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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Spurs take a point.

Spurs took an excellent point away from Old Trafford yesterday after trailing for most of the game.

Manure took the lead after Dawson just caught Rooney on the break. From the resultant free kick Van Horse Face had a weak header at goal. It bounced awkwardly for Robinson who spilled it and Silvestre was able to prod home. It was Robinson’s first real mistake in virtually the whole time he has been here so I think we can forgive him! However it was a blow and Spurs teams of the past would have gone on to lose this game and lose it badly. However we now had a better squad and more resolve which allowed us to fight our way back into the game.

To be fair the first half did belong to Manchester United. Robinson made a couple of good saves and O’Shea should have made it two-nil but didn’t. Spurs best chance of the half came in the 42nd minute when Mido won his first header of the game. Defoe picked it up and shot from distance causing Van der Sar to make a good save. This highlighted the problem of the Mido Defoe partnership. If Mido does not win the headers then Defoe is almost completely eliminated from the game and we still need to work on getting the ball to Defoe’s feet.

Spurs were much improved in the second half putting on the pressure with a succession of quick corners. The corner delivery was generally very good but we did not attack the space in the box well and was not able to make use of the good delivery. Spurs were level in the 72nd minute when Defoe was fouled on the edge of the box. Jenas stepped up and struck a brilliant free kick that was never ever going to be saved. Carrick then hit the bar before, rather worryingly, Ronaldo was left completely unmarked on the final corner of the game to, luckily, head wide.

I thought the overall performance was strong especially in the second half. Lennon had an off day and I have read a few fools slagging him off on the Spurs message boards. What they forget is that he is 18 and still learning. He is still a threat and should give Clichy the run around next week. Stalteri however looks dreadful once again and I just can’t fathom how he continues to play week in week out at right back when we have Kelly to come in and replace him. Jeans looks completely different to the player who joined us from Newcastle and long may it continue! Confidence is what it is all about.

The worst performance of the day goes to Uriah Rennie for his complete lack of consistency. He booked Davids for a similar unpunished challenge by Smith a few minutes earlier. Smith’s reaction was what led to the booking and just showed himself up for the thug he really is. Now Davids misses the game against the filth, which is unfortunate, but we now have the cover ensure we have an excellent opportunity to beat the cheating bastards from Woolwich.

Bring it on!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I tot the same about Salteri.We have not get the rightback position sorted out and I'm as miff as anyone why Kelly is displaced when Salteri continue to fumble and is the weak link in the defnse.Maybe Jol knows something we don't.Perhaps his CL experience give him the slight edge over Kelly.
We have to start winning against the big 3 or 4 to be treated as a credible CL candidate.Drawing this games is just not enough.I sense that there is a lack of self belief still within the team and hopefully they can take courage with yesterday performance.Now is as good as anytime to take on Arsenal.

1:13 PM, October 23, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rennie always was always going to make this sort of decision vs us, as he has been doing it for yrs and naturally we were never going to get a penalty at OT unless somebody had a leg amputated by one of the classic manure kneecap tackles.

I know that it is easy to knock referees as they are human after all. But i would just like to see(for once) an even spread of this humanity and not the old and the usual top 3 homeground bias we constantly see.
Is such an imbalanced yellow appealable? I would guess not but it should be. I remember when keane took out Sheringham and put himout for a season and when some other MU scumbag did it to someone else decades ago(? mackay but I really am guessing) they have a decades long reputation for this sort of thing as did Liverpool and the scum. Maybe the little smithshit should be reported for his tackle? Hopeful only as Jol is too much of a gentleman to whinge.

3:05 PM, October 23, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stalteri was totally out of his depth until 30mins and then he came good but only just. He is a liability and with a winger in front of him we need someone more defensively sound. Apparently this was why lennon went to the LW and Jenas to the right and not for tactical reasons as many have said.

Bring on Kelly or blood Ifill or find someone useful and not on a Bosman.

3:09 PM, October 23, 2005

Blogger KingGlenn said...

Totally agree with the Stalteri point. Can't see why BMJ persists with him. If I were Kelly I'd wonder what I had to do to get another chance.
Huge shame about SuperDavids for the Scum, but it has to be Mendes to replace him - a cool head & a bit of experience in what is bound to be a fiery match.
COYS, this is the one!

7:47 PM, October 23, 2005

Anonymous cheshunt yid said...

mendes to replace davids ? how about tanio ? attacking and gets stuck in ? personally i think jol will play reid for bance

11:39 AM, October 24, 2005


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