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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Downing Deal could Collapse

Top notch sources from Come On You Spurs believe that the Downing deal could fall flat on its face. Personal terms are far from agreed and there is a get out clause in Downing's contract that we are unwilling to pay. In true Spurs fashion we are expecting the player to cough up the release fee, something Downing is not keen to do.

Considering he has turned us down in the past and is not playing any better than Steed at the minute the thought of this transfer collapsing has cheered me up no end.

The most worry piece of information to come out though is that Downing is a 100% Clownolli deal and has little to do with Ramos. If true it sees our Sporting Director once again sticking his nose in where it is unwanted.



Anonymous bullers said...

Read this and then you'll understand the method in the madness - at least for Levy & Co. Agreed. But first lets talk about that cnut Comolli. He is not only responsible for new talent but also ensuring that there is peace within the camp. As far as I know the players that he was bringing in like Kaboul, Taraabt, BAE and co were being told on arrival that MJ never had a future but just keep schtum and you'll see what happens but won't be disappointed. How could these players ever play for Jol with that dressing room atmosphere? Robbo for all his blunders is at least a man of integrity and wears the shirt with pride. He was the one that had carrick up against a wall when he wanted out afetr Jol gave him his first real run in the side and made him what he is. Do you really think that Jol sold Carrick? No chance! Jol for all his negative tactics and wrong decisions knew what MC meant to the team and then Judas fecking Commolli engineered the sale. Levy obviously believed him when he sadi that he had the perfect replacement in the form of zokora but not taking anything away from Didier, our side fell apart. We are now buying this no trick pony natural left footer for a riciculous sum (quoted at 12mil 10 cash and tainio). How much do you think Manuel Fernandez would cost? Weigh up the pros and cons of each player..... There is no arguement - Levy is running a shop and they have looked at the market and the rising prices for top class footballers and they see a trend. This trend they do not see abating and since thats the forecast they are acquiring the likes of Downing, Bent, Gunter, Bale (although boy wonder bale has nothing to prove except that he can stay healthy) in the hope that the lets call them; 'tier 1 footballers' values continue to increase at the same rate they have been for the last 5-10years. That being the case then in three years after we have paid Bent 30k a week in addition to the 16.5 million that we paid for him, the average price of a striker like him will be 20-25 mil. That would mean that he would be on our books but never actually cost a penny after we sold him in 3-4 years. The reason Chimbo is on his way out is so that we can still cash in on him as he is 29 and Chelski, Villa/Other will still pay good money for him. In 2 years he won't be worth jack sh it. My opinion is that there is absolutely no way that Ramos has sanctioned an acquisition of Downing at 12 Million or 10 or 8 or 6. Ramos is just about the best thing that Judas has done for the club since defecting from the scum. However while I see our general game improving, I do don't think it will ever be possible to make a top 4 finish if he doesn't have free reign over who he buys. If we do get Downing then Ramos will have to play him at some point even if it is shop window time. That means Levy is picking the team in part and a recipe for disaster.

3:47 PM, January 13, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The ONLY way this club can progress is buy getting rid of Comolli. This man is single-handedly destroying Spurs and I can't understand how Levy can be so blind so as not to see it. We can never achieve anything under Ramos (or any manager) if Comolli is buying the players. He has wasted millions: Bent 16m, Kaboul 8m, Boateng 5m etc etc. Downing would be another Comolli mess-up

3:56 PM, January 13, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bullers you should add hit on the endof your name. What a load of boll*x.

3:57 PM, January 13, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been a little critical of Comolli because of some of his foreign buys, but i like it when he tries to buy young British players. That's the way to go! If we buy foreign, they should be top, top class! Good to see O'Hara played yesterday..thought he played well..with experience he will become better! He was atleast as good as Boateng(best young German player of the year 2006/2007 i think). That shows just that we have to give more homegrown Spurs youngsters the opportunity at the highest level, together with top foreign players like Berbatov! Getting rid of Ifil surprised me.

4:17 PM, January 13, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

didnt bmj want to join the fat zebras at st james`s park last summer??

4:22 PM, January 13, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bullers I have no idea where you get your facts from. So who exactly told you that our new signings were told that Jol was out but that had to "keep schtum"?

I see you have taken the media spin on things that all good signings were Jols and all the bad decisions were Commolli's. The fact is that all signings would have been discussed by Jol and Commolli.

