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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Spurs beat 'Boro to go top.

Spurs moved to the top of The Premiership yesterday with a hard won victory against a well organised and disciplined ‘Boro side. Goals from Jermaine Defoe and Mido saw us through although Paul Robinson had to be at his best to save two free kicks and Downing somehow missed a sitter when storming into the box.

The first half was a dull affair with only Edgar Davids providing any entertainment. Within 30 seconds of the start he had upended the local Gipo who used to have his caravan parked down the road in the occupied territories but now plays his football up north. In fact everything Spurs then did went through him. However it was very even in the first half with neither Spurs or ‘Boro looking like they would score. In fact ‘Boro looked content for a 0-0 with the dull time wasting they employed throughout the first half. Even McClaren, probably the most boring man alive, looked fed up with it. Maybe it was a ploy to bore the opposition to sleep so they could then sneak in and score a goal.

The second half saw Viduka come on. Looking fatter than ever he actually caused us some tricky problems winning a lot of the high balls and knocking down for the on rushing (ha ha) Ray Parlour and co. We were then able to counter attack. Tainio picked out Defoe who ran straight for goal before unleashing a powerful shot that left the ‘Boro keeper stranded. 1-0 Spurs. ‘Boro then had the best spell of the game. Spurs midfield disappeared for a while and they just kept coming at us and were unlucky not to score. I was getting worried especially when Downing screamed into the box only to blast over. Luckily we got the second. Mido decided to shoot when there were much better options. His shot tamely bounced towards the ‘keeper only for him to scramble it over the line for us. Thanks very much, game over. It could then have been more but time and time again Andy Reid would put completely the wrong ball across even when he had plenty of time. Not good enough.

There are things we need to improve for the trip to Balckburn and for the visit of the Mafia. The right wing was non-existent as Tainio came in field a lot. He had a good game but we were not able to get forward and attack down the right too often. Reid was also poor and must raise his game much more than it is now.

Nevertheless, this was a good win. ‘Boro are a good side and I feel they probably haven’t got going yet. Lets hope they try and be a little less boring. Come the end of the season they will probably be challenging us for the top sixth finish we want. However they seem like Spurs under Hoddle a little. Maybe a little too much experience now a days and not many younger legs.


Pre match entertainment:

Who had the pleasure of listening to Gary O’Reilly befor the game? Wasn’t he awful? I have emailed the club about it and a copy is below. Lets try and get this moron the boot before too long.


I write regarding the pre-match entertainment at Spurs and the introduction of Gary O'Reilly. When I saw him at the Porto game he was truly awful but I did not worry as in the program it stated he was a guest presenter. Imagine my horror when he turned up again yesterday! His presenting skills are atrocious, I find him irritating at best. Although he played for the club he doesn't seem to know anything about us. No one is interested in trivia questions before the game and the cheering a goal section is just embarrassing. No one cheered, as they couldn't care less. Gary's introduction at the Lane has worsened the pre-match entertainment to a new low. I understand that the club wants to bring more people into the ground earlier for security and revenue reasons but I find it hard to believe that anyone will be able to sit through another dreadful show presented by Gary again. I for one will not be arriving at the ground early anymore if I have to watch that rubbish again. Brian Alexandra, from last season, is a proper journalist with years of experience. He did a far better job. Can the club please remove this idiot before they drive everyone into the surrounding pubs until 2:45pm!

Yours Sincerely,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Although we won yesterday, i thought we got off lightly,Boro had enough chances to win by 4 or 5,in the midfield especially with davids and Carrick as they r too similar a player
as highlighted on match of the day.

6:21 PM, August 21, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not sure what game you were at. Yes 'boro had chances but have you seen the stats? We had 60% possession, more shots on goal and more shots on target. It was a hard fought victory and yes we can improve but hey, it's 6pts out of 6pts. Lets celebrate that for a few days. Also I think your critisim of Andy Reid is unfair. I and the other supporters around me thought he worked his socks off and had a very good game.

7:38 PM, August 21, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes i agree davids and carrick are similar players, but they need time to gel and adapt- and i'm sure it will work out fine. (this might be a logical reason to bring in jenas if things don't work out)

11:08 PM, August 21, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes Boro had some chances and played well at the start of the second half, but if you don't take the chances you dont win games.

Carrick and Davids will gel quickly and get to know each others game, Hansen loves to pick holes in spurs' game but two wins two clean sheets is a good start in anyones book.
Have to disagree with the author about Reid, Thought he played well especially in the first half where he was getting forward and putting balls over, he made a couple of poor decisions in the latter stages of the game but on the whole did well. Also impressed with Teemu, some decent touches and will get better but we missed the outlet that Routledge will give us out wide. My only real concern was Edman, bit shaky on the ball at times, we really need some competition at L/back

10:06 AM, August 22, 2005

Blogger Cathal Breathnach said...

Looks like Spurs could be in for a great season.

10:13 PM, August 24, 2005


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