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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Spammers sneak a point.

Spurs and Wet Spam held each other to an entertaining draw today at the temporary new home (possibly) of Tottenham Hotspur today. West Ham took the lead after more comical defending by Kaboul before Rob Green made a Robinsonesqe balls up to gift Dawson a header into an open goal for the equalizer.

Spurs started very well and West Ham struggled to get hold of the ball. Spurs often have 10 minute spells like this before fading away but we kept the pressure up without creating too many chances. We then slipped up with Kaboul making another school boy error. Kaboul is too inexperienced for what he was bought for - a replacement when King is not fit. This is where Comolli has failed again - we desperately needed good quality, experienced cover and end up with Kaboul. I have no doubt he will be a good player in the future but needed easing into the Premier League, not thrown in at he deep end. Comolli's fault and it just makes me feel a little bit sorry for Jol still - badly treated using players he never wanted but thats another story.

The ref made a fool of himself for failing to give a stonewall penalty and straight red card late in the first half, a decision that would cost us the win when he saved Defoe's injury time penalty.

What was pleasing to see was the more attacking nature of Ramos compared to Jol. He was not afraid to make early substitutions and go attacking for the equaliser and then the win. Although we are still making silly errors and look rusty in places the tactical nous of Ramos and his willingness to go for the throat can only bode well. We will get caught out a couple of times but when the teams overall play improves to the level Ramos wants we shall be blowing teams away left, right and centre.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought we actually collectively played better than we have all season. I thouhgt Melbranque was causing then all kind of problems all afternoon and the movemnet of the players was good, Berba is getting better but at the moment he still doesnt look 100%. Keano got fustrated after not being given the clear penalty and i thought that affected his game. Defoe should have scored, and i believe Bent with little time he had also went about himself the right way. Kaboul was unlucky and will hopefully learn by next season that one mistake can cost a game in the Premiership but give the guy a break, he's 21:-)Jenas done well and looks better game by game but i'll wait and see before i pass judgement on that.
Bale superb i thought, this guy is going to be a star, Lennon was pretty good with definately some better crosses, Chimbonda fustrates me with his defending and sometimes i think he needs to release the bal quicker. Robbo played to me a blinder and showed whu he is and still will be England Number 1, Dawson scoring today makes up for the s*it performances you have made all season, Zokora is an ok player but i still think we could utilise his pace a bit more, but overall 2 points lost but not the end of the day, We moved up a place to 13th so all in all a good day i think, Bring on Allborg, I hope(think) we'll spank them!!!

8:39 PM, November 25, 2007

Anonymous Tottinghams said...

Well, before the game I'd have easily taken a draw - I really thought we would lose this to an on-form Spam side. But after the game, I obviously felt gutted, and cheated of a win. Overall a good performance, though.

9:20 PM, November 25, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

We look like a fit side. Personally I was happy with the performance - its good to see that we are a far classier side than the Spam given recent games against them. Ramos seems to have done a good job with Lennon. He was anonymous all season but today cropped up everywhere and hey, we could have a new right back! Bale is class - great purchase. Berbatov is like Carrick of old - a classy player - we need to keep him happy. Kaboul could be a donkey - another signing by the great Comolli. All in all I like Ramos .. I'm still nervous though. After so many false dawns I hope we have at last found the man to take us to the next level (not convinced about Poyet still) Seville last year were THE team to watch. Its going to take time to get his stamp on this team but for the first time in a while the optimism is creeping back. Write off this season unless we land a cup. JD, mate, just break the net next time you take a penalty.

10:22 PM, November 25, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a WH fan I thought the draw was a fair result. Tottenham had a lot of possession without actually creating anything; particularly in the last ten minutes we had a few chances.
Tottenham can't possibly feel hard done by about the penalty - it was offside in the first place so it's not worth arguing. Besides the ref was always going to make up for it the next time someone went down in our box.
Thought Bale looked really good. Jenas surprised me too; thought he had a decent game.

11:30 PM, November 25, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Neither Keane's nor Defoe's dives warranted a penatly. Riley was total dogsh*t all afternoon. More than 30 fouls by the spammers and only 5 by us yet we end up getting more players booked.

Thought Aaron had a bad game but am encouraged with Melbranque's performance.

1:49 AM, November 26, 2007


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