I honestly think that, despite a few poor signings (Bent in particular) our buying policy is far better than it ever has been. We are no longer paying top money for players at the end of their career like Ferdinand and Sherwood. For once most of our signings have actually gone up in value instead of down.

4:38 PM, January 13, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Downing is overrated and not worth £12m.We need someone to tighten up the midfield and cover for central defence if we are to et anuthing out of this season.Oh, and apparently another left back and someone to replace Robbo.

5:07 PM, January 13, 2008

Anonymous Vinny said...

Allo chaps, first article seen from "The Shelf" in ages!

Interesting comments from Buller on the way things are being run above the managers head, however given the intelligence of a man like Ramos, cannot see him having agreed to not having ANY say in transfers, although it is an understatement to say I don't trust that Comolli had nothing to do with the sacking of MJ.

However, still don't believe MJ was the man to bring us to the next level as his style of management was no better than the typical average English manager, his tactics were inept and reeked of being from a 1980's Division One time warp probably influenced from his playing days at West Brom was it?, having never managed a top side in any top league, was never going to make the grade against master tacticians such as Mourhino, Wenger, Benitez and Ferguson. So although Comolli's potentially a big pain in the arse to any manager, in the long run may have done something which will bring us to that champs league level we crave by engineering Ramos coming in, albeit on the current state of affairs it may be at least 2 full seasons before we make that top 4 berth and a few major transfer acquisitions. Not to say Commoli shouldn't be accountable, as his transfers bar Berba have been under par for me and about time he starts uncivering some gems which was the reason he was headhunted from the scum, or else he should be fired!

Back on the question of Downing, saw the game against Liverpool and although Downing does have a great left foot delivery, allround he arguably won't give anymore benefit to the team than Steed, unless Ramos wants to move Steed into a central role to playmake and provide more service to Berbs and Keano. But then we still have Bale, who although a left back has bags more class than Downing and provided we found an adequate left back to fill in there (Lee Pyo won't be first choice for long I trust), then Bale has shown he could make a great left midfielder. Then there's even O'Hara who like Downing also has great left foot delivery and cost us nothing!, not to mention we also have Taarabt who came on at Chelsea and galvanised the team into our best spell, and excites me far more than Downing.

Second part of my argument is why the hell didn't we pay 4.5 million for Martin Petrov, far more value for money than Downing in my opinion. Then there was even Ashley Young who we refused to pay 9 million for and then we want Downing for 10 million plus Tainio?...doesn't make sense...unless this is a desperate attempt to save our season while Bale remains out and few other top quality options may be difficult to acquire due to Uefa football being in doubt for next season...mmmmmm is a bit of an expensive patch up IMO, not to mention a gamble as he could fall into the same class as many other expensive average players we're currently stuck with - Jenas, Zokora, Bent and Boateng ?( the latter 2 from what I'm seeing so far anyway, although they deserve more time than the first 2 guys I mentioned since they haven't been with us long and playing time has been limited.

Mind you beggars can't be choosers therefore until we find quality replacements which will be difficult unless we can offer European football, we cannot afford to get rid of anyone of our expensive duds at the moment I'm afraid.

Oh well...In ramos I trust, onwards and upwards...COYS!

5:42 PM, January 13, 2008

Anonymous Dissy said...

If we pay 12 million for Downing it shows how inadequate Comolli's judgement is and he shold not be trusted with Spurs money still cant see why we didn't buy Petrov he's ten times better than Downing.
Regarding Robbo he's been good for us but deserves to be dropped for his lack of form of late, if he chased after Ramos as were led to believe he should be ashamed of himself for doing it in front of others and needs to look closely at how disrespectful this action was.
Wish we could play for more than one game at a high level and consistantly.
Hopefully Ramos will sort this out.

7:03 PM, January 13, 2008

Anonymous Hamish said...

We didn't buy Petrov because he was too old. It was always touch and go and when he demanded a fortune in wage he was told to offski. I can't understand why so many of you are confused by Spurs' buying policy. We buy young and comparatively cheap for the future and on very rare occasions young and expensive for now. We don't buy old. It's frustrating in the short term as we'd all like to go out and break the bank for 30 year-old Maniche but the policy has already shown really positive results financially - it is an excellent long term strategy and Levy should take complete credit.

