sum in return so there is still money to spend either now or in January. Routledge was signed adding welcome pace to the right wing. Further work is required on his final ball however. Tainio was bought via a Bosman and looks like he will be an excellent addition to the squad. Stalteri comes bringing “Champions” League experience with him. Lennon looks like one for the future and also has a lot of pace while Huddlestone joins from Derby. The big signing was Davids. The biggest Spurs buy since Klinsmann, it is hoped he can have a similar affect on the team as the blonde German. However it was important that we kept our key personal at the club and we have done so. Defoe, King and Robinson are all still here alongside Robbie Keane etc. so the squad is looking strong. Another left back is needed after Atouba was sold for £1.5 million and we need to trim the squad down with players like Sean Davis and even Michael Brown looking surplus to requirements.

We have a tricky start to the Premiership. We visit Portsmouth first. What always looks like an away win never is with us failing to score down their for quite a long time so while we will go there full of optimism on Saturday it won’t be an easy ride. We then host Middlesborough – a game we should be looking to win if we are really going to make progress towards a top six finish. We then visit Blackburn before The Mafia arrive. About time we beat them. Looking at the results from last season we took four points from those teams in the same fixtures. We must do better than that because a successful start is always important for confidence.

Many of the press including the Mail and Independent are predicted a strong season for Spurs. Fourth and fifth place appears to be where all the pundits are settling on us finishing come May and if that is the case then we would have had a fantastic season. We really must be looking to a top six finish this season and for us to finally make the big push towards regular European football back at the Lane.

Here’s hoping – COYS!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeh, totally agree with that, winning only TWO pre seasons last year and they were against wopmens teams(well, sort of) set shivers down my spine when some scousers came to watch the first game last year. I was just hoping that it wasnt a hammering but all said and done in the end 1-1 was good.
However, this season I'm looking at Portsmouth away and thinking , yes we should bang a few away. But the first day is always unusual so anything can happen and we won't know exactly how good we are til we have played the lottery whiners.

3:32 PM, August 08, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

fair article but we need King back - Gardner is a liability

perhaps a forward if kanoute goes?


3:33 PM, August 08, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i know its a bit picky but didn't we get 6 points from the four corresponding games we played last season, a win away at blackburn and a win at home to middlesbrough. Anyway i know what ur saying we could do with a good start to the season if we're looking to press on from last season. Good post and i too share your optimisum for the new season, although we have the potential to get in to europe i think actually getting it this season is a must as with our squad if we're not in europe players will start to look else where.

3:34 PM, August 08, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

agree with most of that. tainio and stalteri both looked like good signings at the porto game and for no money. still hoping we sign wayne bridge. keep reading articles linking us with kuyt. do we really need a striker unless keane or kanoute leave in a part deal for jenus.

3:37 PM, August 08, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

We would do well not to underestimate Portsmouth at this stage. They've got a new-ish manager who has to prove himself and have made a few signings. One free-kick from Laurent Robert could put all our feel-good optimism on hold. Hopefully over-confidence won't be an option with the likes of Davids on the pitch though!

3:54 PM, August 08, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whilst i am very optimistic for the coming season we shouldnt expect too much. our aim of top six is realistic but to expect to finish above either liverpool or man utd in fourth may be out of reach this season. However give us two years and i think top four could well be achievable. Can sum1 tell me if davids has signed for 1 year or 2. Have seen both mentioned in sveral articles!?

3:55 PM, August 08, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apparently that was what the hold-up was all about: we wanted 1 year, he wanted 2. Eventually he got his way.

4:19 PM, August 08, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i agree but need 2 get rid of kanoute and need davids kick the shit out of robert so he cant take a freekick

4:24 PM, August 08, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think a good season is on the cards the squad looks stronger than it has in years i just wish that the WHL crowd could make as much noise for the whole team all season as it did for davids and realy be a 12th man up the mighty SPURS

4:25 PM, August 08, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i agree with 4.24 any 1 else?

4:26 PM, August 08, 2005

Blogger Goonerkiller said...

