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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Are Spurs better than last year?

We can analyse how far Spurs have improved, so far, over last season by comparing the results we have had so far this season with the results for the corresponding fixtures last.

Most Premiership teams have improved their squad over the summer along with Spurs so this will be interesting to see if it looks like our improvements have been better than the oppositions’ improvements. It is also Jol’s first full season and pre-season in charge of the lads.

We began the season away at Portsmouth. Not a happy hunting ground in recent years, Spurs won 2-0. Last season was a different story and it saw us lose 2-0. Already three points better off!

Next up was Middlesbrough at home. This season and last season saw us run out 2-0 winners. Then came Blackburn away. Last season we won 1-0 thanks to a Robbie Keane winner. This season saw Jol’s first real mistake when he fielded a weakened side with one eye on the Chelsea game. We only took a point and this brings our overall improvement so far back down to one point. We then faced Chelsea and lost 2-0 on both occasions.

Liverpool at home followed and we played out an entertaining draw this year and last, except this year we failed to score. Spurs then travelled to Villa and gained a point as opposed to a defeat last year bringing the overall improvement to 2 points. Fulham at home followed that game for our first Monday night game of the season. Spurs finally won 1-0 in what was a drab affair. We also beat Fulham last season 2-0.

The last game in our little comparison is against Charlton. The result looked like it was going the same way as last season’s 2-0 defeat before we pulled it out of the bag for a great away day victory to remember. This lifts our season’s improvement to 5 points overall so far. Averaged out over a season this would give us approximately 18 more points than last year and would have given us 70 points, comfortably fourth spot, a full seven points behind Manchester United. Our average points this season currently stands at 1.875 a game, considerably higher than our 1.4 we managed across the whole of last season.

Obviously all sorts of things can happen but it has been a promising start. I happened to have last season’s Charlton program lying around. After 11 games we had just 13 points and were heading for our worst run of the season so this also points to an improvement overall this term.

Looking at it another way, after 8 the first eight games Spurs have won 4 games, drawn 3 and lost only one. Probably more importantly we are unbeaten away from home. Remember it was our woeful away record after Christmas that ultimately cost us a place in Europe. Last season, after eight games, we had won three, drawn 4 and lost only one leaving us with 15 points this term compared with 12 points last.

Of course you can bend statistics any way you like really to paint the picture you want to see. Last season we thrashed Oldham 6-0 while we all know what happened against Grimsby. However I can feel we are better this term. We can see that the squad is more complete and stronger with better quality of players. Lets just hope that we do end up with 70 odd points come May. Lets face it, apart from Chelsea, anyone could finish almost anywhere. It is ours for the taking.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Firstly I think calulating the points and speculating about our final league positin is a bit silly. Saying that we would end up with 70 points and 4 after 8 games is extremely premature, especially that our defence still leaves much to be desired. Secondly I believe that the Champions League is too big for us at the moment and could cripple us, just as it did Everton. I do however think that if our current form were to continue, qualifying for and winning the UEFA cup is realistic. I hope so anyway.

9:18 PM, October 04, 2005

Blogger Paxton Road said...

I'm not syaing we would end up with 70 points, I'm just making an analysis of what has happened so far.

9:21 PM, October 04, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is a victory against Pompey only worth 1 point these days then?

9:29 PM, October 04, 2005

Anonymous peter said...

I feel that the team isn't playing very well because the new players have not gelled together yet with the rest of the team,so we must be encouraged with the start we have had. so come on you spurs.


9:30 PM, October 04, 2005

Blogger pete said...

still too early to say. some of the performances have been encouraging, but even against charlton the back four were exposed too often.

at the moment, i'd accept top half and a good cup run. champions league is too much to hope for, uefa cup would be nice and is the logical step up.

there's the arse, man u. to come. everton is a must win given their sorry state.

all told, i'm a fan of jol and the moves he's made. now i want to see consolidation, further development of younger players within the club and not spending beyond our means.

let chelsea break the bank. that'll end in tears in a few years when sugar daddy leaves.