Always enjoy reading the schizophrenic reactions to Commoli. We all loved Jol but seem to agree that he had reached his limit. Yet Commoli is a back-stabbing Judas for easing him out and getting Ramos in. Make up your minds chaps. Commoli works with the manager - not against him - do you think a sharp cookie like Levy would have it any other way?

I am not a fan of Downing but I suspect that's because he isn't a flashy eye-catching player. That is a million miles away from being rubbish however. I have a feeling that, like Carrick (who you all used to slag off mercilessly until he went - sometimes players stiffen the team up and help oil the wheels in a subtle way. I'm prepared to believe that Downing is one of those players.

Ramos has inherited a young squad with fantastic potential. I think we can practically write off this season (or should we?) but next season will be another matter entirely.

8:27 PM, January 13, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with Hamish 100% Commolli is buying young taltented players for our future. I know most spurs fans would like to have Ronaldinho but have a look at Wenger's transfer policiy at the Arsenal. And you can see it is clearly the way to go foward.So after years of working with Wenger its no surprise Commolli is taking this route to success.We should all get behind Commolli instead of rubbishing the guy.Most of his buys are young players who need time and patience to develop.I can't believe that some stupid spurs fans are already getting on the back of Boateng and Taarabt.Because after a few 1st team apperances they have not put in Ginola and Hoodle type performances Ridculous!Young players need time to develop and we have a young squad. Ramos Commolli Poyet and Levy will get it right all we need to give them is support time and patience.

10:39 PM, January 13, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

mj was the reason the plan fucked up more than comolli imo.When buying young players with talent/potential its imperative that the head coach/manager improves them and coaches them to realise their potential.Players like thudd, lennon etc even people like defoe all young ,tallented jol had these players for 2or more years and individually most went backwards under him.The opening day of the season(jols 3rd) away to sunderland i was there and it was like watching a team that had never played together and this was before any undermining and in 3rd season! for Ramos to come in and have to get them fit halfway in the season is just unacceptable! Now weve got someone that can improve players(made alves world class,ffs look what he did with fredi!) Who was the one person that could see more than anyone that jol did little on the training pitch?commolli ,so he went and got us a work a holic winner, we should be thanking him, some of you are such mugs ,look past your own noses boys!

11:10 PM, January 13, 2008

Anonymous tottenhamtony said...

As well as buying young British players we desperately need some experience in the team at one stage yesterday against Chelski our midfield consisted of Taarabt, O'Hara, Prince-Boateng & Lennon - not one of them over 21, I don't think that the influence of Edgar Davids on the team a couple of years ago can be underestimated. With regards to Carrick, we really had no option but to sell - he wanted to join Man U after they made their bid public and was in the last year of his contract which he would not renew.
As for Downing, I feel he would be a good addition to the squad as long as we don't pay a ridiculous transfer fee - 7mill max, although I wouldn't like to see Steed replaced as he always gives 100% and in my opinion has been our best player this season.
However if Comolli and not Ramos is behind buying him it is a ridiculos situation tas he manager should choose the players he wants and the board approve them - not the other way round.

11:23 PM, January 13, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

at the start of the season practically everyone would of taken him for the "problem left side" then steed plays well OUT OF POSITION and its we don't want him he's crap!Or everyone wanted pederson coz he scored a few goals at the time! what a joke,downing is a good player,gets a few goals, a lot of assists ,will enable steed to show what he can do in his BEST position(imagine) and would genuinely add balance and make us a better TEAM which is what wins things not individuals!
1 last thing do people really think that JR doesnt know who downing is and its just comolli? Ramos played against boro in a cup final and being the studious man that he is studied boro and earmarked downing as a threat ,get a grip bunch of tards

11:25 PM, January 13, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Downing would be a good signing ,he's English so wouldn't take the rest of the season adjusting,he knows some of the lads from the England setup ,is match fit,rarely injured and could hit the ground running, providing he got good support from us that is(unlikely then,reading bullers hit s handywork!)

11:47 PM, January 13, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dont think we are buying Downing now, didnt you read the club statement from Ramos in late december? It`s the media that likes to tell a good story.
And you should get behind the new players (inc Bent, who I agree we payd too much for).
With all the publcity we had at the beginning of the season with BM beeing replaced it was not easy for any of the new lads to come in and make an impact.
None of our players played up to there best with the exeption of Keane, who has been outstanding this season.
The only position I would like to see a new player in is left back, maybe also replace Robinson (coz he is clumsy on set pieces).
But there is so much talent in the team and Ramos will get it out of them, they just need time.

