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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Spurs beat FC Porto.

Spurs completed pre-season with a 2-0 victory over Porto yesterday thanks to two goals from Jermaine Defoe. A certain Edgar Davids also made his debut coming on for the last 30 minutes or so.

Spurs started with Robinson back in goal with new Canadian defender Stalteri over on the right. He showed he is not frightened of putting in a crunching challenge and was willing to get forward as well. King was injured so Gardner and Dawson started together. Edman was on the left. Across the middle was Tainio and Carrick with Routledge on the right and Reid on the left. Defoe and Mido started up front.

The first half was quite a dull affair to be honest. Robinson had to make one very good save as two or three times Porto were able to cut through us quite easily. The play between the defense and the midfield was also sloppy at times.

Cerny replaced Robinson at half time and the overall performance improved. However it was not until the introduction of Robbie Keane and a switch to a 4-3-3 that we really looked like scoring. Kanoute also came on and won more balls in the 20 minutes he was on than Mido did all game. The best move of the game led to the opening goal. Carrick played a great goal over the top for Defoe to chip the keeper with a fantastic lob. Davids was also on by now and was showing why we bought him. Crunching tackles and a bit of vocal leadership. Tainio set up the second with a good ball through the Porto back line allowing Defoe to chip home once again.

So a good win but things need some tweaking. Routledge showed pace and then a lousy choice of pass of ball across and this will need to be improved if he is not to become the new Matthew Etherington. He can beat a man but it is no good if the cross goes behind the goal afterwards. Reid didn't particularly impress either. The Canadian full back looks a good signing and Edman now looks the weak link across the back four. Although solid he does sometimes get caught the wrong side of a winger which causes the defense big problems.

After today's performances and pre-season overall I would expect the line ups on Saturday to be Robinson in goal with Stalteri, King, Gardner and Edman across the back four. In the middle of the park will be Davids and Carrick with Routledge on the right and probably Tainio on the left. Defoe will be up font with probably Kanoute as his performance yesterday outshone Mido's. Mido has had a good pre-season but didn't look up to it yesterday.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good write up, I thought that Davids would give Jol the option to play 4-3-3, Im glad you noticed.

Thanks Cusop

1:13 PM, August 07, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

crap write up - Stalteri looked well off the pace and i would expect Kelly to start next week. Thought we bossed midfield and Mido was excellent in chasing down defenders and holding up the ball. Again Davids is an excellent player but looked off the pace and many of his crunching tackles were very late and badly timed - he could be a good bet for a red card in August. Tanio will not start on the left - Jol likes Reid and he will start on left. To be fair to Reid hes lost a few pounds and put in some excellent crosses and worked pretty hard in winning back the ball. Also Dawson will start ahead of Gardener. Dawson is an awesome prospect and will be one of the best centre halfs for many years to come. So i think your wrong about your line up - think it will be Robbo,Kelly, Dawson, King, Edman, Routledge, Tanio, Carrick, Reid, Defoe and Mido.

5:47 PM, August 07, 2005

Blogger ParkLane67 said...

I agree that Dawson will probably be ahead of Gardner, though Gardner put in a pretty solid performance. I think Kelly probably gives us more options and he will probably start ahead of Stalteri - I'd expect Stalteri to start in those matches where MJ want to keep things tight at the back. I was astonished that the game finished with three up front and the previous poster mentioned the possibility of 4-3-3. Perhaps we are all in for a few surpises!!!
Lastly, did anybody else spot the bat flying around near the Shelf side? I wonder if we've got a new mascot!

6:55 PM, August 07, 2005

Blogger Paxton Road said...

So brave anonymous, so brave...

7:52 PM, August 07, 2005


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