9:37 PM, October 04, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is every talking about new players coming in?? We dont need any more to come, we have a decent squad that should be aiming high. Let the players we have gel together first and see how we perform. They are playing well atm and the have'nt even gelled togeher. So when they get to know each other and know each others game then who knows where we'll end up,

no more players until we actually need them

9:47 PM, October 04, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

How daft it is to say that CL is too big for us.In comparison to Everton even last season we had better individuals than 3 out of 4 other teams who finished immediately above us.Everton last season finished fourth all down to not having a single serious injury or long suspension to any of their key players besides they did not buy well.How can you possibly compare Spurs current squad to Everton? There is a light year difference in quality ,there is not a single Everton player who would make the bench at Spurs at the moment.CL is never too big for Spurs ,specially when we have a set up includes Damien Comolli who knows how to pull a big transfer deal and in case of Spurs making the CL you bet we will be spending right up there with the best,Brown,Davis,Bunjy etc will be replaced with top names.Remember this aint Everton this is TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR.

10:07 PM, October 04, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

We all know deep in our hearts, that realistically were on this slow road to watch spurs progressing for the first time in years! I know its a shock,but for the first time in years were actually beggining to do something...Forgtr champions league, give me 6th in the league any day, when was the last time we done that. I'd like to think most spurs boys will agree with me on this...COYS

11:39 PM, October 04, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have also followed the rate of points we have acquired under Martin Jol and the original article was spot on.
It is premature but still relevant. We have raised standards over the last year and feel that this squad being so young and new to the club,are doing extremely well. The target has got to be 60 points, and it doesn't matter too much what other teams do if we exceed that. 9 or 10 points from every 6 games is realistic but also achievable as MJ has been getting around that since he started, with 53 points from 33 games(I dont count his first game) Now we are seeing this team getting 6 on the board after 2 games on both sets of 6 this season. After starting so well and getting some tricky games out the way, we have a great chance of being very high in the table come XMAS. We must be ruthless and beat all the lower table teams we play in November and December. The point that I and Mr Paxton are making is that this team should get alot better over time but we are already doing very well, The sky's the limit, well runners up to Chelsea maybe!

12:27 AM, October 05, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Also continuing from the last post. We certainly do need new players, but only three more and then leave it. We must sign a world class left winger. A top left back, and a striker that will be more suitable than Rasiak. I reckon go back for Kuiyt get Wayne Bridge and bring Ginola out of retirement.

12:31 AM, October 05, 2005

Blogger baggy_matty said...

Never mind last season, IMHO this is the best Spurs have been since the Waddle/Hoddle days..

12:44 AM, October 05, 2005

Anonymous Spursfan said...

Firstly I wouldn't set Champions League at our sights so soon as said by others. Although we might be lucky to scrap thru 3-2 at Charlton, and even if we really finish 3rd this season, we still have one problem.

Guys, look at Spurs' games, do our tempo of the game, the way they play, looks like that of a Champion? I think we still lack of that solid passing and rockhard confidence needed to play at the European level e.g. look at Man Utd or Arsenal... I'm not a fan of them but look at their games, that sort of team ball control.

I'm sure Spurs are on the rise, especially after the Lennon great play against Fulham, we know we will have the days of Gazza back except now for one to spring out from the ground in place of Gary Lineker.

12:56 AM, October 05, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i agree with thse who say its too early yet to judge, we have a lot of new players still adapting to the team and how we play.

yes we are 3rd but i dont believe we are anywhere near top form yet.

jenas has been....... i'll stick with clumsy for now, he cost us a goal at villa ad very nearly against fulham. but! given time he will settle and is a great talent

well done to aaron lennon. you've been great kiddo

as has robinson he saved us 15 pts last year and probably 5 or 6 this season so far.

