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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Woolwich at it again

The evil scum are at it again. They have convinced the football league that even though the Effeminates stadium has been designed to be able to hold 9,000 away fans they have never done so before so would it be possible to only have 5,000 odd instead when they play Spurs. Of course, the football league rolled over and said of course Dien, anything else we can help you with? And thus our allocation has been reduced by 4,000 tickets.

Spurs have stood their ground and will only allow 3,000 scum fans into WHL on Wednesday but the scums position has actually failed to benefit anyone. We lose, scum fans lose as they are getting a measly 3,000 tickets at the home of football, we only get 5,000 odd in a 60,000 seater stadium.

Why can the scum get away with no testing their ground properly before entering a competition where the rules state the opposition team are entitled to 15% of the grounds capacity? Why does the football league give into the pathetic excuses Dien and his cronies have rolled out?

The real reason is of course they are terrified that 9,000 yids were going to turn up and actually make an atmosphere at the Effeminates. That of course won't do as scum fans have been told in the past that they wre talking too loud and could they keep the noise down. Oh, and the corporate fans won't want to turn up if 9,000 yids are in the ground. So we have to settle for 5,500. Of course, we shall out sing the other 55,000 muppets that turn up and I hope we stuff the filth home and away.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Typical Arseanal shit.
Funny how they have this "special" relationship with the English football bigwigs ain't it?
A club built on lies and corruption,so nothing less is expected of the dirty cnuts.

God,I hope we stuff the bastards!


5:13 PM, January 18, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

they make a mockery of the f.a....untested stadium,if it's been full before then it's plenty tested. god i hope these high winds we're having expose the suspected stadium flaws and blow the bastard immigrants stadium down

5:22 PM, January 18, 2007

Blogger whitehartlaners said...

Let's turn up at Al Q'Aida Towers anyway...imagine 10,000 yiddos in the streets?? If we spread the message the Old Bill may force the scum to reconsider numbers

5:24 PM, January 18, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cant we organise some sort of protest, perhaps something along the lines of a "justice for the 4000 banner" or a load of airships like cardiff are doing at wolves

5:24 PM, January 18, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

if this had become an issue the first time with, eg, a champions league game against chelsea then they would have persuaded the police that everything was ok; why? well arsenal do not have the inappropriate influence over eufa that they have with the football league, courtesy of mr dein and all the committees on which he sits. they would not have even tried it for fear of a fine or worse. but no risk to trying it on with those in your pocket.

5:36 PM, January 18, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

scum,scum ,scum hope we batter them on and off the pitch

5:44 PM, January 18, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

5ooo yids in there place!! come on we will out sing that lot by a mile!! 3000 at the lane are going to be shitting them self!!! Were the PARK LANE!!!!

5:56 PM, January 18, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know it`s not really fair, but FFS 9000 sad pussies at the Emirates, noooooooo....

Interesting that you don`t mention how greedy your club is when it comes to pricing the tickets, SHAME ON YOU, ALWAYS GREEDY!


6:22 PM, January 18, 2007

Blogger Paxton Road said...

I think you mean 55,000 sad pussies at the Emirates

7:25 PM, January 18, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spu*rs are just a bunch of losers who know nothing else but to moan about everything as they are jealous of the success arsenal has.. Isnt it true..? ask to yourself... ;)

7:42 PM, January 18, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember 3000? sad pussies, quiet pussies when they lost against the Mighty Arsenal earlier this season....

Jeeesuuus if you lose to a bunch a teenagers...

Why are yids SOOOO GREEEEDY?


7:45 PM, January 18, 2007

Anonymous dannyboy said...

anon 7.45
what makes us greedy? all we are doing is requesting the required allocation as set out by the football league competition rules.
note when southend play us in the cup, they are receiving the required 15% allocation for away fans and the same when we played them last time out. its called fairness at the expense of having to reallocate the home fans season ticket holders.
lets face the real reason - that dein sits on lots of committes and brown noses. so shut it twat.
i so hope we do you home and away - scum filth.


9:01 PM, January 18, 2007

Blogger KanKeano said...

I don't care about Woolwich, I don't care about the corrupt bastards from Islington, as long as my Spurs remain my Spurs forever. COYS!!!!!

They can keep what they have become.

10:26 PM, January 18, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dannyboy- Arsenal always cut the prices when it comes to the Carling cup, cos we always play a B-team, however Tottenham put in a veto against that this time....

I`ve read somewhere that the awayteam gets 45% of the income from the Carling cup-games (tickets)..

10:59 PM, January 18, 2007

Anonymous GOONERBOY said...

Our kids to do your no hope glory dreamers home and away.

Your biggest night in years will be a right larf for every one as the goonerteens rip you up.

And at the Emirates be prepared for another one sided, embarassment for your no hope rabble.

Maybe your 5000 knuckle scraping boneheads will threaten vilolence and mayhem but as your team are taught another footballing lesson, the silence will be much the same as it was in your section when we thumped you 3.0.

Looking forward to your agony.


12:18 AM, January 19, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

and we all know that Wenger loves playing with the teens, doesnt he.

Forget the last time out at the imigrants, that was a blip. Back to business Wed, whoever you put out, this ones our goonshite.

Surrey Yid

11:22 AM, January 20, 2007

Anonymous goonerboy said...

Surrey Yid ?

You called that a blip ??

Your whole fuckin away form this season is a blip then is it ?

Goonerkids to do the Scummeryids

6:46 PM, January 20, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

twatenham hotspur fans.
do my head in!!!
arsenal are pride of london!!
Wait till the second leg.
we're gonna crap all over you!!!!!

1:37 PM, January 25, 2007


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