1:18 AM, January 14, 2008

Blogger steven said...

Downing is a pretty vanilla flavoured purchase who, that said, is necessary to give us balance in the squad. It makes me laugh when supporters try to comment on the 'value' of players when a lack of contract information prevents most people from doing so. The bare bones of it are that he is left footed, can attack, has played for England and is currently a regular in a similar EPL side to us.*(I know that will hurt!)
He is relatively young and I see him possibly ending up a surprise package like the hard working Tony Galvin, if only we can get a Glenn to deliver the passes to him:)

5:55 AM, January 14, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

malbranque only started playing well when Ramos took over.
If robbo is going ( to man city ), what about a swap deal with Petrov ( shows he can do it in PL and would keep berbatov happy, also someone who knows the service berbatov would like ).
I'm a fan of Brad Friedel, I see players totally fluffing their goal attempts because of his prescence.......... compared to the opposition shooting ( and scoring ) from 30 yards out with confidence against Robbo???

On the whole, it's the usual frustration of seeing spurs ' a couple of players short ' due to injury and we only see the best side play a handful of games.

Zokora alongside king looks great, Jenas plays the holding role very well and then we can drop dawson forever!

I'd like to see Brad Friedel, Martin Petrov and the russian Arashavin who would improve the team to the point where I can see spurs winning 80% of their games, not 50% ( with a couple of injuries ).

9:50 AM, January 14, 2008

Anonymous Jollyman again said...

the RESULTS and entertaiment under Ramos so far has NO INDICATION that Ramos is significantly better than Jol....maybe on par at best

11:27 AM, January 14, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

under Jol Spurs never been outplayed by Chelsea...infact, beating them once...

11:30 AM, January 14, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Camolli out! This man turned us into a laughing stock when the Jol saga was happening and has wasted so much money, eg..Kaboul, Bent(big time)the sooner he leaves the lane the sooner we'll be on the road to success!

btw great blog..

Yid army!

1:34 PM, January 14, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can understand evreyones point that ive read on here and IF Comolli is making decisions on transfers as is being clamed then yes that is unacceptable but do you really think a manager of Ramos's undoubted quality and obvious strong morals would take a job where he knew he wouldnt be making decisons on who is on his playing staff? Cos I dont think he would I think alot of what is being reported at the moment is simple press games... I dont see how Chimbers is being told he has no future at the club when it is common knolege that Ramos made a 10mill+ bid for him in the summer... Lets see what our squads like on the 1st Feb then make our opnions I for one belive we will be pleasently suprised!

1:48 PM, January 14, 2008

Anonymous ParkLaneLilywhite said...

Away from Downing.Iff Robbo is to leave whl then I would love to see Robert Green coming in from Wet Spam, it's been reported that we might be interested in him...ingers crossed.


1:58 PM, January 14, 2008

Anonymous Dazzo said...

To the bloke who said that Downing gets lots of assists: according to Sky Sports News this morning, he has got 1 assist this season and got 7 all of last season. 8 assists in about 50-60 games!! Why would we want this plum? He's no better than what we have already. And how many England caps would he have won if his old boss hadn't been the England manager?

2:10 PM, January 14, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Commolli needs to go! I understand policy of buying players who are young with potential (on the field and market value) but if u look at the S@um it is Wenger who has the overall say- the guy even had a say on how the new stadium was designed in terms of fitting rooms etc! Wenger has assembled an army of scouts networking talent and it is he who has final say ie if they are signed. With Spurs it seems Commolli has the final say and not the manager which is ridiculus is it not?! By the way Kaboul, Jenas, Lee, Stalteri, Defoe, Tainio need to go and some fresh blood bought in. Lay off Robinson, there is much much worse out there.

3:01 PM, January 14, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

jol lovers you are soooo sad ,get over it you support spurs or jol? so not say ramos is even with jol at best even though its not a fair comparison as ramos has only been here for a few months and started with us in the bottom 3,try the end of next season to be fair eh?i actually think tho that already after this short time that ramos has shown himself to be far more tactically aware than jol. you say jol beat chelsea once ,fair enough but that was at home for a start so why compare it to an away one for ramos?as for away i just remember jol throwing away a 3.1 lead! I can only think that you are emotionally damaged people that need to cling on to things or something ,whoever mj's next team is i really hope you go and support them!

12:00 PM, January 16, 2008


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