I say lets not speculate lets enjoy being where we are and hope it stays this way if not then why panic or criticise... progress takes time, we know we have the talent there now we have to trust them to perform not turn on them if they dont. Lets be honest it is a close group of players robbo has signed long term and ledley is about too if players like this are happy to stay something within the club is as it should be.

trust the lads and the manager and we can do something all the gooners, the irons and anyone else said or are saying we would never do, but lets face facts we arent man u or chelsea we will have to work f***ing hard to do it and in time with patience and hard work we be.


wish i was with you but my money goes on travelling the globe to watch england get tonked until germany next year that is

1:14 AM, October 05, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

with regards to my last post (above)

as i said dont panic if it doesnt all fall into place just yet everyone has a bad patch.

Was anyone here at the Porto game?

This was the team who won cl 2 years ago and having not been spurs since the gazza days i was very impressed ignore the finishing from defoe world class by the way the team as a whole.

only concern is defence naybet is great but getting on dawson needs time its the full backs that worry me (def NO to glenn johnson who keeps getting mentioned)

they llok good going forward but as ever spurs look fragile at the back especially the flanks as our fullbacks are always attacking, maybe a bit harsh on stalteri who i have been reasonably impressed with (at times) but still get the scouts out to find some full backs who can defend

also anyone else heard zeigler is happy in germany and not too keen on returning, wasnt aware but he was supposedly a bit home sick away from central europe, it would be a shame too see a young talent like that slip away.

any thoughts.................

1:24 AM, October 05, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes I was at Porto, and thought we were ok not especially wonderful. I thought the team got everso better when Davids came on. Also I reckon that Dawson has settled in brillianly and him Gardner and Huddlestone can be the future with deadly Ledley of course. Naybet I think is being kept around for experience in the squad, why do you think Bunjevcevic is still there. He has only played as we have injuries and Huddlestone is being groomed. This is for now though, and as I have said in a previous post it is gonna take a bit of time for the cohesion but it will come and to be where we are already with some very winnable games coming up in Nov/Dec, is a great achievement. We seem to have a winning mentality and lots of quality which will both get even better. I'm serious in thinking there is a chance of competing for even higher than 4th. Arse and Mancs dont look all that to me, and if we can be ruthless against weaker teams you never know.

3:22 AM, October 05, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Statistics can be bent, but 3 wins and four draws is not 12 points.

3:46 AM, October 05, 2005

Blogger Spurs for ever said...

I would like to see we gid rid of 3 or 4 players and bring in one in central midfield, one leftside and a proven goalscorer in the January window.

The following is taken from Tottenham Chairman's statement results out today which hints of getting rid of some of the players in the January window.

"Having noted in the prior year's Chairman's statement that the ongoing level of
investment was not sustainable, the financial stability and improvement in
operations have enabled further investment during the year and since the year
end. We now have some unrivalled talent and a young, but clearly large, squad.
We will look to strengthen areas where we see weaknesses but ultimately we have
to ensure we do not overstep the balance between players being motivated to
fight for places and players not being able to reach their potential through
lack of opportunity."

7:46 AM, October 05, 2005

Blogger CAPS_FOETUS said...


9:25 AM, October 05, 2005

Blogger weymouth SPUR said...

Rome wasn't built in a day fellas! I can agree with both sides. Maybe we shouldn't get ahead of ourselves, but europe is well within our grasp. If you look at the early days of Fergie at Man U he did fuck all for the first couple of seasons and could have been given the boot. He created one of the most successful teams in england by grooming a team of talented young lads because he was given time. MJ has the same opportunity at the lane. If we don't make the top 4 then it is not the end of the world. Good things come to those who wait! We need to remember that the core of the side is new (before you say it, apart from Robbo, King and Defoe) and have only had a few games to get to know each other. We haven't clicked and we are still getting results. Just stand by when we do because is going to get tanked.


Weymouth spur

9:35 AM, October 05, 2005

Blogger weymouth SPUR said...

sorry I missed the word 'someone' in the last sentence.

