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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Jol sacked

The club have finally come out and sacked Jol. His job was untenable after the secret meeting between Ramos and Spurs board members back in August.

Since then we have all known that there was really no way for Jol to recover - he was like the Titanic - always going to sink, just a matter of when.

What is so disappointing is that Levy did not have the balls to sack him in the summer when we could have had an orderly transition and then went about it in a snide, back handed way. Tottenham Hotspur Football Club once again look's like a sinking ship with a little buffoon at the helm.

Ramos has been approached yet again with Poyet to be his number two. The Sun claims it is all sown up and he will be in charge for Wednesday's game with Blackpool but more reliable sources say it is still not done as we won't pay the compensation Sevilla want. As usual Levy is more worried about his dividend than the actual club.

Jol had his faults and once the players knew it was only a matter of time before he was given the bullet they failed to perform. The individual mistakes have been appalling and Levy would do us all a favor if he also sacked Zokora, one of the worst players I have seen in a Spurs shirt. I think the fact he was captain tonight was an ironic joke on Jol's behalf. Bent not making an appearance also speaks volumes about who wanted him. While we are stuck with a meddling french man who thinks Zokora could replace Carrick and that Bent was the player we needed when we all knew the midfield was rubbish means we have no chance of making the progress we all want.

The treatment of Jol has been a disgrace. Maybe he had gone as far as he could but the guy did get us two UEFA cup finishes, our best league manager since the early 80s. He deserved better as do all Spurs fans. We deserve better than ENIC.

What worries me most is Levy's previous appointments - Hoddle, Pleat and Santini all come from our great chairman. Redknapp next when Ramos tells us to do one? God help us.



Anonymous shelf16 said...

This is an emotional time for all spurs fans and I agree that Jol should have been either sacked in the summer or given unequivable support for the rest of the season, but we all now need to get behind the club in it's hour of need. Levy et al have made a right pigs ear of sacking Jol and appointing a successor, but they have also been responsible for stabilising the club and setting the high expectations that Jol has engineered. I'm afraid that football has changed so much that any sentimentality is now regarded as weakness. If we want to progress and succeed we have to be as ruthless as the other clubs. I for one would have loved MJ to take us on to dizzying heights, but unfortunately that wasn't going to happen. I wish MJ all the best and am glad that he has left with the fans still singing his name, he will always now be a white hart lane legend, but we are going to move on now and I hope that in Ramos the board have chosen the right man to achieve their ambition. As an aside, people always say that Zokora was bought as a replacement for Carrick, which isn't true. Zok was bought at the end of the world cup, Carrick was sold just before the season started after we received an offer from Man U, which at the time seemed ridiculous. I still believe it was a mistake to sell him, but it appears that with only two years on a contract the players can call the shots. We will be in a simillar situation with Berbatov this summer. He will only stay if he falls in love with the new manager or he doesn't receive a 25 mill + offer.

12:49 AM, October 26, 2007

Anonymous JC said...

A sad but unfortunately expected night for Spurs and BMJ. Out with the board who will no doubt continue to piss about in search of more record profits and not a team with a manager who actually gives a @*%& about the club, in with a fans buyout, vive la revolution... Martin Jol, we salute you.

1:54 AM, October 26, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuck off all you CUUUUUUNTS that r happy now! I hope greedy Jew CUNT Levy and FAT JEW CUNT Kelmsey die slooooooooowly. Neither r Yiddos and neither have a fucking clue about football, Jol was the best thing 2 happen since Gazza and those 2 CUUUUUUUUNTS fucked it up, Never been this low in 42 years - I spend a lot of time in USA and will be looking to have chat with the fat jewish cunt fucker Kelmsey

2:25 AM, October 26, 2007

Blogger Vimal said...

I have been a Spurs fan for past 25 years. It really hurt me to see the club in this situation.

The team does not even have a firm 1st choice strikers,, keep changing them, because too many of them.

The club need a good midfield control. Jermaine is not good enough,, I understand Jol wanted a midfielder, but Levy insisted on buying new strickers.

It is time that you also leave the club,,for the sake of the club. If you love the club,, just leave.

6:20 AM, October 26, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

right i just had a horrifying thought. england fail to qualify, McClaren Sacked. WE hire him. shit!