Let's just hope Davids is here a bit longer than Jurgen (no disrespect to the great man), do my fellow fans not think it would be a good idea to wait and see what Mr Davids can do for us before hailing him as the new messiah, after all he has n't played regular competitive football for over a year. Other than that I would have to agree that this is the most promising pre-season for years, having said that how many false dawns have we seen over the past oooh say 15 - 20 years, calm down everyone, besides how stoopid will we look if we finish 9 or 10 again this season, lets just stay quiet and see what happens in the opening month

5:22 PM, August 08, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

well written article agrre with your points heres a few of mine see what yous think,

1>> martin jol should be given anything he wants when he wants it forever..what a bloke .. bmj=legend

2>>no more big name signings for at least this season. leave what we have alone it aint bad at all two many chefs spoil the broth and all that

3>> levy should now direct all his energy into increasing the stadium capacity to at least 50,000 which is vital to sustain european assaults in this day and age

4>> levy should give himself a new contract he deserves it and is starting to produce things

5>> weed out anyone who does not want to be at spurs or who is likely to be a shapeshifter. these dudes are the worst ( arnesen ) what a wan*er. we dont need you

6>> get behind the team no matter what. this is the most important thing at any football club. nothing good can happen if this is not there so it must be

if anybody got bored reading this thats just to bad smel ya'll later

spurs forever

6:09 PM, August 08, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah this is a pretty good anaylsis, but I think we should keep Michael Brown as he is a good midfielder goal scorer (or potentially), give him time and he'll start finding the net.

I say this because most of our midfielders are reluctant to bomb into the box and get goals.

Although he was crap, we do sort of miss Gus Poyet or maybe Christian Ziege, not because of the players they were, but because they got 10 goals a season from midfield. (Or Gus did, Ziege was forever injured).

If we look at our midfield, with Mendes, Carrick, Tainio, Davis, Brown, Davids etc

only possibly two of those are or should be goalscorers (Brown and Davids).

I know davids is meant to be the 'pit bull' with his tackling, but I would fancy him to find the net a couple of times this season.

Thats why if we have to offload a midfielder let it be Davis, as he appears to be a squad player, a holding tackling player, and not so much a goal scorer.

What we need is perhaps a Tim Cahill, with the "invisible man" role, appearing out of knowhere to get goals. He was Evertons top scorer last season!

I hope Brown can, therefore, fill this 'Tim Cahill' role at Spurs.

Also I have seen Brown attempt headers in the penalty area, all we need is for him to get slightly better.

Sorry For The Essay. A point maybe worth mentioning, seeing as Brown has been quickly written off.


7:05 PM, August 08, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Also Jermain Jenas is a complete piece of crap, hes newcastles 'crown jewell' and hes rubbish.

On the England-American tour he lost the ball like every time he got it.

Hes not worth the 6 million we bid for him, and hes not worth anything near what newcastle rate of him.

7:10 PM, August 08, 2005

Anonymous Garvey said...

Roll on next saturday!! First game of the season is always a lottery so won't read to much into it even if we get a draw down at Pompey!! A consistent start is more important! Fancy us to get a lot more goals away from home this season so thats gonna help, especially with our top home form last season. Long may that continue. If West Ham are silly enough to pay £6m for Freddi, let em!! Add some of the Arnesen buy off to that and Mickey O's wearing white again for a few more years. Sign MJ on a 10 yr 'name your wages' contract and DL go buy yourself a new yacht mate. You deserve it fella!! Come on you Spurs!!

7:43 PM, August 08, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i need a poo its been brewing for a few hours now and i cant hold it much longer

9:48 PM, August 08, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think what's happening at the lane is great, it seems for once that the in-fustructure of the club is starting to grow, not only on the field but also in pure believe.
One thing that I would like to see, is the continued development on the younger lads in the squad... i.e. give them a chance and not flood the squad with over rated average players, we have the right squad maybe a year or two early for optimum results, but its better to be climbing the hill than over it. Spot on to the comment about Levy needing to enhance the capacity, we need to develop the commercial side to the club as we could fill at 45-50k stadium week in week out.
The one player we need at present is Wayne Bridges surly he would cost no more than a couple of million and a top player in his position.

1:13 AM, August 09, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

just had that poo it was serpent like and scored a 10 for its freefall. there was little or no splash on entry

8:52 PM, August 09, 2005


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