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Friday, October 14, 2005

Spurs Vs. Everton.

Spurs face bottom club Everton tomorrow at White Hart Lane. A good win could see us go second and at the very least stay third. However a defeat could see us slip to seventh so we will have to put in a professional performance to put away Spurs’ favourite club. Tottenham have lost only one game in the last sixteen games in the league against The Toffees and beat Everton home and away last season including the 5-2 thrashing on New Years Day.

Of course Spurs have been in these sorts of positions before and then go a blow it with a lousy performance. However we beat Fulham three weeks ago and turned a two-goal deficit around at Charlton two weeks ago to take all the points so this could be a sign that we are beginning to cope with pressure a bit better than we used to. Another interesting fact is that only Chelsea have conceded less goals than us than this season and of course we have only lost once in the league all season.

Paul Robinson will start in goal with Stalteri at right back with Naybet lining alongside Dawson in the middle and Lee will be recalled at the left. If King makes it then I expect Naybet to drop to the bench although I still currently prefer his experience at the back to Dawson’s. I would expect Lennon to stay wide right but for how much longer is unclear. I saw Routledge in Croydon on Monday and he looked like he was walking fine so he may be back soon. Carrick is fit and will be recalled and will hopefully line up alongside Davids, who did so much more in the middle against Charlton than on the left. However don’t be surprised if our best midfielder is pushed out wide again for the so far shocking Jenes to be put in the middle.

Up front I really do think that Robbie Keane should start. He has a good record against Everton and has looked like he is going to score far more often than Defoe at the minute. Alongside whoever plays will be Mido, who has recovered from a hamstring.

Based on the season so far Spurs should walk this but will only do so with the right attitude and a top class performance. Failure on one of these counts will see Everton take the points.



The police have now seen sense and re-opened Northumberland Park for tomorrow’s game. However White Hart Lane and Bruce Grove remain shut. The Northern Line has been closed since Wednesday and it is unlikely to open tomorrow.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How long will MJ persist with the idea of Jenas and Carrick in the centre pushing davids out wide left? It has failed time and agai. Jenas simply isn't good enough. I just cannot understand what he's trying to achieve by repeating the mistake.

12:03 AM, October 15, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's watch our ambitious young squad grow under the assembled mentors.

The Everton at WHL fixture is an ideal moment to trip up. We must give the toffees our respect.

We want to win, but we do not want to undermine MJ's team, should they have an off day. Our medium to long-term ambitions are more important.

It is starting to happen - stay cool.

12:21 AM, October 15, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

he's trying to play him as much as possible so as to give him confidence and hopefully see a change in form.... you need to play to improve!

12:45 AM, October 15, 2005

Blogger Minh said...

For me, i think the squad for this week's game will be Paul Robinson, Stalteri, Naybet,Dawson,Lee, Lennon, David, Carrick, Jenas, Keane and Defoe! Because most of them had good rest within two weeks break. The others like Mido, King, Ried, or Rajiak had have a tired week for Qualified worldcup! But I think our team will win the game!

8:55 AM, October 15, 2005

Blogger Minh said...

Everyone will see how we win the game this weekend with Everton! I think we will beat them more than 2 goals! God will bless us!!!!

9:01 AM, October 15, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

half time - and things are not happening for us...Davids on the left is clearly not exerting as much influence as in the middle - sadly, Martin Jol infuriatingly persists with Jenas who is failing to contribute much - again!...

Has Jol been hanging out too much with Ericsson, playing out-of-form player no matter what, to the disadvantage of the team and denying chances for other players (Mendes)???

4:01 PM, October 15, 2005

Blogger fifa2006 said...

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