9:23 AM, October 26, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

very strnage that everybody seems to be slagging off the board.
What is it that is annoying people? Is it that they have ploughed loads of money into the club, that there have been striving constantly to improve the club, is it the fact they have turned spurs into a profit making company. These 3 men are not blame for the inept performances of the squad this season.
You cannot hate them for talking to other managers either. They are looking for constant improvement and to achive this you have to be one step ahead of the game. The only critisim you can have of the board is they got caught talking to Ramos.

3:16 PM, October 26, 2007

Anonymous dannyboy said...

i think your comments on the board are wrong. levy has invested heavily, year on year since taking over. he is justified in wanting success. what is wrong is the way jol was treated; sack him or back him, end of.
to correct one point - zokora was bought to play alongside carrick, not to replace him.
roll on the good times. i for one am looking forward to ramos starting - we need to give him 100%.
glad that hughton and segers have gone as well; was time for a complete coaching overhaul.
the king is dead, long live the king.

4:24 PM, October 26, 2007

Anonymous LaurenceH said...

Well, the big man has gone .I think it may have been time as results have not been good enough BUT BUT BUT for Mr Levy aka touche turtle (thats for the over 35s who remember what TT looked like) and his sidekick Dum Dum , i mean Kemsley , laughin when THEIR team conceded a goal is a disgrace ! So DL , did Uncle Joe stick his hand up ur arse as we all know you are his puppet and Kems , did Uncle Alan tell you to get out ? More time for your kids , don't u mean more time in the Tottenham Star kebab shop ? You both call yourselves entrepreneurs . Mr K , ure property company flippin website don't even work !! We thought the days of embarrasing chairman had gone when Sir Alan / Irving Scholar went on their merry ways but you guys , well , you have been unhumane and the laughing stock of football ! Anyway , at least BMJ will go to pastures new knowing that most supporters were behind him . I have never known a crowd to get behind a sacked manager than we did last night . God bless the spurs faithful !

5:50 PM, October 26, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

TO ALL YOU IDIOT GOONERS. To remind you...You have won nothing yet?!? So f@ck off and stop being so premature, AS PER USUAL. 10 Games in and all your players are giving it the big one in the press. 'We're the new Brazil'...'i want to be a striking legend' big headed, no wonder everyone hates Arsenal and that cheating conniving kiddy fiddler called Arsene. You have had a really easy start comparitively in a tough league for the first 10 games (YES, you beat a troubled Spurs team...lets face it, and we still could have beat you if we scored our chances)...lets see where you are once you have played some tougher matches at home and away. ps...I will be donning a Man Utd shirt when they play you i hate your fans so much... Lets hope they smash you and shut you Wank@ers up. Far too big beckons.

Surrey Yid

9:37 AM, October 27, 2007

Blogger Toby said...

I have to say that I am bitterly upset about the way "my club" has treated Martin Jol- by association it makes me feel embarrased and frustrated.

I liked Martin Jol but I didnt think he was a great manager- probably the best I have seen at Spurs in the last twenty years- but not a Wenger, a Ferguson or a Mourinho type, which possibly Ramos is so I am excited to see if he will deliver.

But if you were tempted by a job at Spurs, you would realise that you would have to contend with the ENIC lot who are living some playground fantasy at the expense of our beloved club.

I want to vent my frustration at the way Jol was so unprofessionaly treated- Mr. Levy, hasn't got a lot to get right in his chairman role other than dealing with his staff with an integrity that reflects the class of our side- and if he cannot get that right then he has to explain why not.

Approaching Ramos before Jol was out, silly little giggles during the getafe game, the story being leaked and Jol being sent a text message: That is not the way to do behave in any line of work.

Can we have our club back please. And can I have an address for Daniel Levy so that I can write to him personally.

2:46 PM, October 27, 2007

Blogger beneven said...

One of our biggest problems has been the fact that we have had no less than eight managers since 1996, suffice it to say that a consistent and long term vision for the club has been difficult come by. How are we supposed to build a winning side when no one is around long enough to actually build the squad that they want and they are hindered by constant tinkering during their brief tenure? Without a doubt, Jol is the most successful manager in the past decade--and how was he rewarded? He was undermined my Levy/Comolli, and sacked the moment any adversity arose. One fears that Ramos, by all accounts a fine manager, will have the same fate. Enjoyed the post and the blog--will be sure to put a link on my site:-).

3:58 AM, October 28, 2007

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