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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Adel Taarabt confirmed.

As revealed by The Shelf last week Adel Taarabt has signed for the club on loan. We have an option to buy him from Lens at the end of the loan period. Adel Taarabt is highly rated and can play on either wing or as a striker. The loan part surprised me but it does mean we have not wasted any cash if he hates it in England or is actually rubbish. However being rubbish does not stop us offering anyone a contract, ask Mido about that.



Anonymous dannyboy said...

here we go - the start of another transfer merry go round !
if you believe all the reports on the web, we are about to sign gareth barry, ashley young, baines, gareth bale, matthew upson, peter crouch. Edgar davids is off to west ham and danny murphy to fulham ! and its only the 2nd jan !!

and thats to go with the kid taarabt and now ben alynwick from the monkey hangers!

i'll let you know what i think - if and when we sign a player and hes pictured in a spurs shirt shaking hands with jol at WHL, then i'll believe it. until then, what a load of bollocks the likes of clubcall and vital report. (i'll probably still read it though!)

anyhow, i hope jol doesnt go to town on the transfers, maybe just a couple in the obvious positions to supplement what we have, otherwise we will have yet more excuses of 'bedding in, new players, got to get used to each other 'etc.

finally, decent result yesterday at a very hard place to go to this season. i cant believe the amount of slating ghaly has got - the bloke lost 4 teeth and got stitched up, yet carried on !


6:42 PM, January 02, 2007

Blogger Summerspur said...

not a bad display at pompey, rain seems to bring a sense of urgency about our play, as at lane on saturday. perhaps we could leave sprinklers on in future.
on the downside, away end was roofless, defendig corners was useless and ghaly as usual was er.... toothless.
has tony adams had planning permission for that nose.

7:32 PM, January 02, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Once again the opportunity to (finally) find a solution for the left side.

Nope.....we'll probably sign a right back, 2 more central midfielders and some plank who no-ones heard of and get mad again until the summer.

Of the names doing the rounds wouldn't mind if we signed any of:

Gareth Bale
Curtis Davies
Wayne Bridge
Gareth Barry
MG Pedersen
Ronaldinho (got cha!)
Ashley Young
Lee Cook
Giles Barnes

Don't want: (anywhere near WHL)

Matthew Upson
Peter Crouches
David Beckham
Stewart Drown'him
Keiran Richardson
Wes Brown, oh come on ffs!
Abdoulaye Meite
Yildiray Basturk
Olivier Thomert
Craig Bellamy

Happy New Year

Let the fun begin !

6:45 PM, January 03, 2007

Blogger Levi said...

we should also take feyenoord's jonathan de guzman, just to make sure we can beat them. that and he is actually a good midfielder who can play the wing if called upon.

7:15 PM, January 03, 2007

Anonymous cheshunt yid said...

my name is cheshunt flid and i have a confession., My new years reso was to stop lying because i have been lying to you all. i have been blogging as dannyboy but really you all know me as cheshnut flid, rainman himself.

i am a sad twat who sits by my pc for hours on end refreshing all the blogs so i can be the first to scribble on a 'new post', its soo exciting !

I like to think i know everything and anything but in truth i don't really know a lot, i just babble and talk like a complete moron, which i am.

I know fook all about soccer and just embarrass, my-badself boo check it, with my self-indulged waffle about heaps down the spaceways dump

Anyway Happy New slapping and all the breast

Cheshunt Yid

aka 'Flidboy' Dannyboy

Jol Out Jol Out !! the fat bastad

1:38 PM, January 04, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

dannyboy, it was the good people of hartlepool who hanged the monkey, not sunderland; altho i must say it is a difference thatmeans little to me so ignore this comment!

7:24 PM, January 04, 2007

Blogger Harry Hotspur said...

Cheshunt Yid - You ARE Rainman. And do you know how I know that?

Because it was ME, all that time ago who christianed you. Great to see you decided to take the name on.


7:43 PM, January 04, 2007

Anonymous dannyboy said...

cheshunt yid - stop impersonating me ya dick'ead!
id love to have time sitting at my pc all day, but some of us have jobs, families etc.
come on, be honest cheshunt boy, you're really bloghead in disguise.
now go away and get back to licking your own groin !


8:01 PM, January 04, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello all, this is dannyboy aka harryhotspur aka chesnut flid aka vince aka el aka summerspur aka levi aka bloghead aka yid15 aka anonymous aka waddlesmullet aka everyone else.

I'm the only one who uses this site and I've been talking to myselves for all these years. I'm still suffering from multiple personality disorder and if we don't get some help soon our incarceration at the local psychiatric hospital will result in my having to end my 'shelf' & 'harryhotspur' sites. I prey to god this won't happen as we enjoy these talks immensely.

The voices are telling me to stop now.

11:21 PM, January 04, 2007

Anonymous cheshunt yid said...

Hi guys, it's me flangeboy

let's all post our dream squad lists and favourite starting xi

c'mon guys, lets play



7:50 AM, January 05, 2007


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