9:36 AM, October 05, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

People ask Keane and Mendes to play, but when MJ fielded both of them in Blackburn game people accused him of "playing a weakend side" -
Bull S...t

10:40 AM, October 05, 2005

Anonymous parklanespur said...

i believe we are in a perfect position having played some difficult long as we beat teams like wigan, sunderland, WEST HAM, portsmouth, everton twice this season then we will almost certainly finish in the top six.

we need one to come in January and that is a left winger with a lot of pace, reid doesn't have that and is not good enough. but we do need to let a least five go.......reid,davis,brown,bunjy,mendes.

10:44 AM, October 05, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Then came Blackburn away. Last season we won 1-0 thanks to a Robbie Keane winner. This season saw Jol’s first real mistake when he fielded a weakened side..."
What a weakend side?..Keane played 90 minutes in this game instead of Defoe! Is that not what many of us like to see?

10:47 AM, October 05, 2005

Anonymous Spurs for Life said...

It's very refreshing to see a blog that doesn't see our fans slating players and each other and recognises the positive vibes coming from the Lane at the moment. We've made a great start to the season and let's hope it continues. We've had injuries and still had enough quality players come in to fight for their position and scrape the points. We did mug Charlton but it kept me smiling all weekend, poor old Luke Young, did you see those chances he had and missed :o) Also Mendes has impressed me since Carrick got crocked. He's great cover but I feel will be moving on come Jan.

Fingers crossed we can get some points against United and the Arse to keep the confidence flowing when we play those lower league teams in Nov/Dec. I would be happy this year with the UEFA cup but CL could be a possibility if the other teams keep performing as they have so far


11:12 AM, October 05, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

come on fellows im a spurs fan all the way down under in Australia love the new team to death however i was watchen portsmouth against newcastle and i was impressed with there 3 4 3 system and i thought why the hell dont we use it and have defo Keane and mido upfront dont forget it won us the game at charlton

it would also relief the fact that are midfielders arnt scoring which is a shame give us your thoughts

2:46 PM, October 05, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, we are a better team, by far. However it is important to note, how sadly the Spurs played and in disarray, after Mido got the red card against Chelsea. We had them all tied up and we were gaining momentum, until that moment. From the very moment he got the card and we were forced into a ten-man situation we crumbled and could not get back in any of the the next 3 games. Falling to Grimsby was too, too much. However, once Mido got back in the line-up we start to score and put plays together and start to gel as a team. I belive he along with a few others is the catalyst that will make this Spurs Team Special and will have them rivaling any champion club that comes along.
I believe Mido is the ticket to a successful season and he has melded well with the team. As Mido goes, so goes Defoe. They work well together and I sincerely hope Martin lands him bigtime for the Spurs fans.

11:21 PM, October 05, 2005

Anonymous Brad said...

Definitely - Mido has come in for a lot of stick from alot of spurs fans but those that do give him stick dont appreciate his real worth in the team - providing that last flicker of creativity in the final third of the field that Tottenham were woefully lacking during his suspension. Mido is class and seems to have found his home at Tottenham. I hope Levy et al are already sewing up his permanent move with the Roma lot as we speak.

1:26 PM, October 06, 2005

Blogger beechy said...

REMEMBER THE QUESTION WAS,"are we better than last year." And the answer is YES. But wait a minute. There's 30 games left! We shouldn't be focusing on how we end up. We should be focusing on beating Everton at The Lane. 3rd v 20th should be a home win. MJ is doing fine and we all know if he had ALL of last season we would've been in Europe. Why do so many fans have a go at him when he doesn't get it right? He brought us improvement last season and we're 3rd now. Forget CL. 5th or 6th would be our best finish since '89/'90.(stattos check this but i think i'm right) There really is no pleasing some people. We're better than last year, we're moving in the right direction, let's not try running before we can walk. It's coming, we can all smell it. Just get behind MJ and the lads, not on their backs. No fucking booing or groaning.

10:29 AM, October 07, 2005


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